Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

City Scenes

I'm doing great mama. It's a bit harder then i expected but i'm doing just fine now. We've only had 2 hospital visits so far. but we'll be getting some soon i can just feel it. This ward council is awesome. Everyone is super awesome, they all do missionary work, it's an assignment by the stake to serve in the Cleveland 3rd ward so everyone works hard. we're doing pretty good on bibles we're slowly weeding them down. Demble is super busy, what can you expect from someone that immigrated. So you can just send the box to the apartment i live at. we live in a very safe neighborhood. I need a journal still. also i forgot my Pin.... if you can get that to me some how that would be awesome. I've spent to much money in this area. We just got caught off guard without food. I'm not scared about the move. That's all we do as missionaries is move. I just can't bike to college anymore. Don't worry about me mama i'm doing great. I Love this area.
Hello Family and Friends.

It is the coolest thing ever to be in Cleveland. There's so many people. and they are super funny. They do the dumbest things ever somedays. We watched an intersection get blocked 2. Oh boy is it funny. 

Thursday: we had exchanges with our Zone leaders, Who Live with us... so not really an exchange. It was me and Elder Talbot though, we had some fun. Problem is we had to go to an appointment in our area, His name was Assa. He is an Investigator from Africa. He was taught in a refuge camp and he has a string testimony of the Book of mormon. After that. we rode the train and the bus everywhere, And it was pretty fun. Elder Talbot understands our pain of having buses. 

Friday: we had a lesson with a recent convert. her name is Ashley, She hasn't been able to come to church since her baptism... Stupid work. But she is so awesome ( we'll be seeing her today too)  We took our ward Mission Leader as well. And it was an awesome lesson. After that we went on a small exchange, Me and Elder Dubon went to a LA named Kimo, he's from Cambodia. He is awesome. He just doesn't speak English very well. after that we went to dinner with a family that just moved to Cleveland from Mexico. The Bernals. Luckily Elder Dubon is from Guatemala, and that took us all night. Because of buses.

Saturday: We helped somebody move in the morning, we were then an hour late to our next appointment. Then it dawned on us that we forgot our bus passes. So we walked, and walked and walked. After thaat we had dinner with the 1st councilor in the ward. They invited someone over to cook for us, and he talked our ears off. It was so hard to get out on time to get home. And he would say to make a long story short. I don't want to know what the long story is.

Sunday: Elder Wotring Got sick. so it was a study day. Super boring.

Monday: was district meeting #2. This one was at Kirtland though. Ever since the Sisters in the district double as site sisters they have to stay there sometimes. So it was pretty sweet. They keep on saying i'm doing a good job. But I don't know. 

Tuesday. We had mission Leadership council, District leaders were invited. Hopefully this will improve my district meetings. We learned a lot from it. A question that stumped us all was.....Does Ohio farmers grow Corn.... the answer was no. The Corn Grows. We weren't to happy with that one. After that we had a member feed us, he also came out woth us after wards and we got like 6 referrals done. 

It's been an exciting week in Cleveland. I can't wait to see what else happens while i'm here.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

It begins...

Hi Sweetheart,
How goes it?  The calling going well?  How about the hospital visits?  How are things going with the ward council? Have you been able to hand out all your Bibles? How is Demble doing?  And his friend Leah?  How is the city?  Safe? Are you ready for a box?  What do you need?
The Beus Reunion went great!  We had a bit of traffic in Sardine Canyon so we were a minute late but most everyone else was also.  We took pictures but I haven't got the group one yet.  I'll send it on when it comes.  
All the Beus families with missionaries have moved this summer.  Shawn to Farmington.  They are downsizing and getting closer to Salt Lake where he works.  They kept their Hooper home and are renting it out.  Paul has lost his job so he needs to sell his big house.  They are trying to find another one in Elwood that they can afford but haven't found one yet.  They will be staying in Terrie's mom's summer home in Liberty until they can work it out.  AND our appraisal came back $5,000.00 over our offer so we are moving to West Haven.  We should close next week.  We will stay here until after Seth and Papa get home from Lake Powell on July 22 and then move.  Seth thinks he will get Tyler Boydstons older brother and Brendan Lore and the Belnap brothers to help with the heavy stuff.  I'll work on the storage unit items starting with having the lawn mower serviced tomorrow.  I bought a washer, dryer, freezer, and vacuum today.  We still need knives, table and chairs.  We will purchase the previous owner's TV and sound system.  YIKES!! Its real!  Please know that it will be good.  The Lord will help you make the changes to your plans so it will still work.  
We also had Grammy's Birthday party.  It was very nice.  She liked her book.  I've attached your stories. We took pictures.  Please note that I didn't forget you when I had the chance to "grab you".  
We are moving forward and I believe it is with the Lord's hand.  Please know that I love you.  I'm so proud of you.

