Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Uhrichville > WOOSTER!

Hello Family and Friends.

It's been one joyful ride this week. It was transfers and oh boy did I get transferred. I went so far that i'm in the same Zone, and i'm right next door to the last area. So not to far at all. 

Good old Wooster. Wooster is huge. it's on of the bigger areas in the mission. we have a nice working car and plenty of miles. Thankfully. We still walk and bike a lot of course. Wooster is a huge ward of about 200 people and only 50 are active. So we got some work to do. it has a beautiful building with a court yard in the middle. Sorry no photos of the church this week i spaced, I'll try again. We live in a 4 man apartment though. So it's pretty packed and pretty fun as well. Every night is a party.  The Elder are as follows. in the photos. Elder Elggren and I, Elder Kennedy ( blonde with smile) Elder Klingllesmith ( blonde with no smile ). This area is way to much fun. I say way to many jokes but everyone is smiling most of the day so not sure if it's bad. 

So that's the area. now onto investigators we have. We have Neeva she is a members GF. who came to church on her own last week. Which was Such a blessing. Patricia she is an investigator who can be baptized as soon as she gets consent from her husband. Ben who i haven't met much but he has a date and is working towards it, Troy we found last week set a date and want's to got to general conference this week. so not to many investigators but it's ok i am willing to put in the work.

So spiritual thing of the week. we had a great day of being canceled ion but it worked out to be the greatest lesson i ever had in my mission life. A Less Active named Brother Weber ( web like spider web, not weber like weber state.) he texted us that we has at the church. so we ran as fast as we could and we got to the church and Brother weber was just a Broken man. He wanted a lot of change the spirit was so involved with the lesson that i taught myself while i was speaking, Which means that it was done right. We gave him warning whixh is what i'm going to end with. The devil will work his hardest while we try to get closer. The closer we get the Harder he works. But we can do it.

Elder Elggren

To Mama: Wooster is awesome, it's huge. I'll never run out of doors to knock now. and my new companion is Elder Elggren. he is from West Jordan. He is the oldest. He's got 2 brothers and a sister. It's a 4 man apartment so it's been really fun the past couple of days. We are serving in the Wooster ward. iI's pretty small actually but it has a beautiful church. I'll take photos soon. So I'll talk more about the investigators in the General. Elder Elggren has been here for 2 Transfers so he knows it pretty well he has 4 months left too so that's pretty funny. I am not driving. He is. He knows the area so I don't really care. I won't be able to go back to the baptism. It's too far away and we already have something planned that day. It's sad to put everything aside but this is my area now. I need not worry about the last.

Well sad to say but we get ice cream for Priesthood Session and we get to stay out till 10 to watch it. 

PS.Oh and those are Elder Kennedy from Pocatello, Idaho. Yes, he was in band too and yes we have talked about it already. The other grumpy face is Elder Klinglesmith. He's from Roy not too happy of a guy. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

All About Wooster

Hi Sweetheart!
Tell me all about Wooster and your new companion.  I need new pictures of course.  You are still having lots of weather.  Anything different in the new place?  I need a picture of your accommodations and of your companion.  Just the two of you in the apartment?  What ward/s are you serving?  How is the work progressing there?  Any investigators?  Has your companion been there for awhile?  Are you still driving?  Where is your companion from?  Are you getting along well?  What is his family like?  You said you are in the same zone still?  Will you be able to return to do the baptism?  Tell me lots, k?
I've been doing cancer stuff with Grammy. Her last treatment went really smoothly.  She is having exhaustion problems.  We have been taking her in for more fluids.  They are also watching her hemoglobin as the red blood cells from her progressive anemia are now causing more tiredness.  She is doing better though. 
I bought a serger to sew some skirts for myself.  I had a class on it.  Extremely stressful.  I broke two needle in class!   It is rather more complicated than my sewing machine.  It has four spools of thread that are woven together so the seams will stretch but are less likely to come apart.  
The women's session of conference was really good.  Did you get to hear it?  Maybe just read it in the Ensign?  The Russells are coming in for conference and the boys are all going to the Priesthood session together.  They are already missing you.  
I spoke in the Shadow Ridge Ward Sunday.  It seemed to go well.  I spoke on the progression of the Relief Society.  What a wonderful organization!  They sisters have done so much good.  
Jame's truck should be completely repaired tomorrow.  That is good.  Really. Really good.  It has been hard without it.  
That's about it.  Dig into Wooster hard and fast.  Love the people asap and love this season.  I'm so proud of you!!!
Love you tons!
Hurrah for Israel!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Faith and Wooster

