Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Friday, April 28, 2017

Temple Week- April 2017

Hello Family and Friends.

Weird week I know and I know it's Friday but we move our Preparation Day to the day that we go to the Temple during General Conference months. So i had the opportunity to go to the temple. And i'm proud to say that the church is same in Ohio as Utah. Now i know this might be a shocker but i Promise you can feel the Spirit here to. I'll just send some pictures and get on my way, sorry for the short testimony But i do love the Gospel and the church and Jesus.

Quick update on Investigators, Patricia is still in Texas but now has a new Granddaughter, Neeva is having a hard time praying and we are going to try to teach Real Intent with her. Troy hasn't responded to us for a long time. Ben Isn't keeping commitments, And A new one Finally Rachel. she will be coming along hopefully.

To Mama:Well i have been having interesting days as well as you can notice it's Friday it's because we move our P day when we go to the temple. Sounds like Seth is finally moving his fanny somewhere. Sorry i also have to make this one pretty quick.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Interesting Week

Hi Elder Bubba!
I'm having an interesting couple days. We are having a big Stake Relief Society Fireside tonight. I was at the church until after 10:00 last night and here I'm at the church again.
Papa had cataract surgery this morning. It went great.
Jame is doing finals. Seth has a date for tomorrow night.
Grammy is ok.
You are a bit tardy.
I'll send more later.
Love your guts!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Hello Family and Friends.

Well it was Easter. and oh boy was it a good Easter. We had a beautiful Easter service at our church. And it was all about the atonement, and how beautiful it is to us as members. One really good way to explain the Atonement is the Push up for donuts story. It was one that we shared with a LA and he really enjoyed it actually he told us to print it off for him. 

Just an Update on the Investigators, Patricia is in Texas for a while to get Divorce things in order. Neeva accepted a date as a goal that she can work towards. Ben and Troy are taking a break from us they haven't been responding so we are waiting to try again. There's a good thing I read, though I forgot where it's from, most likely Preach My Gospel. But it said that when we don't have investigators it's a perfect time to go finding more. So that's what we have been doing most of the time. It's Been an awesome week of sun and of biking. I have been having a blast, and i've been tired. I have never fallen asleep so fast in my life. But my testimony of the basics of the Gospel have been growing so much during this week. I'm not sure why but working hard in the service of the Lord seems to help you Gain faith in the lord and then to have a drive to repent and keep the covenants you have made. And to point you towards the temple. 

I know that Jesus Christ lives and I love handing out photos of him. To some they smile to some they reflect what they have done. But if a simple photo can do that, what could he do to us if we invite him in.

Hey mama, I'm doing great and thank you so much for all of the food and those widow thingies, We should keep that tradition going they are pretty good. The bishop actually invited us over for dinner. Our investigators are still going pretty strong well most of them. I'll talk about them in the general. I'm not sure about the Packages. Most likely it is at the apartment right now. Mama it is so great out here. It's warmer and the work is progressing slowly but i've got a great heritage of hard work to move forward. Oh did you get some of the stories together for me?  I'd love to hear them.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Fun

Dearest Elder,
How are you?  I'm praying you had a good Easter.  Were you invited to a home on Sunday?  Did you do anything fun on Easter Saturday.  We were busy. The week went pretty much as planned.

How are your investigators? I'm sorry you didn't get to go to Kirkland.  I hope Patricia continues to progress.  Has Troy been able to take time to meet again with you?  Is Ben back in town?  What is happening with Neeva?

 The Zone Conference Luncheon went great.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it and they got full.  We had a sweet companionship come to the kitchen afterward and ask if they could have their lunch "to go"  as they were fasting for someone.  Everyone got a kick out of the homemade root beer.  I told them they got homemade because I missed you.  Lucky them.  They laughed.  

The Beus picnic had over 100 this year. Lots of little ones.   Grandpa has hurt his back again so he is struggling.  I believe it was an argument with a cow this time.  He may need to not get into the fray anymore, not what he wants to hear.  Grandma is great.  Uncle Matt makes the best dip!  I got his recipe.  We didn't stay long.  Seth wanted to get home?  I was getting sunburned.  Jame had to work.

