Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

WGI- Winter Guard International

Hello family and Friends

Sorry it's short this week to we went to a place called Mohican state park it was very pretty and we had a lot of fun. Also figured out WGI is barely out side of the mission.... It was a sad day to hear that.

Update on investigators. Patricia says she is doing just fine. She's reading and praying. But hasn't come to church or met with us for a while. Neeva is still coming to church and is reading, and Cameron started opening up to us more and more. not quite teaching him yet but close. Neeva hasn't been coming to sacrament though so we shared about the importance of sacrament to her.  So we'll see how that goes. Spencer is still progressing well. Still not interested in going to church quite yet but soon. We have some new investigators. Nichole is a single mom with 2 kids. She is scared of what's after this life, and wants the comfort of Jesus Christ in her life. Ashley is 19 and she is in a rough time right now she just got kicked out last night. and we tried helping her with our testimonies but we'll see. Meredith went to Utah to pick up a goat and was invited to go to temple square and go to church and loved it. She is coming a long just great. She has plenty of questions and we love it. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Buy Some Ice Cream

Hi Bubba,
How goes it?  Are you still working through things?  We are praying for you.  Did Patricia keep her appointment?  Is Neeva reading?How are things going with Spencer?  The Elders dropped by this afternoon for information on Aby Nall.  I haven't seen her or talked to her for a bit but they are going to go track her neighborhood and see what they can offer.  She is a great gal but in a tough situation.  
I took Grammy in for an Echocardiogram last week. Her heart is reducing slightly on it functioning.  I guess she had a treatment today and one in June.  I can't seem to figure them out.
I will take Papa in for the other cataract removal tomorrow now that we have figured out that his heart is "fine".  
Papa's friend, Mark Petersen, passed away from cancer this morning.  He was young, maybe 58.  It is sad.  They will have to find a new CEO for Mentors.
James and I are going to Bear Lake on Thursday and Seth will join us after work on Friday.  It's been quite awhile since we tried a vacation by ourselves.  
Seth is way busy with his new calling.  He had fun on his date and the gal likes him but he feels like he should still be dating others.  So I think they are going out next weekend and then who knows. Lacey bailed on Spence at the last minute so it ended up being Seth, Amberlee, Spence and Nate...again..  Hahaha.. 

Morph2o got the contract for the Botanical Garden in Farmington.  Way cool.  
I seem to be cooking all the time. Then cleaning up after everyone.  There is a steady stream of extended family coming for visits wanting to eat and needing to run.  I'm weary.  
I was invited to say the opening prayer in Sacrament Sunday.  That doesn't happen often.  Okay, twice in ten years.  Its good.  

I'm so grateful for the Comforter of late.  He gives me hope that things will get better.  I hope you are feeling him too.

I love you and I'm proud of you.  Let the Holy Spirit Guide.
Hurrah for Israel!

PS Package coming, buy some ice cream!😆

From: Elder Beus
I'm doing good mama, I will always be working through things. Patricia had to cancel. Neeva is reading. Spencer is doing good too. So the missionaries emailed me last week. It was kinda weird. So I told them to talk to you about Aby. Mama I have a huge testimony of the comforter now he helped me so much. I wasn't even worried. I just kept on going. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Hello Family and Friends.

Well it's been fun for this week. We had some exciting times trying to talk to everyone still. But we have been able to find a lot of moved people to. 

Patricia has finally set up an appointment with us tomorrow and will most likely not cancel and said she will be at church this week as well. We haven't heard any news on the divorce yet. Neeva wasn't reading because of her brothers wedding so we read Enos with her and it was great to talk about the answer that Enos got from the lord. Spencer loves meeting with us and seems to be progressing just fine. We also have a few people in the wood work right now to become investigators and also a lot of Less Actives that we are teaching. 

This week I have leaned the true power of the atonement and how it can change us. Not just change us a little bit but completely. I can't believe that we are so loved to have everything taken from us and become changed. Our savior has Suffered everything for us so he may succor us so he may have Empathy for us. He allows us to become new creatures. We see so many examples of repentance but they are only through Jesus Christ. I want you all to know that I love My lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know that he is there and I will proclaim him from my lips till they are blue. I know that he loves each one of us and we can feel of that love. How great it is to know that I have a savior that loves me.

