Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Lookin' Skinny

Hi Elder Son,
How are things going?  Your pictures are looking a bit thinner.  Are you staying healthy?  How are your clothes fitting since your last tailoring?  
How is Ashley doing?  Is the older gentleman you have been working with progressing?  Will he be able to make it to the temple?  Can you tell me his name?  I will pray for him and put his name in the temple.  
How long will you be in a triple?  I'm seeing quite a few pictures on the mission Facebook page who are headed out next week.  How are you getting so many referrals?  Where do they come from?  I think it is great!
Well, Jame has started school again.  Not much expense as far as books goes so that is good.  He is going to have to work hard on the Spanish again.  He needs four semesters total of Spanish.  Pray for Jame.  Seth starts next week.  I think it will be good.  It will cut him back down to forty hours a week.  He has had so much overtime lately.  He is exhausted!  Molly and I are learning new tricks to being quiet.  😜  Seth goes to bed by 8:00.  
Grammy has found a lump in her arm pit since the surgery and a second seems to be developing.  Sorry for the bad news.
I've been working on the moving,... still.  I have one more run up to Bobwhite to clean things out.  I get so tired though, it may be next week.  We are working hard on the garage.  We are down to about twenty crates that need sorting.  I'm going to be able to throw quite a bit away.  The family history items were all copied for each of you so I have four copies.  I will keep one original, upload to Family Search and trash the rest.  Technology is wonderful.
I've been freezing peaches too.  Over a bushel in the freezer now.  Nice for winter.  I also got a new salsa recipe I will be trying probably Friday.  I also have shopped for a new grill.  I decided to buy one from Marrisa's husband, Troy.  He owns the BBQ Pit Stop in Layton.  I ended up with a Traeger smoker.  I'll have to send a picture after we put it together.  Auntie Ernie sent me a couple nice rugs for my birthday, very fun!  In other words, its coming together.  
Sweetheart, we are so proud of you.  We know it isn't easy and we are praying for you.  
Love you tons!
Hurrah for Israel! (Remember this is from the Other Side of Heaven movie?)

I'm doing just fine. I did crash my bike... I'm fine, clothes are fine to thankfully. My clothes fit perfectly. at leasta couple. Most don't but it's fine. I could care less. Ashley isn't talking with us anymore. We're not sure what happened. Brother Kelley is doing just fine. He is going through a very hard surgery, and most of the doctors in the ward are scared for him, so he's pretty scared. Elder Dubon is back, it was only 3 days. So it mostly comes from this thing called daily bread it's a scripture app. and it suggests to get a free Bible. Also we hand out cards that say get a free bible as well. Thanks mom for all you do. I broke my bike again, it was before the crash, This time i'm going to fix it though. It cost way to mucnh for labor. We also have a member who said he'd help. So sorry about that i'm trying to keep my expenses low. 

Spend the money to have it fixed!!  I'm okay. 
I'm so glad you are okay!!!  Do you have road rash?

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