Hello Family and friends.

Sad but awesome week. I am transferring to Wooster which is in the same stake, same zone, and right next to this area. So I'm glad that I know My president is being directed by God to put us where we are supposed to be. Cause if not i would be pretty mad. But like I told President Brown there has to be someone in Wooster that only my cheesy smile can help, or I gotta learn something over there, I guess I'll see.,

But I had an awesome week for studying, I have gone through the entire Book of Mormon in one week. Mostly a skim but I skimmed for the word faith. Now one thing that stood out to me is that faith was always attached to something else that is part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So if you don't know already but the Gospel of Jesus Christ is faith repentant and baptism and confirmation and enduring to the end. One of the ones i like the most is Faith unto repentance. To have the faith in Jesus christ to change your ways to become better and to be forgiven.

Cool quote of the week I came up with."Do you have Faith in Jesus Christ?, Does Jesus Christ have Faith is you?...?
That started my faith Rant.

Another cool quote of the week. " A slammed door is a gust of wind to cool us off, so theirs a blessing in everything."

I'm gonna miss Elder Rivera he helped me learn so Much about gratitude he helped me by being an Example. Every morning he's listed off 5 or so things that he was thankful for. He has helped my prayers be 100,000 percent better.

Elder Beus

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pat and the Irish

Hello Family and friends.
Let me tell you how much fun it is to be a missionary, and how fast week's fly by now. But first an update on our investigators.
 Linda, now has a baptismal date for April the 22nd. she has asked me to preform it, but is willing to allow someone else to as well. I'm not sure if I'll be here or not. She is progressing very well. Andrew Is now asking us to give him more challenges. The next challenge he will get is to ask his mom about baptism. Which we will be asking this week. Our other investigator are still in the phase of deciding where and what to do with the invitation.
So the fun parts, Tracting we run into some fun stuff and funny people. some of the fun stuff are like deer heads hanging off of a tree. and everyone has a dog and I think I complained about peoples teeth before. But every door we knock on is a different gate way to a "remember that one time" story.
 Also while walking home after tracting for a good solid 3 hours, we had a cool experience. while walking by a house I saw a man on the ground and I though playing with his dog.. it was also 20 outside. so we go home and he just kept on bugging me. And now I know it was the spirit telling me to go back and help. His name was Pat. he had been out with some of his Irish friends. And he had passed out. So we picked him off the ground. Pat by the way is like 60. so We pick up Pat and walk him inside to where his wife and grand daughter are. And we of course set a return appointment. we waited a couple days for him to heal. and we stopped by. we shared a powerful lesson about the restoration. and we invited them to read the book of Mormon but they kindly declined. Now I know you were expecting me to say he now want's to be baptized but honestly Agency still has a play in everything. even though they felt the spirit they have the choice.
So what ever you do don't go with Irish Friends. and when you feel a prompting do it even if the outcome isn't what you hope for.

