Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Hello Family and Friends

It has been an awesome week we have been getting tons of stuff done. The weather is great too so that helps a ton. It has been around 50n or 60 all week. so NO MORE COATS!!!!!!. people actually recognize us now as missionaries instead of dudes dressed in black.

Also with the Weather warming up people actually talk. It's weird. I'm pretty sure if you took the same person and tried talking in the summer then the winter they would be more inclined to listen to you.

We also had interviews this week. and I got in trouble a bit I guess I have hit to many train tracks and pot holes to fast. They can tell when you do I guess. So I was told to slow down. and I haven't messed up yet.

on top of the good weather we have been doing very good with our investigators. we Actually talked to Andrews Mom and just introduced ourselves so hopefully we can convince her to let him be baptized. Don and robin couldn't meet this week but that's ok. Amy actually came to church and the other two have been slaking. we havn't seen them for a bit. Or Recent converts are changing there lives to get to church again Kaitlin actually came. and Sydney was sick. But the coopers are actually talking about coming to church. Which is awesome.

It's going to be awesome during the summer I can't wait. it'll be so easy.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Hi Elder!
How goes it?  How is Elder Rivera?  I think I know more about him already that I do about Elder Larsen.  He sounds fun.  Still getting along?  Have you been out long enough to drive?  I thought you had to wait and take a test. How’s Andrew?  Has his mom softened about his baptism?  Don and Robin?  Is Amy progressing?  Has Donnie prayed about the Book of Mormon yet.  How’s Chase doing?  I’ve been seeing lots of fog alerts in your area.  Be safe Bubba.

It has been an interesting week for us.  Grammy told us a week ago last Wednesday that her cancer was back.  I didn’t tell you because I didn’t really have any other news.  I have other news now.  She thought it was in the bone, the sternum specifically.  It isn’t.  There are three spots: one in the left breast including out to the surface, one in the lymphs along the sternum, and one in the lymphs in the right arm pit.  The metastasis of the cancer places her in a 4+ category.  She thought she needed a double mastectomy but she doesn’t and she may not survive the surgery.  She also won’t be having radiation or regular chemotherapy because she can’t tolerate anymore.  She will be tested for a HER2 sensitivity and if that is positive, she will begin IV treatments of the antibody Herceptin every three weeks.  The first six treatments will include a drug called Taxotere.  This is a chemo drug but shouldn’t be as hard on her heart and is in a limited use.  This is a chronic disease as you know and it will be going forward for her for quite some time.  I am at peace on this and feel strongly that the Lord is in control.  Please be at peace with this and know that you are exactly where the Lord wants you to be and doing what He wants you to do. I will keep you posted.

Good news, your state tax refund came in…$160.00.  I’ve deposited it in your savings account.  I’m still waiting for the federal.

Seth hurt his back again Friday.  He is in quite a bit of pain but is finally able to put his own socks on.  I’m picking things up off the floor.  He is making progress and hopefully will be back to work next week.  It is a tough lesson in mortality.  

David Stringham got married.  It was all very nice.  He had a lot of support from family and friends.

I finished my last ward conference Sunday and will finally be able to return to the ward for the first time in many weeks.  I ended up not speaking on Sunday but I will get a chance later after you have been out awhile longer.

My dear son, please know I love you, I’m proud of you, and I know you are where you are supposed to be.
Love you Tons!

Hurrah for Israel!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Good Salty, Bad Sugar

Send me my crabby shirt. in the next package

also ask President Allen what the best way to wash a face. I'm using just water and a towel, ANd im wondering if a soup would be better.

Also Kaitlin the recent Convert loves the cookies and those peanut butter stuff you send me.

which brings up a list of good things to send and bad. if it's not in the list send it and ill tell you if its good or not
Good: ties, Home made sweets, Salty things like crackers pretzels gold fish, Gum

Bad: candy

does that help at all?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

First Transfer

Hello Family and Friends.