PS we went to the football hall of fame and also the McKinley monument.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Molly Bunny Hopping


Dear Elder Beus,
How are you?  Healthy? Happy? Focused? Working Hard?  How's Elder Klingersmith?  Are you still teaching Neeva and Patricia?  Did you get Elder Stirling upright?  Sounds like a fun phone call to Fritz.  Are you peaceful with your new direction?  I'm praying for you.
Papa said he was just fine and he is!  He has an extremely low heart rate but they put him on a monitor for 24 hours and said all is well.  So he can go back and get his cataract surgery finished.  
Grammy has one more treatment after all.  It will be in June.  She has been pretty sick still.  We have been tempting her with her favorite foods.  Shrimp scampi tonight, trout Sunday, and Steamed Clams on Saturday.  We missed you on Saturday and even had left overs!
Seth is scrambling to find a date to go double with Spence and Lacy on Saturday.  
Jame got the protective shield on his headlight from over a month ago. He also got called up for jury duty.  I'm not sure how that will play out.  
Spence graduates tomorrow.  They are having the party at the school.  He also had a gal who is the "prettiest girl in the school" sign his yearbook and she told him she had a crush on him.  He is convinced he wasted his whole senior year by not knowing that.  😆
Molly is healing.  I was so nervous the first few days.  She would act like she was going to bite you if you moved her and she could hardly move herself.  I've tweeked my back carrying her up and down the stairs but she is doing great now. However, she hops like a bunny.  It is very cute... She is supposed to lose 4 lbs by Christmas.  It is a hardship.
I got hanging baskets for the balcony so Grammy could see them through her window.
I haven't sent a box yet.  What do you need/want?  Seth suggested sending a gift card.  Where are you eating out or shopping?  Do you need your prescription refilled?  We are getting some memories and photos together for Grammy for her birthday.  Do you know of a fun thing between you two that you could write about? Maybe remember a picture?
Anyway, Bud, hope things are great.  Let me know.

Love you tons!  So proud!
Hurrah for Israel

TO: Mama
I'm doing great mama they decided to keep me here. So i'm gonna go and work hard. Neeva and Patricia are doing just fine. Ok, I need a new journal also medicine. I could use a gift card as well that would be greatly appreciated. Also maybe a CTR ring I have a cheap one but it's been helping me keep my mind focused. It just turns my skin green. Oh I'll write about me standing up and yelling "dirty". 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Racing with Giants

Hello Family and Friends.

It's been a Fast week, Literally i feel like i just talked a couple days ago...Oh wait I did. It was Mothers day and I got to Facetime home and it was amazing. I got to see my Molly which made me happy. 

Update on investigators. it sounds like Patricia has finally caught up to everything and will be meeting with us next week. Neeva, had a huge wedding last week so we didn't get to see her much, but we are going to meet on Friday and bring a member as well. so we'll see how that goes. We've lost contact with some of our Investigators, so we had to drop some of the dates till we can talk with them. We are still doing good with finding We have about 3 or 4 new and other investigators who are progressing at there own rate. We also have been working with members a lot more to see if we can't improve member referrals.

So pretty much to update on what happened this week i'd call it a race. We went everywhere. We raced down to the one corner then the next corner and on Saturday we are going to another corner of the area. We have meals left and right and upside down. We talk to people as much as we can. we have just been swamped. So we are taking it a bit easy today and only be a bit swamped. we also had a great Exchange yesterday, Me and Elder Stirling went and worked Hard. The Poor Elder is 6'8 and has Terrible knees and fell 4 times while we walked everywhere. he even fell in front of the Chinese place we were going to eat at and the guy inside just died of laughter. it made my week that much better. 