Easter was pretty calm.  Seth came to church with me.  I get tired of going by myself so it was a treat.  I had prepared most of dinner before so I actually rested for a bit.  Jame came up and we took some pictures.  He didn't stay long either...?  Hmm...

The accountant finished my taxes today.  I'm not sure why he waits until the last minute but I'm sure glad they are done.

Jame is working his way through the end of the semester.  10 days to finals.  
Seth is just working but learning lots too.
I'm doing Relief Society and watching over the house and of course, Molly. 
Molly is now 8 years old and doing just fine, although she has a new habit.  She lays her chin on the sofa or chair and whimpers until someone lifts her up.  What's up with that?!
Papa is starting into the garden.  He and Seth bought new peach trees Saturday.
Grammy is struggling.  She can't seem to swallow so she is going in to have her throat stretched.  It is hard.  

You should have three packages within the last week.  1) Easter, 2) Prescription, and 3) Cook Book.  Let me know if they have come through.  I can track them if I need to.  I will watch your credit card and get it paid when it comes.  Let me know if you need anything else.
Send me a picture in your Easter tie.  
I love you and miss you!  I'm proud of you and pray that things are going well for you.

Hurrah for Israel!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Hello Family an Friends.

Quick update on our investigators. Patricia had the wonderful opportunity to go to the Kirtland temple with a family from the ward. we were going to go with her but her son at the last moment didn't want to go so Biggest Flame Of The Year....we let her go and she did. Troy worked to much this week to meet with us. He is working 2 jobs to support his family. Ben is out of town, and seems like he is not progressing but it's ok it opens our time to find more. Neeva was out of town for church but we will be meeting with her soon.

This week has been Hard, i have not biked this much sense i was a Boy scout doing bike the Bear. And let me tell you about this one church. We call it the great and abominable church But it's really called the Grace Brotheren. They literally preach against Mormonism. Yeah we had a fun time with them. Also while walking around a town we ran into something pretty great some of our members work there too. ( look at photos. ) it was pretty cool. 

Cool little miracle, we have been talking to 10 outside of finding time and it's been hard but we have done it. But our President promised us a new investigator if we did and surprisingly it worked. We'll be seeing if she'll progress. But still it gained my faith to know that as we work hard we do see blessings.  

Easter Goodies Coming

Hi Sweetheart!
Please forgive your mother.  She is so scatterbrained.  I got your box off and you should be getting it today.  You re fine to open it because part of it is better now than later.  I hope you have a wonderful Easter!
How are things going for you?  I noticed that your apartment is rather crowded.  I hope that doesn't interfere with your focus.  Who gets the comfy chair?  Hahaha.  I heard from your companions mother yesterday.  She is the niece of a school friend of mine.  Small world. Especially in the church!
I'm preparing for the Zone Conference Luncheon tomorrow.  The Stake Relief Society gets to provide the lunch.  We are excited to do it.  We are having: French Dip Sandwiches, Funeral Potatoes, Green Salad, Homemade Root Beer, and Brownies with ice Cream and Hot Fudge or Praline Caramel.  Hopefully, they get full.  I'm thinking of you while I make it.  Hopefully, there are others doing the same for you.
Saturday is the Beus Picnic.  I made Merry Widows and I'll do a veggie tray and dip.
Sunday is Easter Dinner just for seven of us.  Ham, Funeral Potatoes, Asparagus and Hollandaise, hard rolls, jello salad, and Strawberry Angel food Cake.  I'll make a sandwich for you.  😜  
Grammy had another chemo yesterday and she seemed to tolerate it well.  
James got his tax returns back and is much calmer now.
Seth is working right along.
Mama is making FOOD.  And so her letter may not comfort you but it should peak your appetite.  
Papa is gardening or leaning on his shovel depending upon who you talk to.😀
Remember we love you!  We are so proud of you!  Keep on keeping on!
Hurrah for Israel!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wooster, OH Apartment pictures

These are some pictures of the apartment in Wooster, OH.

