Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Training, super busy

Hello Family and Friends.

We've hard so much fun this week. Oh boy has it been crazy

Wednesday started out with me Driving Elder Wotring to Kirtland. We sat a round for an extra hour then planned and Then I picked up my brand New Elder. Elder Barnson. Guess who is older.... he is. I'm still the youngest in the district. After that I took him to a Steak and Shake to get him a burger. Then we went to work. I dove straight in with him, we went to the hospital. Then we did a referral then we had a member meal then a lesson with Assa then we biked like crazy home. So the poor fellow didn't even get a chance to know what a normal day is.

Thursday was spent biking everywhere again. We did a couple referrals did some weekly planning and some 12 week. We then picked up some really good food from the Church from  Sister Sip. She cooks really good southern style food. So super Yummy. Then i showed him where the library was and how many referrals we have. I'm pretty sure i blew his mind. 

Friday was an awesome day. ( by the way we have had perfect weather since he has been here) We went and talked to Eric and Michelle and made sure everything was ready for the baptism the next day. Then we had a lesson with Ashley We then went back to The VA hospital did some referals And then i cooked him some Good old Chinese food. Again thank you mom for teaching me how to cook food. It made His day.

Saturday Was the day. We went really early we cleaned out the font and filled it and cleaned the space set up chairs and made a display for people if they wanted a book of mormon. or a bible And then President called us.... He was coming..... The poor Elder was so nervous. We had practiced so much the night before to share the restoration and now he was sweating bullets. I was just nervous about making sure everything went great. So the baptism went as planned. Carl Anderson gave a wonder talk on baptism and the Holly Ghost, The ordinance was given by Elder Talbot. And it went pretty smoothly. Then Elder Barnson and I got up to share the restoration while they changed. And he was a champ. I have never been so proud. It was amazing. All of the members and president complimented him. and he wanted to say it was cause of me. But he did so awesome. It was a very touching experience.

Sunday: he thought this day was going to be easier... Not... We had to pick up Assa again and bring him to church. and it went pretty smoothly. We got him there on time. and we got him home right after, And Eric and Michelle asked me to confirm them. And I will always remember that day. Every lesson pointed towards happiness and temples, to going forward after baptism. It was beautiful. I don't even remember what the rest of the night was like. 

Monday was his first District meeting ( I wonder if this is what parents feel like always being happy with firsts ) We had a pretty normal day. We did a referral ( yeah I know, we have a lot of referrals) We then helped move a couch to Brother and Sister Washington. They love being called that now, Then we had some interesting food. Sweet potato enchiladas. Just sweet potato beans salsa and tortillas and sauce on top, Super good. super filling too. 

Tuesday was his first Exchange, I'm not sure what he did. But Elder Talbot and I had a blast. for some reason when ever I am with Elder Talbot, we bike the hardest. We just seem to be late to everything it was pretty fun

As you can see we have been super super busy. And I love it. I wish this feeling of working hard doesn't stop.

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