Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Down to 40 Referals

Hello Family and Friends, It's been super awesome in Cleveland Ohio.

Wednesday, ended with us going to a Member Meal, then we had a lesson with Ashley, She is so sweet, we took a member with us, and we didn't ask if he could drive us home.... so we started walking, we got home a bit late... whoops. Our Zone Leaders were kind enough to pick us up so we weren't to late. 

Thursday, We had a member feed us again ( we get feed all the time it's wonderful) but she took us to a greek place. the gyro we had was huge. it was like 3 in one. It even took me a while to finish. Then the rest of the day was full of us trying to do the things we planned but it didn't work our like most days.

Friday we got dumped on. It was just flooded every where, we saw this car with water up to it's was crazy. we helped 2 people move it was super fun. just drenched and tired.

Saturday. we  got some stuff done we did like 3 referals and got them off our list. we are down to like 40 now whoop. We can almost have them on one sheet of paper. 

Sunday was pretty weird, we had a person show up to the church, cvause he wanted a Book of mormon, so we taught him, and he said all of the right things, and all of the right questions. he brought up that after reading the book he would be baptised. so we were creeped out a bit. to bad he doesn't live in our area, but we totally think he's a spy from the church to see how well we teach. our he's just that awesome. 

Monday was another district meeting. i'm getting better at them. there not as weird, and I can open up on my comments, and everyone else talkes a lot more now too. Our neighbor gave us some cupcakes too for th 4th of July so we had to our do her. so we made her a cookie sheet. with 50 stars and 9 strips. She lives on her own, so not sure how she is going to eat all of that....

Tuesday we got even more referals done, and i am so tired frm doing it we biked so much. so much infact that i bent my rear axle... (sorry mom i gotta buy a new one) but we have our new bus passes and we can ride as many as we want. we get our moneys worth fast

A quick update on Investigators, we are currently teaching 2 immigrants. One is Demble, he is from Africa, he speaks french, and he loves learning about the gospel. The other is Assa, He is also from Africa, he speaks Swahili, and his family is back in Africa, He has a wonderful testimony already, he's just starting from no where so he is busy all the time. We are also teaching Eric and his wife from the shaker Heights ward, they moved into our area, we haven't taught them yet but they are interesting and we'll see. 

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