Hurrah for Israel!

Fay and John Beus, Beus Family Reunion, Hyrum, UT
Nyla Petersen's 79th Birthday Party, Ogden, UT

Petersen Family

Petersen Siblings

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bikes, Trains, Buses

To Mama:
I can try but they sneak up on me too. The apartment in tiny and not in my area. It's in the sisters. The address is...2324 Ashurst University Heights Ohio 44118... About a 30 minute walk or a 10 minute bike ride form our area. We have the biggest biking area in the mission. We mostly use buses, or trains though. I cover a lot of east Cleveland and we go downtown alot too. My companion is Elder Wotring he is from Surprise Arizona. He's pretty interesting he goes home in 2 transfers so he's pretty done. In this area we get so many Head quarter referrals, that it's all we do. We currently have 59... they kinda fell behind, we also give blessings weekly. We have 2 major hospitals here.  The apartment is small, and there's 4 of us again. We have no car.... yippy.... I'm not in shaker heights. i'm in the really poor part of Cleveland. It's pretty sketchy. Members are actually called to be in this ward, from the stake, so we have awesome members. we have a the Cleveland 3rd ward and the Cleveland YSA Branch. 

I still haven't been able to read my story...Also can you add Elder Kirby, thanks. I need some help what's the best way to remove stains? is it better to soak in oxy clean or what i'm not sure. Also how long does it take to boil chicken? 

That's crazy that we are moving... I'm sure gonna miss Ogden and i'm gonna have to change some plans i had.... not so close to weberstate to bike anymore... I'm gonna miss that ward so much. It has been the best one so far.

PS don't be scared for me. I'm fine, it's not dark till late so i'm totally fine.

To All:
Hello Family and Friends.

Well I am in Cleveland!!!! Finally. I actually get to serve in the middle of the mission. I am in the East Cleveland area. we have 2 wards. Cleveland 3rd and Cleveland YSA. We have the biggest biking area in the mission, and way to many things to do. Our days mostly consist of dropping of free Bibles. We have 59 to hand out. ( they kinda fell behind ) So we are playing catch up. We also have the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital which are huge and seem to always have a member that needs a blessing. So we hop on the bus and go to the hospital. I haven't been on a bus this much since High School. We seem to always be waiting for a bus. Or running for one. I am also the district leader, we have 1 set of elder and 2 sets of sisters. The Elder are the Zone leaders, so I don't do much with them, The sisters are both Kirtland site sisters so they have 1 day at Kirtland and 1 day out teaching. So it's pretty hard for them to do much. 

Our teaching pool consists of Demble. It's french and i don't know how to type it out for you to under stand. He referred himself he has moved from Africa, and wanted to go to a church and he had heard good things, we teach him downtown. The last time we taught him he invited a friend named Leah, she's pretty awesome too, They both said they would be baptized, when they came to know that it is true.  

Oh and my companion is Elder Wotring from surprise Arizona. He has 2 transfers including this one. so he's pretty seasoned, and it's been pretty fun with him lately. we'll see how it goes, Also here's the photo of Fritz Hartzler.


