Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"my heart is now at peace"

Hello Family and Friends. 

Well It's been so much fun this past week. So much actually that i forgot my planner to tell you what happened.. whoops

 Our investigators are doing so awesome though. Assa came to church, we had to pick him up from his house and show him the bus route he would have to take to get to the church. Sadly we were a bit to late but we got him there. After ward he had to go home early cause of paper work he had to sign. But he said " my heart is now at peace" he was so happy to go to church. It built my testimony of going to church. We talked to him for as bit after and He talked about how in the refugee camp he was in there was no church building and they met at someones house. They would go every week. Him his wife and his 5 kids. He had 2 more then we thought. But he is such a strong man in the gospel, It's amazing. And on the way home we talked about the Word of Wisdom, which he already knew about and is living. 

 Eric our other investigator is a frustrating man. He was a referral from the shaker ward he moved into our ward, he is totally a man from Ohio, He doesn't stop talking.... Ever.... It's so hard to teach him lessons. But he has a testimony and wants to come closer to God so that's good. we just can't get the off switch some times. 

Ashley our Recent Convert is so awesome. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she talked about how she wants to come to church more. And for some reason her job has here working Sunday but not Saturday so she'll see if she can get it switched. 

This area is amazing. Theres so many people who could use the Gospel. If they had the curage and the drive to do it. There is some members her called the Johnsons, who preach about making sure that you make your home a place you want to live at. There home is beautiful, and all of there neighbors ask them how they do it. And they say we took the time. So their neighbors now take the time to Beautify there homes, And that is what the Gospel is like we just need to take the time. Make sure that we feel loved and safe and secured. 

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