This week was pretty exciting, Transfers are a bit nerve racking. Especially when your companion can't drive and you have to send a copy of your drivers license to the mission office so you can drive ( which I did already silly Elder Levitt ) so it's been pretty fun. My New companion's name is Elder Rivera. He is from el Salvador and his family currently lives in Guatemala he has a dad and a mom and 2 sisters ones 17 and the other is 11. He speaks perfect English. whoo. dodged the bullet. He studied English for 10 years. he is funny, we make weekly goals and one of his goals is to gain weight. The concept of wanting to gain weight is a bit different to me. I thought the goal was the other way around. He is very quiet. and is a Clemson fan. Now if you are anything but an Ohio state fan you are not welcome. Especially if you are a Michigan fan. But this year Clemson beat Ohio state. So one of the members wasn't to happy to hear that Elder Rivera was a Clemson fan. I Thought Brother Greer was going to throw him out of the house. But then Elder Rivera said No English. Oh boy were we laughing.

So we have a good pool of investigators now. which consist of Andrew, Don, Robin, Chase, Donnie and Amy. hopefully they all stay

Andrew is 12 and is a part member family. He's ready to be baptized but his mom doesn't want him baptized yet.

Don and Robin are a couple who are very open minded and are just curios they are one of our bet ones.

Amy is a members Girlfriend. She has been to many churches and we"ll work on her

Chase is 16 we found him yesterday si i'll ltell you more later.

and Donnie is 17 and very intelligent. He has read 1/4 of the book of Mormon already but hasn't prayed about it yet so we'll see.

So the quote of the week is from elder Rivera. There are only good days and better days.

New Companion News

Hi Elder Bubba!

How’s thing?  Did you figure out your companion’s name?  How are things going between you?  How long has he been out?  Where is his family?  Mother/ Father? Siblings?  Any new prospects to teach?  Are things drying out a bit?

I got a reprieve on speaking.  I will do it next time when you have been out longer.  SO have great experiences!  Hahaha!  
I’ve just been busy doing Relief Society stuff.  We are almost through ward conferences.  We get to feed the Utah Ogden Missionaries in April.  Fun, huh? Then we move onto our fireside speaker, President Hinckley’s daughter, Kathleen Walker in April.  We are also doing a challenge again this year.  Its on Visiting Teaching.  The Stake numbers have plummeted of late.  We have assigned each ward to do a service project and then each will report in the fall and we’ll have a speaker.  Whoosh! Busy.

We went to Kelton’s report.  He did great!  He got a bit loud though.  He told us we need to go to the edge of our faith.  
We celebrated Jana and Nancene’s birthdays on Monday.  We went to the movie, La La Land.  It was good.  You would love the music and choreography.  Lots of jazz.  

Next stop, David and Beka’s wedding.

I visited Lou Jean Nelson today.  She is in the assisted living.  She doesn’t know who I am.  

Hey Bud, remember we love you dearly and we are so proud of you.
Stay safe and happy.
Love you tons!

Hurrah for Israel!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

No Move

Hello Family and Friends

This week was the dreaded transfer call week. Not sure if it is the same for every mission, but here on Sunday we get leadership calls. Then Monday we get transfer calls, Tuesday we pack then Wednesday we leave. so luckily i'm staying for a bit longer. My new companion is as of right now a no name cause i forgot. But i heard he is nice.... not sure what to expect. But i'll roll with it. 

I guess one little funny thing that happened this week is our detox from caffeine, We thought we would use those Mio drink mixes to keep us up for studies, and it did very well. A little to well. We one day turned to each other and ask what was wrong we both feelt fuzy and it dawned on us. It was the caffeine. We immediately went back and dumped all of it down the drain. We drank as much water as we could to drain it out, and oh boy did we have a head ache the next day. Now we have regular sleep patterns again. And we don't feel so fuzzy anymore. It was a strange feeling. But we realized that even little things can tilt you off course a bit. we realized caffeine for us wasn't a great idea anymore. We have to correct little things just like that one plane story President Uchdorf talked about the little degrees and as missionaries we can't risk anything. Honestly anyone cant risk a little degree off cause if your off you don't have the spirit and if you don't have the spirit then what are you doing. I am starting to realize how important the Spirit is in my life and how it affects me minute by minute. I'd almost say second by second. because with the spirit you can find those ready and with the spirit you can endure to the end. Well I'll get off my soap box here now.

I love this gospel and I have a strong, but still building testimony, and i know how daily revelation is a key to be a " Mormon " but i see it as a key to be more perfect as Christ was perfect. And i say that in the name of Jesus Christ amen

Monday, February 6, 2017


Hi Elder Bubba!
How goes it?  Glad you got out of the mud.  Oh the lessons taught on a mission.  I’m happy about Andrew too.  It was a nice tender mercy to lift you both up.  Have you heard about the transfer details yet?  I have shipped your box.  Its at the post office.  It has expensive socks in it.  


