Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Hello Family and Friends

This week was a crash...

Thursday: started out pretty normal. We got rained on pretty good this day. We have had perfect weather so far with Elder Barnson then it just dumped on us. We did get fed twice though so it was a pretty awesome day. 

Friday: We had to go and teach one of our newish investigators. His name is Demble. He is from Africa as well and he is very happy to hear the gospel from us. He is trying with all of his might to get Sundays off. It's a bit of a challenge for him but he is super happy to do it. We were seeing him but he got busy then we started teaching him again though so that was nice.  We had to see him at 8 am... and he is a pretty good bike ride away. And it was raining so we were soaked most of the day. Lucky our bishop was super nice and fed us while his family is out of town. We discussed a lot of the missionary work here in Cleveland. Then we went out teaching with a very recent return missionary. Pretty much, we had 3 missionaries and we got  a lot of good work done. 

Saturday: was baptism #3. The baptism couldn't have gone smoother... for me... usually while the people who are wet and are changing, the missionaries share the restoration. So Elder Talbot, Dubon and Elder Barnson were going to do that. But Elder Talbot and Elder Dubon's investigator didn't show. So Elder Barnson shared it all by himself. I was so proud of him. He did wonderful. The only thing I forgot to do was unplug the font while I in was there.... So I went to bend over to unplug it and splash.... There goes my entire contents of my pocket.... Super embarrassing, Right into the water. Luckily the mission office has extra hand books and what not. After the baptism, we went out with Bishop to go teach a less active. hen we saw Brother and Sister Washington they are doing wonderful. They just talk A lot... So Saturday was an awesome day.

Sunday.... There's nothing that goes wrong on Sundays right?... Wrong, we showed up to Assa's house to get him to church. And he doesn't answer. And his window is just a bit too far for me to reach. So we start patiently waiting. he woke up and we missed the bus. Luckly he lives super close to some members who were late as well. The reason why they were late is because they had the bread... So everything started just on time when we got there. Then after church we went over to a sisters home. She feeds us some weird stuff but she usually lets us take it home. We didn't have that option this day. It was some weird fish and rice stuff. so we scooped it down our throats and we went on our way.

Monday: we started out seeing Demble again. He's doing wonderful. We then had to go to a trainer trainee meeting. So we were going to meet some Elders next to the Highway to save them some money. ( This morning we jokingly wrote back ups " just in case...") we put our bikes on the bike rack we turn into the intersection. We were in it already ready and the light had just barely changed.. and The Elder who was driving ran right into the truck. All four of us are totally fine. Right after the crash, everyone kinda freaked out. But I remembered everything my mom told me. Put in park. Put emergency lights on parking brake and get out. So that's what I had to tell the driver to do. It was just awesome to see the power of the Holy Ghost take over. I wasn't stressed at all. Even with everything that has happened this week. The other man in the truck, however, was not as happy. As soon as he got out he grabbed his smokes. And started puffing away. It just shows why the Gift is so important. 

Tuesday: was wide opened... so we went finding. We did 6 referlas in 1 day. We must have biked at least 20 miles that day. I'm still feeling tired from it... This day was actually normal.. surprisingly. 

I'm so proud of Elder Barnson for this week. He kept up all the way. I only lost him once the whole week. But let me testify about how the Holy Ghost is very important, and how the Word of Wisdom actually is  wonderful commandment we have been given. You truly can do all the Lord asks when you follow it. And I say that in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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