Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Frontier still the best

Hi Sweetheart!
How goes it this week?  How is Andrew doing?  Your mission conference sounds great.  We will pray for you with your next transfer.  Son, everyone loves you.  They may act weird but that doesn’t mean its you. When does that take place?  I’m planning on send a box the first of next week.  I don’t want to miss you.  
I guess you will have already heard but Rachel got her call to France Paris.  I kept telling Teresa it will be French speaking.  She will do well there.  Tess had a hard time making friends with her companions while she served in Lyon.  
So news here.  Seth has made great progress on Red Dead Redemption but is flat broke.  Not his favorite situation.  His truck is making progress and yours has been registered to last until his is finished.  Your truck was a great deal.  $16,000.00 in 2007.  Seth has a story he is sending about your truck.  
James is doing well in his classes.  We were panicked about the Spanish but he ended up with an 86% on his first test!  He got in the 90% for the political science but we figured he would do well there.  
Molly is bored.  She doesn’t like the cold and ice but she is also tired of Red Dead Redemption..Hahaha! Maybe she would feel better with a bit of Halo or Skyrim…Hahaha.
I’m still doing meetings… and more meetings.  I sit good for three hours but six hours and the break in my tailbone from James’ birth comes to haunt me. The Aunties held a wedding shower for David’s soon to be wife Bekah.  She was so appreciative.  I guess she doesn’t have much support.  Her mom is in her fifties and says she is unable to help.  We served waffles with lots of toppings. Nance gave me a new chocolate waffle recipe. 
Sharra turned forty today.  We had a party for her at Grandma’s.  It was fun.  Grandpa crashed to eat.  He still doesn’t hear well even in the center of the room.   
Well, Groundhog day on Thursday.  Sometimes, I feel like that is what I’m living. It often feels like not much changes.
Remember we love you and miss you!  We will pray for a good transfer for you.
Love you tons!

Hurrah for Israel!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Hello Family and Friends This week was just buckets.

Buckets mean that it was a great week. SO last week I ended off on a downtrodden kinda mind set but I have now been uplifted and motivated to work hard.

We had an awesome Mission conference. We had the opportunity to listen to Elder Gay, He had a weird way of talking it was great. The main thing I get from it was that to be a missionary we have to seek revelation everyday. You cannot be a missionary with out it. Another kinda hidden message was to break the law... He just told a lot of stories of breaking the law as a missionary. I'm sure that's not what he meant by it. But it was still pretty funny.

So that conference just pumped us up to work hard and just was awesome. Then we had to do something called a blitz. It's where we leave aour area and go to the District leaders area. and just do missionary work. But for some reason those elders were not very motivated as we were. so it was a bit of a buzz kill.

But then we had a bit of a tender mercy. We were walking along on a street when we ran into our investigator named Andrew. He is the 12 year old who is just really hard to teach. and the last time we left him Elder Larsen and I felt the spirit so strong but he just couldn't focus to feel it. So we ran into him and he's like I got my answer. and he paused. Which made us feel great. Then he said the book is true. I felt this warm feeling in my heart like a warm camp fire. and it was just perfect. So our motivation is through the roof. But it's prep day. But we'll talk to who ever we see. even if were shopping.

The spirit Is essential to missionaries motivation and revelation. So be obedient to have the spirit to be a missionary.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Hello Family and Friends

To sum up this week, I want to just say this old two legged engine has gone far. We calculated that we walked maybe 12 miles in one day. Whooop. I have learned to enjoy walking. Have a question or doubt. go walk, Frustrated, go walk. Walking is great

We have been walking to so many potentials and stop bys. and the rain helps too. I am at the point where i would rather have it be 4 degrees then have rain.

We've had two great quotes this week. One came from a sweet lady we knocked on. She said im to blessed to be stressed. the second one is from cool runnings. I see Pride I see Power. I see a Bad good mother who don't take no crap off of nobody. ( it has been edited by us to be more motivating.)

So don't take crap off of nobody and Look at you blessings to relive stress. That is how you be a missionary in Urichsville Ohio.