(I forgot your shirt…sorry:()  Send a nice email to Ryan.

SO Seth’s truck will be finished tomorrow.  Yeah!  We will get yours cleaned up and put away.  
James is doing well in his classes and studying harder than he ever has.  GO JAME!
I have a bad cold and just get done what I absolutely have to.  I missed the Super Bowl but I heard the second half was great and Lady Gaga didn’t suck. Yeah!  

***Brother Ogden just called me to have me speak in sacrament on February 19th for the missionaries.  I tried to explain that you hadn’t even been through a transfer yet.  He was not taking no for an answer.  I need to speak for about ten minutes.  Any more uplifting stories you could tell fast?  I figured I would talk about your faith and conviction heading off to the MTC very sick.  Also some of the funny things about your area like: being able to track whenever because no one works and they are always home, you have the nicest place in town, and going out completely dry in the morning and having to come home at lunch to change because you are soaked, no rain. HELP!  I don’t have enough material.***

The weather is breaking a bit.  Its not so bitter cold and it hasn’t snowed for about a week.  The snow is melting and crashing off the roof scaring us to death.  I picked up food for Molly and they didn’t have her favorite treats so I asked if the clerk happened to know what the flavor was.  She said, 'oh yeah, I taste them all.  I love those!  They are peppermint!”  I’m quickly leaving.  Who tastes dog treats?  ARGH!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Remember we love you and are very proud of you.
Hurrah for Israel! 

 (I watched The Other Side of Heaven twice yesterday.  I always cry on that part when his companion gets reassigned to building churches again.  Great love between those who serve the Lord with all their might together.)

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Toxic Mood & MUD

Hello Family and Friends.

This week was full of ruts everywhere. There was three main ones. 1 Toxic mood, 2 Mud. And I'll explain how we got over come.

#1 Toxic mood. So starting last week on Monday did a thing called blitz. where a set of elder leaves there area to go up to the district leaders area to work up there. Our district leader just kinda put us in a bad unmotivated mood. I also forgot my Shaving stuff there. SO didn't shave for a couple days. That brought me down more to. Just slowly bringing me lower and lower. And the next couple days, we dropped everyone on our list. More like they dropped us. SO even lower. I was down to a point that I never want to go down to again. So I hit my knees. Expecting an answer fast. So even lower. Just digging a bigger rut. Then finally sunday hit. And Let me tell you that sunday Pulled me straight out of that rut. I have never seen the atonement and sacrament in that way ever. The sacrament made me smile so much and I was motivated to the point that not even the other rut brought me down. If you are struggling hit your knees and just wait till sunday. Because the sacrament brings us closer to Christ and as we get closer to Christ we can use the atonement, and if we do that we can over come anything. Also complaining is a bad idea.

#2 Mud.. So yesterday and all of last week it's been raining and snowing just wet. We pull into a driveway and pull on the grass. Happens all the time in Utah Usually no problem parking on grass. We then walk to Deans house Deans house is about 100 yards from where we parked. and it is just mud. just everywhere. My shoes were covered in mud. so we knock... no ones home. we walk back. going back to parking on the grass.. Don't do it. we then were stuck in the mud trying to get it out for 2 hours. The next door tried with his truck.... That truck got stuck.... Dean showed up.... Tried using the skid loader.....Yes you guessed it. It got stuck.... Luckily Elder Larsen is a AAA member. so a tow truck showed up..... No it didn't get stuck but his winch didn't work. HAHA tricked you. But then the other tow truck showed. and we had to pay 40 $ for him to tow the skid loader and the truck and finally our car. It was awesome.

Truly this gospel is the awesome. It's like the final tow truck. It works everytime. Other churches. Or other trucks and skid loaders say they work but actually don't work. SO remember The atonement is the best tow truck in the world. It can pull you out of any mud with ease.

Working Hard

well mom. we have literally dropped everyone except Andrew greer. So we are a little bummed. But it's ok. So I should be here till feb 8th so I should be good. When Rachel said she got called to france I didn't belive her but I guess it is truth. That is awesome for her. Tell seth to get off his butt and work. And don't wreck the frontier either. I'd like to have a usable truck when I get home. I'll tell you more about this week in the general. But I love you mom and I can see that you are working hard so I'll do the same.