Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Patience and Diligence But 60 degrees!

Hello Family and Friends

This week was very uneventful. Holidays is terrible to tract or try to find people they always say to busy. Or after the holidays so. Pretty much we've just been knocking doors and blowing our noses, ( we got a bug that was spreading around everywhere. ) so It's been kinds slow. 

We are just moving along. Im learning the concept of being patient and diligent for blessings to come. Linda seems to be getting somewhat better. Hopefully we'll teach her soon i'll keep you updated.

Christmas as a missionary is a strange concept. We woke up opened presents then got to church. After that we went caroling with the rest of the district. Because tracting wouldnt work. Then we had dinner and skyped. Pretty much a regular day. It just feels like everything slows down and it's hard to get started after wards. but it's picking up slowly. It should start getting better. 

Oh weird thing. It was 60 degrees yesterday. 60!!!!!. It is so weird here I love it.

Oh another cool thing. I have officially been out for 2 months and 1 full transfer. 

Well love ya'll hope you have a nice holiday. and I think the next email will be on wednesday. so don't freak out.

Love Elder Beus

Monday, December 19, 2016

Cold and Wet

Hello Family and Friends.

It is cold here, and wet. Not a good combination for missionary moral. But the work continues. just to give you a glimpse of what we've dealt with weather wise it started out pretty normal, little snow flurries. then it got cold. Like really cold. It got down to 5 degrees cold. Just to remind you water freezes at 30ish degrees. It was like that for 2 days. Then it started to rain. Problem is though the ground was still freezing and everything else. So a strange thing accrued. It's called freezing rain. It was so hard to walk any where. It was so cool. so by now its like 30ish degrees out side then a random warm front came in and it was 50ish degrees. So Utah can't compare at all. 

Enough of sad talk of weather. I do actually have good news.

We have been getting a lot of practice at Tracting this past week. I haven't knocked on so many doors in my life. It's great. Now the fruit to our laborer is slim. But we continue. We've found some really good potential Investigators. which i hope i will be able to say that we are teaching, but we'll see.

all of our current investigators are sick. Linda has strep, so she banned us from her house so we don't get sick. Which is kinda nice. We don't risk the chance of being sick, But we don't stay in contact. It's a struggle. We do have two sisters were teaching. They are a bit strange, so we'll see how that goes. They read at least so that's good. Speaking of reading make sure you read ever day if missionaries say read to investigators then it just might be a little bit important.

Some thing that has been the main spiritual focus this week. Is Happiness through peace. So take a moment and think of your peaceful places........ hopefully it's either the temple or church. If not then go more. They are literally designed to be peaceful. And the spirit is a key thing as well. the spirit can bring peace to any weather thrown at you. and i say this in the name of the prince of peace, Jesus Christ amen 

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

well mom it is so cold and crazy here. you would absolutely hate it here. 

so down to some business first.

1 if it's possible can you buy me a Garmin GPS. pretty much the maps don't really work out here. and it's just hard to find houses with out one. Elder Larsen has one but I should get one pretty soon. They cost around 75-100$ so a little spendy. just make sure it's nice enough to work. 

2 i am buying some winter boots ( it's that bad out here ) so can you just rearrange founds to my credit card after i buy it today? thanks mom

3 i have now recieved 5 packages. so if you can say thank you for me to those who sent them.

4 i will text you on christmas when im ready then i can skype you. 

that's all the business.

how's molly doing? 

have you considered dating again yet? it would be a great time to try while i'm gone.

It beginning to look alot like Christmas...

well mom it is so cold and crazy here. you would absolutely hate it here. 

so down to some business first.

1 if it's possible can you buy me a Garmin GPS. pretty much the maps don't really work out here. and it's just hard to find houses with out one. Elder Larsen has one but I should get one pretty soon. They cost around 75-100$ so a little spendy. just make sure it's nice enough to work. 

2 i am buying some winter boots ( it's that bad out here ) so can you just rearrange founds to my credit card after i buy it today? thanks mom

3 i have now recieved 5 packages. so if you can say thank you for me to those who sent them.

4 i will text you on christmas when im ready then i can skype you. 

that's all the business.

how's molly doing? 

have you considered dating again yet? it would be a great time to try while i'm gone.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Bible Study w/attempted Plan of Salvation insert

Hello Family and friends

This week was not as awesome as last. It comes as a shocker but missions can be hard. I know that information is hard to swallow. But it's true. It's hard.

We actually did get some good things this week. It wasn't as bad as i thought it was. Linda has been progressing so well. she actually wants to read the book of mormon and wants to quit smoking. it's all just working out great with her. problem is she got strep so she's a bit out of commission for a bit.

 As for Pat we forgot to bring the jars back ( she gave us some tomato juice and pickles. the juice tasted unsalted and the pickles tasted like those one pickles we would have were its thinly sliced cucumbers i liked it elder Larsen not so much ) and like the vinegar so we can't per say drop her yet. But it's OK. she's giving us cookies. and helping me practice the lessons a bit.