Super Bowl of Super Bowls

Hello Family and Friends.

Quick update on Investigators, Neeva is still meeting with us but not willing to have a date yet her boyfriend who is a less active is not helping. Ben has been changing his life around and has been setting goals to reach and baptism is one of them. We might have to push his date back though. Patricia is really excited to go to Kirtland this week, and should really like it. And Troy an investigator that we picked up i'm not sure if i talked about him or not, but he is doing great he want's to be baptised he wants to come to church. He even talked about making sure that we stay in contact after our missions. He is a hard working single father and just wants to be better always.

This week has been awesome, it was the Super Bowl of all Super Bowls, the world cup of world cups, GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was just the best most blessed day's ever. Not only did we watch our Prophet talk we even got a lot done too. We had been challenged to talk to 10 outside of tracting and we did. surprisingly cause it's been rainy. But anyways the blessings of general conference are just amazing some questions i thought of were answered and some questions i forgot were answered. it was just amazing.

Fun thing of the week. Elder Elggren and i had an awkward 30 minutes before 9 so we went out on our bikes to see if we could talk to someone. So we had the thought to ride in front of a couple of stores like K mart and Planet fitness and stuff like that, maybe a 1/4 of a mile long and just ride back and forth and hand out the new easter initiative. By the way go watch it it's good. but we then handed out and talked to 14 people in 30 minutes we were so happy so guess what were doing tonight. yup riding bikes.

I love this Church, and I love Jesus Christ. I smile every day because smiling is my way of giving  charity to everyone that sees it. Because if I can somehow get someone else to smile i feel like the light of Christ will be in there life. So keep on smiling.

General Conference

Hi Elder Eli,

How are you?  Always good to hear from you.  Did Troy make it to conference?  Did Patricia get permission to be baptized?  How are Neeva and Ben doing? That is a beautiful story about Brother Weber.  You are doing it right. How is he doing this last week?
Busy week for me.  Mostly getting ready for General Conference and the Russells coming in.  The boys all went to conference together.  They were missing you, David (who was at the house with the girls?), Josh, Adrian, Nicholas, Alexander, and Landon.  Papa was thrilled.  He had the biggest group at the Stake Center. HA!  Goal for April 2019, even more of you.  It sounds like you were headed for a fun time.  How did it go?  How was staying out late?  Hahaha.  Micah and Jess announced that Jess is pregnant.  Grammy was very pleased and Auntie Ernie and Uncle Mark are now going to be Grandma and Grandpa!  Woohoo!
Sunday, everyone came over for Bambito Pie.  It was fun.  Ashley and Teresa didn’t come because they are moving to Connecticut.  They feel like they will be better accepted there.  Some days Kyle talks about going with them.  I think she would really miss her grandkids.

Grammy went in for a blood transfusion.  She is feeling a bit better just really exhausted.

 ***YIKES!  I don’t have your address!!  I need your address right now!***

I’ll be getting a box off to you next Monday.  Can you easily pick it up from the post office? Is there anything you need or want for Easter?  I need that tidbit now too.

Please send me more photos.  The apartment, the church, your bike including its name, your car, your district, your zone…

I’m so proud of you.  I love you tons!

Hurrah for Israel!


Hi Mama, No Troy had to work but he is so excited to learn more it's amazing. The divorce won't happen till June so we'll just wait. Neeva and Ben are weird. i'll talk about them in the General. Brother Weber is doing awesome we are doing the 12 step program with him. Staying out late wasn't as good as i though i was falling asleep.

Ok the apartment i'm in is very safe so you can just leave it at the door. 2780 Winchester Woods, Appt F wooster Ohio 44691.

I need an easter Tie. but after that i should be good on ties. I could still use my pocket knife. it would be handy. and of course i'll send photos. i don't have them all right now but i can get them soon.