Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Brand new 19 year old!

Hi Elder Bubba,

A brand new 19 year old!  Woohoo!  How was your birthday?  Did you get your box? What did you do for your birthday?  Did you buy some milk?😉  Is Elder Barnson recovered from his birthday?  Did you have to eat something icky too?

How is Ashley doing?  Able to get to church?  It sounds like you are working hard and making great progress.  I'm happy for you.
My birthday was rather quiet.  I spent the day at work and at home.  I have been ordering items for the house so presents were needed furniture and other items.  Seth did take Jame and I out for dinner at Timbermine for my birthday on Monday.  It was delicious.  Thank you so much for the card.  What a great gift!  Please tell the others thank you, too.  

We also got to see Sara Heiner.  She was the hostess.  She is home from her mission and her family even went back to visit.  She got to see Wicked. Twice.  I guess her mission allows them to go to one Broadway show at the end of her mission then she went again with her family.  

Did you get to see any part of the eclipse?  I went up to Grammy's to check on her. Papa is out of town.  So we saw it together.  We didn't have any glasses so we just saw the changes.  The temperature dropped ten degrees in three minutes!  There were also some really strange shadows through the trees. Micah got some good pictures. The Belnaps went up to Rexburg, Idaho so they could see 100% eclipsed. They got some great pictures too. Traffic was almost at a standstill southbound on I-15 Monday evening.  It was crazy.  Some folks in Idaho rented out their homes for over $3,000.00/night.  Nutty!

Jame started school.  Seth starts next Tuesday.  Seth has been headed to work by 4:30 am lately.  They are building for Honeyville and Honeyville keeps changing their minds on what they want but they still want the job completed on the same timeline.  Another Nutty!  

I got my car in the garage!  Yeah me!  I'm still working my way through boxes so Seth can get in the garage unless he fills it with workout equipment.. I froze a half bushel of peaches and I'll be canning salsa probably this weekend.  

Please know I love you, I'm terribly proud of you and just keep moving on.  Remember to take care of yourself. 

Love you tons!
Hurrah for Israel!

My birthday was like any other day here in the lords vineyard, but tender mercy we got costco pizza for dinner so i was pretty happy, I got the box.  I love it all. The trail mix was a good idea, and thank you for the leather it's perfect for a snack. Everyone has now converted to cake and milk, I think I have changed them all. Elder Barson took his Birthday like a champ. So he's fine. Ashley isn't doing to good. she canceled ourt last appointment, and hasn't answered us back yet... I did see the Eclipse we borrowed some glasses really quick and took a look, super cool. it also dropped like 5 degrees so it was a great blessing. Thank you mom so much for everything. Is there any stories about dads mission. Sister Lutz in my district her mother is from Denmark. and she speaks a bit of Danish. I'm also related to her on the Nye side. We are 3rd cousins.. and then another sister named Sister Dennison is a 3rd cousin on the same side. It was kinda cool that we are in the same district. I'm doing good Mama and It's been awesome here. 

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