 Sam is sick to so we aren't seeing him much. but he seems a bit interested so. if it's a particle of hope we'll work with it.

Andrew is progressing too. but till we get permission from his mom we got nothing. we're trying to get a lesson with her to be able to show her that he want's to be baptized.

other then that we have been finding. And let me tell you it was 22 degrees outside too. and it's supposed to get colder this week. we have been looking for new investigators all week pretty much. we go to an appointment then we go finding. mostly tracting. it is rough. we get a lot of " oh we go to the church down the street". which is a huge problem here. There are so many churches and other faiths here. so we have to literally unconvert then convert. It makes a challenge but i love the challenge. 

Something cool we did this week is we went to a bible study oh another faith. and we tried to teach the plan of salvation. But we couldn't get passed the pre earth life because they are so stuck on the bible. so it brought to my attention how wonderful it is to have a prophet and the 12 to help us with those questions. and not just really on written word as proof. That revelation is what truly differs us from any other church. So cherish it. I love our prophet so much and the understanding we can get from him and the other prophets and seers. In the Name of Jesus Christ amen. 

Love Elder Beus

Baptisms in Columbus

Things are going great here. Linda is so golden. she has been deeling with sicknesses her whole life and she couldnt find a doctor to help her so i told her to prey for a doctor and she found one. problem is she has strep this week so we cant see her. it's a bummer. we've left the cali famiy alone they have so much to do lately and they kinda shoved us aside. I am totally settled im getting into the groove pretty well. The sisters arenty texting back so idk. we'll see. oh darn i was actually in columbus on saturday doing baptisms with kaitlin. that sucks to here about the snow. it snowed here but rained later so it comes then goes pretty much. at least in utah they plow they don't here. i'll be lookig for those packages soon.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Boxes and Blizzards

Hi Elder Son!
How's things going?  How is Linda doing?  How is the California family?  A bit more settled?  A move is always a great time for a new start. What’s up with Caterlina and Serena?  Any progress? You may have some days that aren’t great but it sounds like you are doing fabulous!
I got with Brother Babcock and I’m sending a couple of his stories to you.  I think I have your Christmas list handled.  You should be receiving four boxes this next week, three from me and one from Amazon.  The ones from me will probably be held at the post office.  They will notify you and you will swing by the post office to grab them.  Save some car miles for this trip.  Bikes will be tricky.  I called the mission office.  (They are so nice. I was always terrified to call Seth’s mission office.  Not nice.)  No transfers before Christmas and it was ok to have you pick up your packages at the post office.  One of the moms on the mission Facebook page said there had been some thefts.  Hope this works out ok for you.  There are instructions on the outside of the boxes.  
I’ve been working a bit more this week.  We’ve been doing inventory.  I’ve been working on a Worker’s Compensation Audit, pretty standard.  Papa is also switching banks from Wells Fargo to Zion’s so I’ve had some extra work with that.  I’ve been working on Christmas.  I’m not a great shopper.  We had the ward dinner.  I made a casserole.  It was nice and well attended.  The Primary put on the Nativity.  The Youth served.  Seth came but hated the casserole so I won’t be keeping that recipe.  

Saturday, Russells invited us to dinner in Park City.  Jame was able to get the night off.  The weather was rough so he came up here first and then we went onto dinner together.  I drove down I-15 and up Parleys Canyon.  It was raining hard and it was very scary.  It was snowing in Park City.  When we left, Seth drove.  We got out of the parking garage and he starts right, guns it and flips a 180 degrees.  Argh!  We settle down and I directed us on the wrong exit.  We got lost for a bit.  The snow was really coming down.  I was nervous.  We did get back on track and went home by the back side through Henefer and Morgan.  We did really well until Morgan and we slid out a bit.  Seth handled it great.  By the time we got home, we had all had enough and Jame stayed overnight.  He went to church with us today. He went home after church while the weather is clear.  
Well, bud,  please know we are praying for you everyday.  I'm missing you.  The tree only has lights in the middle.  No one seems interested in fixing it.  
I love you tons!

Hurrah for Israel!  

Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Conference

Hello family and friends.

This week was pretty awesome. First off P-day will be switched to wednesday after the new year kinda strange but it'll work. But on P-day this week we did something sweet. we got 1/2 in PVC pipes and did a dart war in the gym of one of the buildings. Super funa dn super cheap. 

On teusday we had a mission wide christmas confenference. it was the coolest thign in the world and wanna know the coolest part of it.... well we did it in ....... the..... Kirtland temple. It was the coolest most spiritual thing ever. There was singing and testimonies . and it was just glorious. 

on wednesday we finally got some succsess from finding. we found linda like monday and we werent to sure about her. Linda is a genious of a lady. we then started teaching her on wednesday she was just golden. we taught her the first 2 lessons and she understood both so well that we didn't know what to teach her next. She is just so smart. then after her we taught a woman named Pat we have to drop her but she's a very nice kind woman. but she can't read. and if you' can't read or really want to read the Book Of mormon then  we have to drop them. sadly. but after that we found a family from cali and we started teaching them. They are super busy all the time with moving and what not so we didn't count them as investigators. we also found caterlina and serena sorry i cant spell so just go with it. But they are two sister and theyre kinda crazy a bit. but that was a lot of lessons in one day. 

thrusday was the world wide day of service and so when we weren't having luck finding people we grabbed our rakes and got working. and had the best hot chocolate ever. oh boy was it good.