I want everyone to know that I LOVE THIS CHURCH. This Gospel has blessed my life. We have this member named Fritz Harstler. He has some mental issues and needs help to remember things so we call him every night and ask him question like what is the power of God.but his favorite and mine as well is what is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And every time, he gets it right. It's 5 steps Faith Repentance Baptism Holy Ghost and Endure to the End. Every time he get's it right. And everytime it makes me think about how blessed i am to have that knowledge. And how simple yet divine it is. I truly love Jesus Christ and I will follow his way wherever is takes me. And i say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen 

Not enough Facetime

Hi Elder Beus!
How goes it?  I didn't get to ask all my questions.  Its ok.  I'm praying for you.  I feel the Spirit every time.  Your Heavenly Father loves you!  We love you!  Keep on keeping on! Keep me posted.  
After the call, we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa.  They are doing great.  Squabbling a bit about whether or not to sell the farm.  They have the money they need, they just don't want any arguments after they die.  Grandpa loves the farm and doesn't want to sell.  Grandma feels the weight of the chores.  
Molly's surgery went good.  I will pick her up this afternoon.  Evidently, an ACL in a dog is degenerative and not an event like in humans so she will probably have to have the left one done within a couple years.  
I took Papa in for his second cataract surgery this morning early and they found that he has a really low heart rate under 45 and so they did an EKG and he has Atrial Fibrillation.  He couldn't have the surgery and he needs to get into the doctor today. He says, "I feel fine!"
Grammy only gets fluids this week and her last treatment next week.  
James bought himself a phone Monday.  He was very excited.  It was his first new phone.
Seth is working tons and is exhausted.
Last week was very busy for me and this week is tons better so I'm pooped too.
Give me an update on your investigators.  
I love you!  I'm deeply proud of you!!
Hurrah for Israel!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Only Amish Men Pray

​Hello Family and Friends. 

It's been Crazy, we'll start off with the investigators. Patricia is back in town but is super busy cause she was out of town so we haven't been able to see her yet. Adam is also super busy due to a new job that's making him work a lot of hours. Ben is still anxious about something at work so he is busy. And Neeva is doing great we had a nice lesson on prayer last night. and tried to help her with her problem. I'm not sure if i told you but in the Amish community only the men pray. so We're working on it and it's helping.

It's been fun we have been running every where. Here there and everywhere. We had 5 lesson back to back in one day. then dinner then another lesson. Just crazy. We have like a total of 10 or so investigators all at different levels so we're working on it.  We still osme how find enough time to find more. and were doing good at it. Not to mention the weather is awesome now. So everyone is out. we can literally walk up and down down town and talk to a good 5-10 people with in 15 minutes. it makes the work go by quick. We still have to drive everywhere. but we just work hard. we're having the problem of just scheduling people in now.

We had a cool thing this week as well. We had Regional conference. Elder Gong and Elder Oaks spoke and 2 other that i don't remember. But Elder Oaks said something along the lines of Missionaries shouldn't be finding they should be teaching at all times and member should be doing the finding. So me jokingly while passing a fire station said we should be like fire man just always prepared to go teach. and what we do in the between hours. we prepare to teach so once we get the call we turn on our sirens and go save the day. Just something funny I thought of.

This has honestly been a fun week. We just have been runnin. But i have also changed my studies to more of what the investigators need and it's making me learn as well. It's funny. I seem to learn more when i study for others. And the lessons go smoother as well> it's almost like when we do something we're told, we get blessings or something like that. Sorry mom it took me this long to learn that but it truly helps a lot. 

Mama's Day Call

Dear Elder Bubba!
How are you?  So I think our best call option is Facetime with us calling you from our computer connected to the TV.  What do you think? We are very excited!
How are things going with Elder Klingingsmith (?) ?  I can never remember his name.  I fasted for you this month that the two of you could work well together. Which investigators have you been able to keep with your new work load?  I will never be able to get used to this Wednesday P-day!  Argh!
I saw a video on how those people in the Middle East used the term green pastures.  It isn't anything like our "green pastures" ie. waist high alfalfa fields.  It is slightly terraced hills where a blade or two of grass grows near a rock that has condensed the moisture in the air to provide for the plant.  The goats and sheep then more across the hillside going from blade to blade and that is how they survive.  The Lord can work in similar ways, providing just what we need albeit in small amounts as we move across the hill.  It was definitely food for thought.
The Stake Relief Society finished with our Challenge this year.  It was on Visiting Teaching, focusing on nourishing the one. Some wards did great (78 participating) some ward not so much (14).  We are now working on our prizes to hand out.
Molly has a sports injury, she tore her ACL.  She is is huge does of anti-inflammatory for two weeks and then if it heals, yeah!  If not, surgery. not yeah.
James finished the semester feeling good.  Maybe Bs.  Here's hoping.
Seth is working really hard. He is still learning everyday. He is very tired.
Papa went on a vacation with the David Petersens and the Cobabes. 
Grammy had another treatment yesterday.  She will have shots today, fluids and maybe blood on Friday.  The treatments are difficult.  She had to change chemo so she will be done later this month instead of July.
I'm going to help Hickens on the Farewell dinner on Sunday then come home and make dinner for the family. So I'll be way looking forward to your call!
I'm so proud of you!
Love you to pieces!!
Hurrah for Israel!