Oh boy Seth crashed?  That's something. Well i hope he gets a job soon. Please if you are fear full on money dip in my account. It's there for a reason. SO am i getting this straight but did papa get another motorhome? If so silly papa. I will be very jealous of your trip to the grand canyon. And that's great that my truck works, I met an interesting boy yesterday his name is jed. He is 8 years old and already knows how to use a Digital Multi Meter. The boy is an electronic genius. Sound familiar? he is almost smarter than seth already. We'll i hope all is ok in Utah and the worst thing hurt is just seths pride. I wish you guys well and watch out the general might be short this week. It's been a long hard week with nothing again. sadly

Always half a tank

Hi Elder!
We had quite a day yesterday!  I came down with a bad head cold and I’m not thinking great.  I forgot to write before going to bed. Yikes! Sorry!  Good thing I couldn’t sleep.  Seth got in an accident in his truck.  He is ok.  He was hauling a trailer in rush hour traffic and clipped a vehicle in front of him as he went to turn.  He felt horrible.  He got ticketed and the police officer just lit into him.  The towing company refused to deliver the truck to Garff’s so now I have two tow bills.  It’s probably about $3,000.00 worth of damage.  The good news: your truck works great!  It turned over first time we tried!  And true to your good habits: it has a half tank of gas.  Seth hasn’t worked much for weeks and is rather broke. He is trying to get a different job and it just hasn’t come through yet.  It is so close….  he will probably have it later this week or first part of next.  It would have been very likely that if he had the job, he wouldn’t have had the accident.  crying…
I’ve been super busy with my calling lately.  It’s ward conference season.  The Stake all went to two blocks of church on Sunday.  That would be six hours of sitting.  I asked Dave Allen if he had any tricks for staying alert.  He said his wife texts him.  Hahaha!  We also are meeting with each Presidency and holding a Stake Leadership Meeting on the 24th.  (I’m in charge of chocolate dumplings for that one.)
Matt Bergout texted me Sunday.  He was just wondering how you were doing and asked what Seth and I up to.  He had applied to a job on campus but hadn’t got it so he is applying for summer internships. 
It was Beus FHE Sunday.  It was good.  James is broke so he couldn’t come up.  He bought two text books, $200.00.  He can come next month.  He wants to go to Shakespeare for our summer vacation.  Papa may let us borrow his new motorhome to go and then we can swing by the Grand Canyon too.  Its still in the works.  
Your letter made me smile last week.  I’m glad you and Elder Larsen are already working in the way that President Brown would like you to.  Anyone we can pray for? 
I’m proud of you sweetheart!  I miss you.  You are a joy and comfort to me.
Love you tons!

Hurrah for Israel!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Flames and Rain

Hello Family and Friends

This week is summed up by a journal entry I wrote. and I quote " Flames and Rain " We have done nothing but everything.

Yesterday we tracked the miles we walked and it totaled up to 12 miles. We are a bit over the budget we set for ourselves so we are trying to slow down a bit , should be fun.

We did have something cool. So with the new year it has changed here in the Cleveland mission. Prep days on Wednesday and Mission presidents are going back to the once a transfer interviews. So we get to see president brown a lot more. But what I learned from him is that we need to split up our finding ideas. And afterwards me and elder Larsen kinda laughed cause that's all we do. We Tract, we do stop bys. We go to the referrals ( if we had some ). And we walk. Everywhere. And it's pretty rough. we have maybe two investigators right now. The rest are sick "busy" or not talking. we wake up and go finding we go to bed thinking of ways to go finding.

Hey atleast the weather is kinda good. We walked out and we turned to each other and said wow it's pretty warm outside. So we looked up the weather to see how warm it was, and it was 20. We were almost dying of heat.

We'll I'm learning how to work hard, and get tough skin. 


Well, yesterday we walked out and said wow it's warm we check the weather and its 20, so I'm getting used to it or loosing the feeling in my skin. I got the box thank you so much. for the next package can you send me some more wool socks also my crabby shirt. Thanks. I'll keep you updated on the prescription. The Garmin works great. It adjusted just fine and we used it the day I got it. So thank you very much. Tell Spence good job.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Stay Dry

