Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Drummers society/Bikin'

Well it's gonna be a better week, This week was awesome though so it'll be hard to beat.

Update on people we are teaching.

 Demble, we had a lesson on Monday with him and we taught Word of Wisdom and he accepted it fully. The Washingtons are doing fantastic We committed them to a date, and we should be getting the parents ready for baptisms for the dead as well. Assa is doing great.  He got a new job so he isn't so tired for church. We had a good lesson with Ashley finally. She was super interested in institute. So this area is doing great.

Thursday we had something awesome. A member in the ward was doing a presentation at the Cleveland clinic on the LDS church. Mostly on how to treat and respect our culture, but it turned into a what is the doctrine of the Mormon church. So super awesome there was a couple members with us there too, and they all asked really good questions, a lot of the stereo typical questions, But it was super cool.

Friday, We finally had a lesson with Ashley it was good, It was mostly Elder Lewis, our ward mission leader, who talked to her though. Other than that I think that was the high light of that day...

Saturday, We had the best mac and cheese I have ever had in my life. It was so cheesy and so good. That's sadly all I remember.... I promise we are working as well. I just can only remember how good that food was.

Sunday was a good day, We went to church, the Washingtons came super awesome. We talked a lot to the YSA.  Funny story, Chase one of the YSA members is from Ogden, And I think I talked about this... But he was a drummer as well. And I thought, hmm, maybe he knows some of the Older Drummers, he knew Matt Berghout and he knew Bryan Hyde. And not only that he took lessons from Louise Scouten, as well. So we were laughin' it up a little bit. The rest of the night we went out with a member to do some referrals, and he is super big on bikes. So, of course, we used him, and he quickly tuned up our bikes for us too so super nice.

Monday we were late to everything. Super bad.  Our dinner was late. Our next appointment was late, which was another dinner... Whoop, then we were late to the Washington's, But we set a date with them so that was good, Then we got home late, so a late day.

Yesterday was awesome too. We taught Brother Kelly, the oldest man in the ward. He is so funny to listen to. Then we had to hurry to the hospital for a blessing, Then we had to hurry somewhere else then we had to bike back in the direction of the hospital again, then we had to go somewhere else for a referral then we had to go back to the same area super annoying... lots of miles, But we had an awesome experience, We took a YSA member out with us, we got canceled on so we got Italian pastries in little Italy. Then we went to the college to drop off some bibles, and we talked to a whole dorm of students, we dropped off 6 copies of the Book of Mormon and they invited us back, so it was super sweet. Then we had to go to east Cleveland at night, so we biked even faster then normal. Long day of biking this day is a very nice break. 

Lot's of good things, I hope everything is good where ever you are, love you all.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Poor Molly :0(

Hi Elder,
How goes it? How are all your investigators doing?  Assa still moving along?  Was Demble able to make it to church?  The Washingtons sound fun.  It sounds like Spencer is doing great.  Thank Heaven Mike went with you.  We have so much to learn about our own church we don't venture much into someone else's.  Although, Jews and Mormons have alot in common.  You will know more over time.
How are you feeling? Are you taking good care of yourself?  Did you get your box?  It should be there today.  Go easy on the jalapeños or you will be sad.  The cookies are good for you, wheat germ, pumpkin, and dark chocolate.
The Beus Aunties had launch at Jana's last week.  They have remodeled their home and it is so nice.  
Jame came up for Beus FHE on Sunday.  We smoked chicken thighs on the Traeger.  They were too good.  
Shawn and Paul want to arrange for the Beus' to go back to the French/Italian alps for a Family History trip.  I'm hoping for November 2018 so you can go too.  We will need to check on flights and watch Grandma's health.  She is doing pretty good just getting tired.  
Paul and Terrie are coming your way.  They will try to meet up with you and maybe take you and Elder Barnson out for a meal.  They are looking for fall leaves in the motorhome.  They will get with the office first though.  
I took Molly into the vet today and she has torn the other (left)  knee.  We are going to try to wait this one out.  She still struggles with the right from the surgery so I'm nervous to have her have surgery again.  She has been acting funny like, hiding behind and under chairs and trying to scratch her way out of her kennel.  None of us slept great last night.  She will be medicated for about a month then we will see how things are going.  
I taught my class for the first time.  It is the 17 year olds and there were 9 of them.  It went fine.  
Well, I'm pooped and headed to bed.  Sweetheart, remember I love you and I'm so very proud of you and all you are doing. 

PS Logan Duncan got his call, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, 1/10/18.  He wants to keep in touch with you.  

