Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Hi Elder Son!
I saw your picture on the Instagram page with the baptism!  I figured that must be Assa.  You are doing great work!!  How are things going with Elder Barnson?  He looks like a great young man.  I guess Elder Wotring went home?  Elder Barnson will get the "regular mission" experience soon enough for now it sounds like you are giving him quite an extraordinary experience.  It sounds like he is really doing well though.  You can be proud of him.  You will need to get recipes of your favorite meals so we can try them when you get home.  Tell me who you are teaching now.  How are the referrals going?
It has been an exhausting couple weeks for us.  We are in the new house. There are still lots of boxes but we are working through them.  I will send some pictures when we get the office set up.  It has been a real emotional roller coaster for me.  Your brothers have been very supportive.  I'm praying for good things for us all out here.  We are about five minutes from the farm.  I had been packing boxes for weeks.  I had set up a U-Haul rental for last Saturday and had contacted Andy Blodgett about some help with the move.  Aunt Nance texted me and asked if I needed some help. I'm so glad I said yes!  No one from the ward came until I texted Andy and Spence.  Then they both showed up but Nance, Jana, Blake, and Jory came.  We really dug in about 8:30 and were driving out by 9:30.  (Spence went home because he was taking out his endowments Saturday. So cool!)  The family followed us out and Vicki, Ray, Jacob, and Amy met us at the house.  We were unloaded by 11:00 and had the truck returned before noon!.  I'm so grateful for the help!  
I went to the new ward.  I even bore my testimony.  It is a very quiet ward.  Testimony meeting was very slow and very few people comment in classes.  It was kind of different for me.  I got our records transferred so we are now members of the Fair Grove Ward, Kanesville Stake.  It is the same Stake we were in when we lived in West Haven before.  There are even a few people in the ward who were in our old ward. Merrill Child is in the ward next to this ward.  
James came up and stayed Sunday night and we worked together Monday.  He took a load to the DI.  We still have quite a ways to go though.  Most of the house is nicely set up.  I haven't been feeling great.  I think working very hard and not eating or sleeping enough. I'm so sorry about missing last week.  I did go to get my annual physical today, I passed but they would like to see me lower my cholesterol a few points and slowly lose some weight.  I'm down ten pounds from last year.  
I went and visited Grammy and Papa for a few minutes today.  They are doing pretty good.  They are working together to get things done.
The new Guardians of the Galaxy came out today.  It was pretty good.  We will put it on your movies to watch list.    
Seth and I went shopping for office furniture tonight.  They just didn't have what we wanted.  I'm going to order online tomorrow.  
Give me some ideas of your favorite treats.  It sounds like your tastes have changed a bit since leaving. (mostly salty less sweet).  
Sweetheart, I'm just tickled with the hard work and great time you are having.  Keep on going!
We love you.  We miss you and pray for great things for you!
Love you tons!
Hurrah for Israel!

To Mama:
Me and Elder Barnson are doing wonderful. He is a great missionary. Elder Wotring is home now. We have had the most missionary experience I've ever had on my mission so far. So he is diving right in. We are mostly teaching the recent converts. We are also teaching another African named Demble ( I think I talked about him before ) but he has started picking up the pace and he really wants to be baptized. Referrals are doing great. Poor Elder Barnson has a hard time keeping up with me but we are getting a lot done.... The reason I say more salty then sweet is I feel less guilty when I eat salty stuff... I went and bought some really good pants but they are too long so I am having them tailored. Also, my bike ate some of my pants but they were too long too so I got those one tailored as well. I think I'm doing fine on clothes. I'm doing better on money this month. Elder Wotring liked going out to eat a lot more. 

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