Hi Elder Eli!
How goes it?  I’m still watching your crazy weather!  Up and down, foggy and windy..  Wet, wet, wet.. Hope you are staying warm and dry. We have had tons of snow and way cold.  Now we are rain and slick.  Argh!
Did you get your box?  I sent the prescription and I will call Dr. Allen for a refill.  Let me know about ten days before you need it.  I felt like with the Garmin and prescription, you should probably pick up your box.  Hope it isn’t too much trouble.  
Funny story about the robbers.  So glad there weren’t any problems.  People don’t much like being caught in their lies.  
Loved the door approach.  Everyone needs a message about Jesus. 
I’m praying you know which investigators to pursue.   
Jame started his new classes; political theories and Spanish.  Pray for him to focus…
Seth hasn’t been doing much.  Pray for him to get  new job. Argh!
I’m just working along for year end at work.  Tomorrow I start shredding old records.  Relief Society is gearing up for ward conferences, ward presidency interviews, and leadership meeting.  The temple is good.  I’m learning lots of new things for Family History from Linnea Cardon class.  I have even been getting some ordinances to work on.  I sent two baptisms home with Chelsea on Saturday.  
Sunday, your Priest Quorum all walked by and gave me a hug.  They wanted me not to miss you.  It was nice.  
That’s about it for me. 
Keep your head up sweetheart.  Stay warm and dry.  Remember that we are so very proud of you and love you tons!

Hurrah for Israel!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Hello Family and friends

This week was eventful, wet, hard, and all around a regular week in the life of a missionary in Ohio.

so the eventful parts. We were mistaken as robbers by some one which ended up finding a less active and teaching her friend. So heres the story we were tracting and we were just finding tons of people to teach, it was the best ever. Then we came across Ashley. we were talking and I asked if she needed any help and jokingly said id do the dishes. and I guess some robbers impersonating missionaries were asking for service opportunities to spot out houses to rob so she freaked out and talked to her room mate who was the less active. and the less active contacted the Relief society. and asked if we were around there and we said yes and she said that was sheela hall, a less active that we have been looking for. so we got sheelas number and set an appoint ment with her to show, hey were not robbers, we are actually missionaries. And durning the lesson, Guess who knocks on the door down the street... The imposters. So pretty funny day.

So it is wet here. It has this weird thing where it's not raining but its misty and if you don't move you don't get wet. But if you walk though it you get soaked. so we walked out side for maybe 5 minutes and we were drenched head to foot.

So the hard parts, We've found so many people to talk to but we also have to weed out the good ones and bad. And it is terrible getting flamed ( canceled on at the door ), so having you attitude dragged through the mud like that makes it hard. But as missionaries, You just gotta smile. and that can be hard. But just smile and it all works out.

Funny door step approach we came up with we start talking and when we can tell they aren't interested we ask " do you know any one that could use this message about jesus." and some say well everyone does so we respond smiling " does that include you?" so we're funny.

I hope everyone is safe and sound, and dry. And happy new year, It's the start of the year were all im doing is missionary work and it looks fun and hard looking forward. but it's gonna be sweet. Love yall. Make good goals.


It's pretty wet up here so slow. Um is there a way where you can get my refill for my prescription. It might be easier for you cause you can talk to the doctor. and I frankly don't have time to figure it out. And the apron is awesome me and Elder Larsen love them now we use them all the time. So I can't drive till the end of 12 weeks. so maybe soon. We have been teaching a lot we have been finding a lot of people but none are progressing yet only 1 progressing investigator and that's Andrew. I'm staying warm I just have to stay dry now, Were doing fine on miles. Yeah if you could figure out the refill that would be awesome ill send you pictures of it if thatll help. and ties I can always use more ties. I like paselys

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Hi Elder Beus!
How are things going?  I’ve been watching your weather reports.  It seems you have been a bit in the fog.  Not us, we are trying to get buried and freeze to death all at once!  It was so good to see you and talk with you.  You seem like you are doing well.  I hope you still are doing well.  I always seem to struggle through the holidays a bit.  I’m back to work now.  How is your work going?  I’m sorry missed writing to you when they changed the p-day.  I’m preparing a box for you.  Is there anything you need?  I’ve got a Garmin and some treats.  Seth said to send you some ties.  Are you wanting any specific cookie or treat?  
I’m guessing you are still with Elder Larsen.  Sorry about the apron.  I was just trying to think of something useful and memorable.  If you both want to throw them out, that’s ok with me.  So you will probably stay with Elder Larsen until next transfer and then change?  Are you getting close to being able to drive yet?  Who are you teaching?  Are your investigators feeling better?  Are you staying warm?  How are you doing with miles on the car this month?  
I’ve started serving more in Relief Society again and the temple is always great.  I’ve found several ancestors who need work done so Chelsea and Papa are going to help me get them finished.  I’m still mindful of the ancestor stories you would like, I just haven’t got them done yet.  Scott may be quitting and going to another company.  I’ll keep you posted.
That’s about all for me.
Love you tons!

Hurrah for Israel!