I'm doing great. Assa is doing good as well. Demble is still trying to work around work. I am feeling great. I'm getting worried about my acne scarring now though. I have been washing morning and night with the stuff President Allen suggested and it just isn't working so I'm branching out now. Can you try asking him if there is something harsher I can use? I haven't gotten the box yet.. Mama, I'm sorry to say it but it is against church policy for family to meet. Let them know I love them but I will have to decline. Give me Logan's email once you get it. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ward Councils

Well it's been a good week, It's also been a long one. and I forgot my planner so I'm not actually sure what happened...

But what I do remember is that we had a great ward council. This ward really wants to help us teach these new converts. So it's been awesome to see the help that has been signing up to come. We have been working hard, Then after the awesome ward council, we had an awesome YSA Branch council. This new branch president wants to get the ball rolling, so this'll be fun as well. 

Assa has been doing just great. We don't have problems with him

The Washingtons had a great lesson with their kids. They all really enjoyed last week, and it's kinda fun making the lessons short and entertaining. Also, there are snacks. 

Demble had to work all week. So that was hard, we're pretty sure he's doing fine he just can't go to church because of work.

Spencer, our YSA investigator, is on fire. Spencer was a referral, And ever since he was YSA aged, we went and talked to him. He has been reading a bit so we read with him and we brought Mike a YSA member. The lesson went awesome. Spencer is a reformed Jew and Mike studied abroad to Jerusalem... so it worked out awesome. He knew more about the Jews then me and Elder Barnson combined. 

Sorry that there's not much this week. I woke up super tired this morning. My brain is still trying to turn on. Oh and we visited some cool culture gardens

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

New calling..

Hi Sweetheart,
I'm listening to the Monty Python album.  "and always look on the bright side of life..."  Funny.  How are things going?  How did Brother Kelly do with his surgery?  I hope well. Is the bike up and running well?  Who are you teaching now?  So at least six more weeks in this area with Elder Barnson?   Are you taking care of yourself?  Forty pounds is significant.  Be healthy.  I'll send a box this week, so last chance for requests.  
I made salsa last week, twenty pints.  It was tough.  I picked, purchased, prepared, cooked and processed from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.  It is good though.  Seth says not hot enough, oh course, but we still have most of his jalapeños  from last summer.  No one can eat them including him.  They are too hot. 😜  
I got the office furniture shipment Friday.  It is so nice!  I haven't got everything put away yet though.  Little by little..  I think it's driving Seth nuts because it just takes time and its a bit messy in between. I'm hurrying though.
I'm still moving the last items out of Bobwhite, too.  We had so many things.  I'm trying to be very careful.  Keeping the meaningful items.
Grammy is comfortable and peaceful.  The cancer is all through her liver and into her lungs and chest cavity. She also has lymph involvement under her right arm.  They are trying some pills with her to slow things down.  Sorry sweetheart.
We had a fire in Uinta last week.  Stanton's were evacuated from their home.  There were three homes destroyed.  It took three days to contain it.  We couldn't see the mountains because of the heavy smoke.  They are back in their home and all is well.
I went to David Belnap's wedding reception Saturday at the Joseph Smith Memorial.  It was very nice.  It was so good to see everyone again.  Bishop Foley asked if you would come teach Preach My Gospel when you got back.  I told him I'm sure you would.  Spence gave me a big hug, well, all the Belnaps did.  He is getting closer.  I will go to his Farewell for sure.  I haven't heard anything from Parker or Renald on their going.  
I got a new calling Sunday.  Sunday School, 17 year olds.  😆  He asked me if I thought I could handle that age group.  I told him I raised three sons by myself, I think I have this.  They are nice kids.  I think one of the boys is a Plain City Jenkins.  
Jame and Seth are back in school.  Pray for Jame in Spanish! 
Seth just got back from school.  Someone hit him and broke his tail light.  ARGH!  
Please remember that I love you and I'm so proud of you!!  I miss you.  Keep on keeping on..
Love you tons!

I am doing just great mama. Luckily, the surgeon said no. Brother Kelley didn't have enough weight. The bike is running almost as smooth as Elder Barnsons brand new one, so it's great. Hopefully, no more repairs. We are teaching a man named Demble. We are teaching the Washington kids and we are teaching a guy named Spencer. I have been eating super healthy. I feel great. Can you send me some cologne? Everybody loved the home baked stuff. Send some salsa I'll buy chips and have him send Jalapenos too. Oh and I bought some pants today. I looked in the mirror and realized I don't have a good pair of everyday pants. And I was thinking I should get something that'll fit me when I get home . They were cheap and they fit good. Oh, of course, I would teach!! Poor Seth..He isn't having much luck is he? Well, thanks mama for everything you do. Know that I love you. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Below 200.