                      Inline image 2Inline image 1

To Mama: is very chilly. It is currently 16 but really -3 with the wind. The teaching is going great me and Elder Rivera are beginning to click very well. Oh you can talk about the photo I will send you in a minute it explaines Ohio very well.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Alma 26

Hello Family and Friends!!!
Man it's been awesome, I'm finally getting into the groove of things and it's just awesome.
Update on our investigators. Andrew asked for another "challenge" so we told him to ask a friend to download the book of Mormon and to read it. We'll see how that goes. His next challenge might be baptism hopefully. We haven't been in contact with Amy for while so we"ll see if we can this week. And something awesome Linda a former investigator the same Linda that has been sick for a while is feeling better. We actually taught her a little bit. And set a date with her whoop!!!!
Other then that we've been fishin for new catches. And we've been working hard we've got a lot of seeds lanted now it's time to sow. so i'm excited for next week. except it's kinda cold.
we had exchanges yesterday actually and, it was pretty fun, I learned that I need to ask questions on the door step that aren't yes and no answers. so maybe we'll be getting more people. I love you all and I will rejoice like alma wheni come home and see you all still strong in the gospel. have an awesome week.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


To Mama: Uhrichville is doing great. We have been spreading out more though. I have been doing very good with driving. No problems anymore. I did see the blog it looks great. I'll check it again to see what info I can give you. Say "hi" to Aunty Jane for me and Chels if you see her. I'm just gonna send them all how about that?

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

TIWI/Train Tracks

Hi Elder Bubba!
How goes it in Uhrichville, Ohio?  Have you been avoiding train tracks?  TIWI still bugging you?  How do you like driving all the time? How is the work going?  I don't really care if Elder Rivera doesn't like to take pictures, SEND ONE.  I've sent you a box today.  I'm sorry it took so long. I couldn't get your prescription filled without you seeing the doctor so I had to run down President/Dr. Allen to get it cleared.  Then they sent it to the wrong pharmacy.  Then they were going to charge me $200.00 for it.  I didn't get it for free but I did get a big discount.  We need to keep the face clear.  :0)  I also didn't send your knife.  I sent something hopefully better.  Did you get a chance to get on your blog?  You could give me hints on changes.  
It's snowing here again.  Seth got word today that his apprentice job will start mid week next week or the following Mondayish.  Good news.  James is learning Spanish with a purely James accent.  He is doing great.  
Grammy's treatment went great and she did fabulous the next day.  Tess and her roommate, Rachel came down and we went out to dinner even.  We thought, no problem.  I didn't even check on her Friday.  She started with vomiting and diarrhea early Friday morning.  By Sunday, she was in the hospital to get fluids and antibiotics. She ended up with colitis.  She is doing a bit better now but is still on a BRATT diet (Bananas, Rice, Apple Sauce, Tea, Toast).  They are still planning on going to Mesa for Temple Shutdown on Thursday.  Papa has been working for weeks to get the new motorhome ready.  Seth and I went in Monday to help a bit.  I think it is good to change the scenery a bit.  
Lou Jean's Funeral was nice.  I was part of the Camp Lomondi Singers and we sang several camp songs during her funeral.  
It was really nice at Ben and Athena's Sunday.  As you know, we don't get many invitations and it was great to be with them.  
Morph2o is beginning to ramp up again for spring.  Weber Basin Water has begun putting meters in all users grounds and charging extra if you go over your limit.  May be a good year for us.
Tomorrow I'm heading down to have lunch with Jane person.  I'll let you know how that goes.  

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Remember I love you and I'm so stinking proud of you!
Love you tons!
Hurrah for Israel!

PS Send your pictures.  Its easier if we keep up to date.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Hello Family and Friends

This week has been pretty awesome.

Elder Rivera is just a great companion. He's quiet but he is very fun. He loves biking. One day we did a good 6 mile bike ride. And it was windy so it was like an uphill climb the whole time. we get home and he says. That was an awesome ride. I don't understand it, He says it while he's working out too. After he's done some pushups and he's a bit shakey he says " that was a good work out"

We are now back down to 2 investigators. and we couldn't meet this week. But we have been planting seeds all over the place.

Also This week I tried the hardest thing in the world to do...... I cut my own hair. There's before and after.


It's goin pretty well out here in Ohio except it's raining right tnow. I do need medicine and my Crabby shirt and my knife. I don't have a lot of photos with Elder Rivera he doesn't like taking them.