Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Hi Elder Beus,
How is this week going? Great stories about Assa!  That would be wonderful if he would become a member.  Eric sounds funny.  Talk faster...😉 Hopefully Ashley can switch her schedule.  A home environment is huge.  I hope to do better on that.  How is Elder Wotring doing?  What did you do to celebrate his birthday?  Speaking of which, you have a birthday coming up, what would you like?  Did your last box arrive?  Did you take time to read the papers?  
Seth and Papa are gone to Lake Powell.  I haven't heard anything so I hope everything is going well.  It has been a strange week.  Very quiet for me.  Grammy still spends most of her day in her room so its just Molly and me hanging out in this great big house.  We are great buddies!  Grammy goes in for surgery on Friday, please remember her in your prayers.  She asked that Kelly stay with her during the surgery.  My assignment is to pick her up on Saturday.  Papa will be home Saturday evening to watch over her that first night.  
The new washer, dryer and freezer came to the new house.  I need to call a plumber to attach the dryer, it's gas.  I also had the floors cleaned.  The carpet in the great room will need to be replaced and the other rooms will need to be resized.  They have waves in them but they are in good shape.  I'm not doing very well on organizing yet.  The crates are just too heavy for me so James and Seth will help me next week. I'm going shopping for a table and chairs and desk on Friday.  
I was released from my calling on Sunday.  They called Lisa Bradshaw to replace me.  She will do wonderful. I went on my last Relief Society visit last night. I need to orient Lisa on the 26th and that should be the end.  I've started doing some indexing to take up my I'm too tired to move time.
I'm hanging in there and looking forward.  I hope you are doing well.  I love you and I'm very proud of you, your Heavenly Father is also.  Keep on keeping on.
Love you tons!
Hurrah for Israel!

Eli: This week has been a hard week to work, it is hot here. Elder Wotring is doing great, he has a couple boxes packed. I packed one some clothes I'm not weird neither do i want to throw them away so if i can get the address to the new house that would be great, or should i ship to ogden. I have no Idea what i'll want for my birthday, i did get the last box the apricots were a hit.. I loved them. I read them they're pretty cute. And just a reminder to let the mission know about the move.

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