Well, it was a pretty fast week. I'm not sure where it went. But hey it's P day so I get to write home.

Lets see, last Wednesday, We cut a P day a bit short cause we had to go to a referral. But it was totally worth it. He is a reformed Jew and he has so many questions AND to top it all off he is a YSA age so we invited him and he said he'd try it out. Then we saw Assa and we talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him and it was super good.

Thursday started out with us heading up north to the lake. But the lady we wanted to stop by and see ran out of minutes... A very common problem here. So then we tried talking to some people then we had  lunch with one of our Less Active members. His name is Ken and he is super funny and a really good cook. He made us fried chicken with the best macaroni I have ever had. Super Good. He topped the fried chicken with lemon pepper and Honey... Kinda weird but super good. After that we helped Assa buy a bus pass to get him to church. Then we had weekly planning for a bit ( we never have time for it ) Then we took a YSA Member out with us and we went and did some finding super fun. 

Friday was Zone conference and we have been working on some home made ties. and they looked great, Other than that I don't remember what else we did. We probably biked some where..

Saturday we had to help Assa move some furniture and install a TV, Which by the way, never done before but I we figured it out. We couldn't get soccer for him though. After that we took a member out and he was telling us all about how on his mission he got in so many fights just cause they'd come to him so that made us feel nice and safe. He just reminded us to not be in bad parts at night. Then we finally finished our weekly planning. Then we scratched the rest of the night and went and helped a family move. She was Diabetic and started having a problem and she asked for a blessing.  It was just awesome for me to think that I am always ready to give a blessing and how I would like to keep it that way.

Sunday was super rough. It was long and it was Fast Sunday Which usually isn't a problem. But as we start biking to a members house for dinner. It got super windy. we had to peddle going down hill.. no fun. 

Monday was super awesome. started out with District Meeting at Kirtland again, super awesome. But as we left a sister in the district who was going home, she kept the tears in right until we left and we all waved at her she couldn't hold it back. It was sad. After that we went to this place and got some lunch.  We were all super stuffed so what do you do when you are super stuffed. You go bike. Elder Barnson and I went super far. Then we thought we'd just take the bus home for dinner. It was a nasty hill and we didn't want to bike it. We go to get on the bus and.... He forgot his bus pass... Yup so did a good chunk of biking. so much actually that I am now at 200 pound. Started at 240 before the mission, so much fun. Then we had a  Family Home Evening with the Washingtons and it was good. 

So all in all pretty great week. it's great to reflect and see that we got a lot done. Hope everything is going great where ever you are. Just know Elder Beus Loves you all and I'll be here only for a minute. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Bike...

Hi Sunshine,
How goes it?  I'm sorry to hear about Ashley.  She may not be finished with the Church but it may end up being someone else that helps her.  Agency is tough.  Did Brother Kelley have his surgery?  How did he do? I think your planning sessions with alternate plans will serve you for life.  That's kind of how things go.  You boys used to always ask why I left early for events and I would tell you to give me time to get lost and then still be on time.  That's the same thing. How is Elder Barnson?  Still hanging in there?
THE BIKE... How is it?  
I'm not sure what I did this week.  I do know that today, between the three of us, we made considerable progress on the garage!  I believe after I do a DI run tomorrow, Seth will be parking in the garage.  Woohoo!!!  I will have to take a picture after tomorrow and show you. We are so proud.  Next project is crates in the front hall.  They have memory stuff in them so I'm hoping to make up family history type books.  I also need to make salsa.  We invited Grammy and Papa over tonight for dinner.  We had tri-tip on our new smoker.  It was delicious!  I also found a new recipe for peach cobbler.  It was very nice.  What are you wanting in your box this month?
It is transfer week.  They have started posting it on the Facebook page.  Let me know if you've moved with an address.  
Well bud, I'm pooped.  Please forgive my short letter.  I love you!  I'm proud of you!  Do not run faster than you have strength!

I'm doing great. Brother Kelley is having his surgery on the 8th... I hope he does ok. Elder Barnson is doing fantastic like normal. I still don't have a problem with him. and he keeps up now too. The bike was fixed for free by a loving member. So it is working awesome. he had some spare parts and he gave me a solid steel axle so cross your fingers. well i figured out that the medicine wasn't doing to much. I got the same amount of acne before and after. But i'm doing better on keeping my face clean. I've been washing my helmet more and my pillow case and the towels and not touching my face so it's getting better. The trail mix was a hit. Anything that can fit in a bag is wonderful. I can pack it and eat it on the go. Maybe something healthy. i hit my goal of reaching 200 pounds this morning. so no i gotta either keep it or keep getting lower. I'm staying cause i'm training but most likely next one i'll be leaving.