Hi Sweetheart,
I'm so sorry about missing your transfer day and not writing a day early. Could you help me remember?  I've put it in my calendar.  Please forgive me.  It made me sick that I missed it.
Congratulations on your new calling.  Please tell me all about your new area, companion, and the calling.  How is the apartment?  What car are you in?  I read up a bit on Shaker Heights.  The people seem to have good wages and live in historic homes.  How is that?  Who are in your teaching pool?  How are you finding in this new area.  Are the members supportive?  Wards or branches?  Large or small?  Are you working with the ward councils?  
We had a really nice Father's Day dinner on Sunday.  It was even nice for me because everyone helped!  Friday is the Beus Family Reunion at Hyrum Dam.  We are throwing Grammy's party on Saturday. Russells will be in.  We will give her the memory book then.
Other big news, Papa finally agreed to let me start shopping for a home.  (I also really wanted Grammy to have her own home back for whatever time she has.)  I started half heartedly looking on June 6th.  Tom Webber is the realtor and he told me Weber and Davis counties generally have 2,500 to 3,500 homes for sale.  There are currently 850 on the market.  I wasn't real optimistic on finding one. BUT Saturday we went and looked at three.  I really liked the one so we made an offer and it was accepted yesterday.  YIKES!  We will probably close by the end of the month and slowly start moving.  I'll take pictures then.  It is in West Haven about 7 minutes from Grandma's and Grandpa's.  I tried to stay in the ward/stake/area but there just wasn't anything decent in my price range.  Sorry son.  I'm sure Bishop Browning will allow you to report in the ward.  I don't know how long Grammy will be around but I know Papa is tired of the big house and all the work. I hope she gets feeling better now that chemo is finished and will be able to do some fun things. She still needs to go on for a PET scan in three weeks. She wanted to go spend some time in Carmel, California near the ocean, maybe go to Yellowstone.  I hope she can.  I will still drop up to the house each afternoon after work to help with chores.  I'm worried that you may feel unsettled about this news.  Please know that our family have all been fasting and praying about it. It feels good in the home.  I hope you will be at peace about it and when you return home, you will feel good in this home. I don't even know if the Bobwhite house will be in the family by then.  
Spence is still waiting for his call.  Christopher returned and gave a great report Sunday.  They are both great friends.  
I have been adding some items on Family Search.  Go check out your Great Great Step Grandfather, Harvey Perry Wellman.  I also added Dad's patents to his profile.  

Please remember I love you and I'm terribly proud of you!  Keep on keepin' on!
Love you tons!
Hurrah for Israel!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Weber, Heather, Fritz

Hello Family and Friends.

Wednesday was pretty awesome, we met with my favorite Less Active Brother Weber, and we had an interesting conversation. Brother Weber had a friend back in elementary named Heather. For some reason he sent a Facebook Message to her. She hesitated to reply, but they soon were talking. They had both grown up in this area. The conversation came to religion, Brother Weber asked her what church she goes to. She said The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. They then realized that they were both Less Actives in the same ward. They had somehow both got converted in the years going by and they both needed to come back to church. They both showed up to the meeting. And Brother Weber said that he was finally ready to go to church.

Thursday was pretty boring just weekly planning. 

Friday, We gave service like always, and we went finding..... no luck.

Saturday, was wide open for finding.... We found nothing again.

Sunday cam along, Brother Weber came to church. He had kept his promise he gave me long ago. We also get a call this night From President Brown. He then called me to be the District leader in the Shaker heights ward. 

Monday was full of changes, Elder Lancaster was going home, he had finished his mission, I was leaving to be a District Leader , And the district was combined with Massolin, due to loosing even more missionaries. This night we finally found another Investigator, Who I Don't even get to teach.

I had to say good by to one of my favorite members. Brother Hartzler, or Fritz. He gave me a hug and gave me some presents. I was surprised he didn't cry. We worked so hard with him to bless the sacrament and to receive the Melchizedek priesthood and he said that he had an appointment with the stake President soon. The atonement is real. The fact that a man can be changed and can become better is all the proof i need to know that he lives. that he did in fact atone for us all. For everything. I truly do love him with all my heart.

I packed my camera chord or i would have a photo

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Finding Lost Sheep and Harleys

Hello Family and Friends.

