Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hangers, ARGH!

Hi Elder Bubba!
I'm so glad you're alive. I'm feeling so sad to send you off sick. We're all praying for your health to return quickly!  
I texted Aunt Terrie. She said Parker may be able to deliver some but he may be restricted. I've texted Jame too. He could buy some cheap ones and deliver them. The hangers I bought you are about 4 1/2 pounds making you close on airline weight. So it may be better to just give this set to someone else and get your hangers in the box. 
So glad to hear about who you're with. Tell Elder Page hello.  
Missing you. 
Love you tons!


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I'm Alive...

Well l saw Parker Beus on the first day. Um i guess theres no hangers here so can you send them ASAP. Please. I really need them. Um im super shocked and like everything is weird. Its super confusing. And it kinda sucks being sick. My compaion is super cool. His name is elder Page. From new mexico. Hes going to LA though. I have 2 sister and 2 more elders going to cleveland with me its great. Please send the hangers gotta go. Love ya guys.

He's off


Um I'll try talking about my companions.
Elder Larsen, From Mapleton Utah. He was a Punk before his mission and loves cars. He has 3 sisters. and a mom and dad. He was a master technician. He was my trainer. He was out for about 15 or so months when we started.

Elder Rivera is from El Salvador but his family currently lives in Guatemala. He has 2 sisters. and a mom and dad. He is a 3rd generation member. His mom's parents where the first members in Guatemala and his Dad's parents were the first in El Salvador. He loves soccer and wants to be a translator at the embassy  

Elder Page is from somewhere in New Mexico. I don't remember. I didn't know much about him.