I'm doing good. I have been working hard this week. I think I might be able to do face time and we were thinking in the evening. Me and Elder Klinglesmith are getting right along. He want's to be a rebotics engineer and did projected lead the way as well so we have been having fun with that. His dad went to Ogden high school to, tell me how Rachels farewell goes. that's sad to hear about Molly. Are you building steps for her yet?

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Transfer Week Confusion

You sound great in your letter. We will include your new companion in our fast next week. You could always try Seth's method of dealing with difficult companions, slug him. Just kidding, no slugging.
Morph2o is probably the news this week. They terminated Scott. He was selling another company's product during our sales visits and not running it through Morph2o. We have about 100 sales ready to go but our sensor has stopped communicating correctly with our multi-zone. We are hoping to resolve this week.
Seth just got put on as an apprentice yesterday!  Woohoo!
Jame should finish with his last final today. So far "B"s. 🤞🏻
Grammy is off for # 4 of 6 treatment.
Papa is renegotiating on the Riverdale property.
I finished my big Stake event. It was good. 250+ in attendance.
Tell me about our phone call on Mother's Day. Time?  Method?  I'm anxious to talk to you.   You are looking taller in your picture. What's up with that?!  Or do you have really short companions?
I love you!  I think you are doing beautifully!
Love, Mama
Hurrah for Israel!

I will text you in the morning when i am calling. Text back to confirm then i will call you at the time and either skype or face time. Plan on later in the evening I'm probably getting taller. I also have short companions. Elder Stirling is like 6'5 though. Sounds like Grammy is doing good that is a comfort to me. Tell Elder Elggrens mom that i truly loved her son he has been my favorite so far. I can't wait to talk soon. Love ya mama

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Combining Areas

Hello Family and Friends

It's gonna be a Fun transfer. So just to let you know about the area. There are like 173 households and there all over the place. Some in one city some in another. so the area got split to Inner city Wooster and Wooster drive that way we can cover more people. But of course this season of the year alot of missionaries leave and so they have to take out inner city Wooster. So My new Area is Wooster, everything. Elder Elggren is going to another area and Elder Kennedy is too. So i've been living with my new companion already. Elder Klinglesmith. So This'll be fun. All of the Investigators we have all of the less actives were working with and all of the members are now combined to form a lot of work. It's gonna be a fun week. Oh and Best part I Get To Drive Again!!!

This past week though has been pretty Fun. we have been looking around the county to find a place for a 12 step program and it's been fun talking to a lot of people we have figured out that i am the King of Awkward. Because if it's awkward I can do it and I'm good at it.

something really fun i have figured out this week is that Ohio get's really humid and hot and sticky. It's no fun. 

Cool thing from my research on Familysearch. Our president has asked us to work on our slang, so I remembered a story about my great grandfather and how he wouldn't say bad words, so I went finding. Luckily, I found the story and I am so glad I did. My favorite words to use now are Oh My. I have seen even acting on the little bad things to change takes you from a good missionary to an obedient disciple and that's what we should strive to be. 

Update on investigators, Patricia is back in town again, we'll be seeing her soon. Neeva is doing great. She loves learning from the church. Ben get's nervous so we haven't gotten him to church yet. and the others are loosing contact with us. and of course we just picked up all of the other Area's investigators too.
Ashland District, Pre-Transfers