Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 in the lake....

Hello Family and Friends 

There are so many referrals here.... We honestly received 7 notifications for Bibles and Book of Mormons this week we can't keep up. 

Wednesday, We had an awesome lesson with Assa, we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he loved it, we got to talking to him about church, turns out they met at his house.... he was pretty much a bishop. So awesome. 

Thursday, our Ward mission leader got assigned to be the mission medical coordinator as well so he had a meeting in the morning and we had an appointment that he wanted to go to. And President Brown's meetings usually go over a bit, we were tempted to call him and say we need our member back... We didn't but it turned out fine. We went to Ashley. She still doesn't have Sundays off, but she's working on it still. She's doing awesome as well. She recommitted to studying more. It was perfect. After her, we had a lunch with a member at the hospital, we walk in and 2 people walk up to us and say how is it going elders... so of course we started talking, ones a member the other is investigating they moved up to Ohio so we got they're address and set them up, he asked me for advice to join the church other then reading the Book of Mormon and I said read the Book of Mormon. After that we did referrals like most nights.

Friday, we had interviews with president. That was fun, I hope that district meeting went good. They usually don't say anything. no news is good news right? After that we forgot our work bags at home and the meeting went late, so we didn't have the bus schedules, so we watched our bus fly by and we walked a lot in our suits, in Ohio, in Cleveland, next to the lake. pretty much in the lake cause it's so humid. super fun. but hey we got food from a member. This area feeds us all the time.

Saturday was exchanges for a bit we had some good fun, we visited someone in the hospital. and He loved model trains. and i thought Fritz loves train too ( member in Wooster ) so I asked and before I could say anything he called him and I talked to Fritz for a bit. It was fun.

Sunday was busy like always, we went to family ward, then a bible referral then YSA branch then dinner then a referral then home. no breaks at all. 

Monday we saw Ashley again, she's still doing great. We started teaching an investigator that moved in. President asked us to baptize him as soon as possible so we taught him and his wife all of lesson 4,( commandments ) and it went pretty good. After that a member asked us to teach him to dedicate his home. It was kinda cool. So we taught him, he said a nice prayer, he asked for the spirit to dwell at his home then he gave his full address. the digits, the road, the city the state the country the world the solar system..... what ever works I guess.. he is a funny guy though.

Tuesday. We did some referrals in the morning and we taught Eric and Machele all of lesson 5, so that they are ready for Saturday. But Eric has to be interviewed by president so it'll be the next week but it's pretty awesome.

It's just been a crazy week of working hard. I have never been so tired ( or sweaty ) in my life and I love this work.

PS. So you know that song, How can I be? played on the ukulele, It was made here in the OCM by Elder Stukki and Elder Fifi.

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