Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Never so tired and happy.

Hello Family and Friends. 

I have never been so tired in my life, so much biking and heat this week. So every night was a well deserved rest.

Thursday, started out like any other day. We did a Bible referral, we dropped it off, she wasn't interested in the Book of Mormon, but we continued on. We then got a phone call that someone at the University Hospital wanted a blessing. So, of course, we dropped everything else to go help. We show up and talk a bit and give him a blessing then he asked us a favor. He had just been driving a semi all the way here to Cleveland and he wanted us to grab a bag from his truck and bring it to him. So we looked it up and it wasn't too far away and he said the bag wasn't too big. ( He didn't know we were on bikes...) so we showed up, grabbed everything he asked for. We looked at what he wanted us to carry. It was a full sized duffel bag completely full.... so I put it on my back and we went forward about 2 or 3 miles. My shoulders still ache just from the of lifting that heavy thing. When we came to him all sweaty and tired, he asked us how traffic was cause it took us so long. Then we told him we were on bikes. He said he wouldn't have asked if he knew we were on bikes. So it was a pretty fun day.

Friday, we had district meeting in the morning and it was Elder Barnson's Birthday so we had lots and lots of cake.. I'm still kinda sick of cake. We had a great time then we had a lesson with Ashley. She's still kinda struggling to come to church. After that, we had an awesome meal with some members then biked to the church for a meeting with a Less Active member and Bishop. The Meeting was super spiritual. After wards, I turned to Elder Barnson and I told him to remember that meeting. Then we had more cake with Brother Gupta. We did a lot of traditional India stuff and we lifted Elder Barnson on our shoulders and fed him cake. It was weird but I will always remember it.

Saturday, all I really remember was we did a lot of biking this day. We helped a member move a freezer, and install an A/C unit. We got food from her so we had to take it home. Then we got more food from another member, then we got fed dinner that night, then we showed up to a Less Actives house and he made some fried fish, which was to die for. Then we bikes super fast and hard home to be home on time.

Sunday was pretty normal. Lots of church. Then lots of biking afterwards.

Monday, Again lots of biking. We were so close to finishing all of our referrals so we went hard, and we didn't contact everyone of them, but at least we had a contact attempt for everyone and I'm proud to say it's still like that.

Tuesday, we had an opened day finally. It was weird to have one. so we tried some tracking then we got a phone call for a hospital visit, then another referral, but hey, we are still down to 0 uncontacted referrals. 

So lots and lots of biking. and it's my last day being 18 on a mission. I'm still the youngest in the district, But I wont have the opportunity to say I'm still only 18. 19 is still young but 18 sounds more impressive. I am glad that I am spending my 19 year old life doing this. I'm glad of all the experiences I have received already. I'm excited to see what else happens.

me biking, Elder Barnson on our shoulders, and he was fed something pretty terrible.

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