This week was kinda boring. Just doin missionary work. 

Thursday. We did have Zone conference and that was pretty fun. We did a lot of reviewing. They're trying to get in our heads to work with the Ward council not against. I think it's funny. It's pretty much like Kicking against the pricks if you do that. There is no other way it'll work. 

Friday we give service at this thing called People to people. It's a food place. then we did weekly planning so not much that day.

Saturday we had Exchanges with the Zone Leaders. It was pretty sweet we crashed a party. We were walking along and we found a Lost sheep. ( member who's record haven't been moved ). So that started us off we kept on going taught a 5 minute restoration, kept on going then we we're invited into a pool party. With the promise that we can't preach. So we just sat down, and the questions just started flowing. We talked to a bunch of people and it was great. We then stopped by a member's house, and there uncle owns a Harley and Elder Brockbank wanted to just rev it. and he was a s giddy as a boy.

Sunday, We got soaked. but we found a couple people to teach. 

Monday was district meeting and had 5 guys after, it was so great. then we started stopping by some less actives and Knocking the doors around them. We did find a couple of members and invited them to church. 

Tuesday wasn't to eventful

 Wednesday we went to Canton for a BBQ party it weas pretty fun.

quick Update on investigators. Patricia is back in Texas. Meredith is Doing great she has read up to Enos already and is progressing just fine. Nichole and her family are doing great as well. She reads with her daughter. We haven't met with Neeva yet this week. Spencer is still reading and praying he still has commitment at another church which is why he doesn't come to ours. Ashley is still going through a hard time.

Drippin' the Bear

Hi Elder Beus,
How are things going? I got a nice picture of you, probably on splits.  You're looking good.  You seem to be loosing your chubby cheeks though.  I'm not sure how I feel about that. Did you get your box? Did you buy some ice cream?  How were the desserts? I think I'll work on that pie recipe again. Okay to send again? Or did it go rotten?  I forgot to put the journal in.  Is there anything else you need for this month's box? When is next transfer?
I went ahead and wrote several memories for you.  I've attached them.  I think Grammy will really like them.  Sorry I couldn't wait. Erin need them so she can get them all printed out and assembled into a book.
We went to Bear Lake over the weekend.  It was fun.  I always have to work hard to get away but it was good.  Jame wanted to go to Minnetonka Cave.  888 stairs.  Argh!  It was also very drippy this time.  Dad and I went 27 years ago and it was dry.  This was rather drippy, wet and slippery.  We have had so much snowfall.  Also, why do tour guides tell you about earthquakes while you are deep in the earth.  Yuck!
We tried to go hike Bloomington Lakes but there was still 3-5+ feet of snow on the road.  Also a dirt road at that.  Seth drove and loved it!  I have to admit that with all the moisture, it was so beautiful up there.  Everything was green and flowers were blooming everywhere.  The temperature was perfect, sunny but a bit cool.  Really nice break.  The brothers want to go again.  That's good with me too.  I've included a couple pictures of the trip.
Morph2o is still working on the Botanical Garden install. Seth is working 12+ hour days and his new calling is taking lots of time too.  We are going to Market Street for Jame's birthday dinner.
Papa finished his second cataract surgery, no problem.  Grammy is working through her second to last chemo. I'm making lots of food trying to tempt her to eat.
We are praying for great things for you.  Love you tons! I'm so proud of  you!
Hurrah for Israel!

I am doing great.  And yes i was on splits. The mama we stopped by took a photo really quick and sent it.  I got my box thank you very much. I haven't bought ice cream yet. I might get transferred so I don't want to waste it. I did however use my credit card to buy some razors. I just bought a big pack so I don't have to worry about it. The pie was so good!!!! thank you!!!!!! Transfers are next week so hold out with a box for now. Thanks mama. I can't view the pages for some reason you might have to change the format. It gave us quite a scare over her to see those attachments. 

 Coopers's Sports Bar, Bear Lake West

Sunrise, Ideal Beach, Bear Lake.  I should be sleeping.

The road to Bloomington Lakes, closed for snow.