Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Monday, July 24, 2017

Farewells, Homecomings, Surgery, Moving

Hi Elder Bubba,
How goes it?  Good remembering!  So are you getting transferred?  Make sure you include your new address if you do get transferred.  Ship your things to Bobwhite.  We are scheduling to move August 5.  (I will notify the mission office.) So there is time.  Any ideas on Birthday gifts yet?  
What is the latest on the investigators?  How are things going with your companion?I'm excited to hear how Assa is doing.  I need to remember to pray for Ashley so she can get to church.
Lots of mission sacrament meetings.  McKay is leaving to Japan this week.  Austin got home and reported from South Korea.  They both spoke and did great.  I believe Riley and Sarah Heiner report next week and Sara Larsen the following week.  
Seth and Papa got through the week at Lake Powell. They had over 30 people so it was interesting. The group also ignored my suggested menus and brought in a chef.  Seth and Nicholas about died, two nights without meat.  They had arugula every night. Took Papa forever to get home for all the pit stops! Too much fiber.
Grammy's surgery went well.  She is actually feeling much better.  She is eating better. She is moving around more although slowly.  She will need to keep the drains in her chest in until she sees the doctor again on the 31st.  Getting stronger everyday.
Moving news: We feel good about the date of August 5. Seth is going to hook up the dryer so no plumber. Jame and Seth are both off today so we are going to go find the kitchen items today.  Yeah!  I found a table, chairs, and china hutch and they will be delivered on August 3rd. I need to go find a desk and maybe an armoire to store my sewing stuff.  The wifi is on and strong. Hahaha. Its coming...  Scary but good.  The Spirit is comforting all along the way.  So no holiday for us today just need to find our kitchen.  
I'm praying for you always.  I love you and I'm proud of you.  Be cool as in not overheated.😜
Love you tons!
Hurrah for Israel!

To Mama:
I'm doing more than great, I'm getting more and more assignments now. I am training now so this will be a fun couple of transfers. I'm going to stay here so don't worry. You don't have to spend to much for my birthday. The new rim was pretty expensive. Eric and Michelle are getting baptized this week. and Assa the following. so everything is awesome here. Me and Elder Wotring are doing fine. he's going home so he doesn't really care. I didn't know Mckay got a call!!!! that's awesome if you see him tell hime good luck. and if you can get me his email that would be awesome too. 

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