Friday was just a mess of appointments falling through and so we just went finding for most of the day with little to no luck. We did how ever talk to another investigator we had. his name is sam and he has a little boy and he has loads of question. which is great. cause we have the gospel to answer.

saturday we had a pretty great day. we taught andrew a part member family investigator. and he just is taking it slow but progressing. he is 12 so it's pretty hard to teach him. he likes to go off on tangents. then we taught linda again, and she was awesome. then we went and raked some leaves some more. and found out something. Dennison a local taown near us hasa polar express and it's pretty sweet cause it's a ton of people which is awesome for us as missionaries.

sunday was just a typical sunday we had church then we had a lesson with kaitlyn and sydney they are both Recent Converts and were trying to get kaitlin to the temple soon so we did some family history. Then we wen't finding a bit then we had dinner and call ins.

so this week seems pretty hectict but this is a regular week as a missionary, and i love it. It's pretty hard but you can see gods hand in everything. 

so Have a great week #light the world. and remember to look for the hand of god in your life and to give thanks. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Casseroles & Canoes

Im doign great mom. um i just remember like the casseroles. and all of the good food we have. and like im concerned about the nativity cause after awhile i won't need it any more. um ask brother babcock for the stories of like the 12 conoes and like of the war chant. my companion is very interested in the partial stories i tell so i want the full stories. 

I thought i gave you one.... sorry um. Those cookies were great and just candy to share would be sweet too. Um hot chocolate packets would be awesome. or some tea, it's pretty expensive out here. um can you send another tie rack ive used up all the spots on the one you gavce me already. and ties and sweet too.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Faking it Blodgett Style

Hi Bud,
How's it going? I'm so glad you had fun on Thanksgiving!  Thank heaven for the Rogers!! I think you're good on the cheesecake. 
What memories have come back to you?  I hope they are really good. 
What items are you concerned about what to do with?  I thought most items were usable for more than a few weeks. 😳
I contacted Brother Babcock. He doesn't have any in a digital format but he will turn them into a digital format. He just needs to know which stories you wanted. I will work on our stories. I'm doing Christmas preparations for right now. 

Andy Blodgett was so funny today during fast and testimony meeting. Evidently, his kids are faking chores, like pretending to brush teeth without holding a toothbrush or watering a bush without any water. His daughter had four cavities and his bush almost died. He related that back to when we go through the motions but don't have the Spirit with us. Andy's bishop advised him to keep reading and keep being obedient until you get the Spirit. Andy also recommended that there should be no more faking. Be honest and no hiding things. 

The Elders passed the sacrament today. They wanted to support a convert, Alex, who just became eligible to pass the sacrament. It was a sweet gesture. Alex and his brother and sister in law are from Iran. It's tough to be Christian there and even tougher to be LDS. 

Keep working hard. Let me know how things are going. 

You didn't give me a Christmas list yet...

Praying for you, love you tons!

Hurrah for Israel!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Apartment Smells Weird? Great Pics

I am doing great mom. My apartment is ok i guess kinda smells weird but it works. Theres hot water two beds and heaters so its perfect. Elder larsen is pretty cool he's super chill and we get along just fine. Kaitlins doing great we should be getting her to the temple here pretty soon to do baptisms so maybe ill see erin. Andrew is progressing slowly it'll take him awhile but we are patient. he's 12 and his mom isn't a member and until andrew shows interest it's a no on baptism. we have a couple of really good potential investigators but untill they pregress i won't talk about them. Theres a lot. Im doing ok with the cold but it's suposed to get a lot colder really soon. And we still don't have miles till next month it's ok im lossing weight. something cool we went and played volley ball asa district so i still got that part of tghanks giving. I think his fist name is brennan. I got one box the other is probably ar the mission office so i might get it soon. 

Ok i have some requests for some things
1 can you get ahold of Daniel Babcock and get his new Zealand stories i've found a lot of people interested in it.

2 can i have more family stories like the Strickleys and what not

3 send that cool wooden puzzle plan of salvation.

4 what do i do with all of the little thinsg you send me?

Monday, November 21, 2016

NO ALARM! Security! School of the Prophets

Well Its been a fun couple of days. Our Alarm didn't go off in the morning. So the the security woke us up, so a great start to a mission. We then flew out to detroit. Luckily I sat right next to two elders so i took a long nap. It was the best and worst nap i ever had. We then had an hour Layover in the detroit. A super nice member bought us some lunch. which coasted a lot there was 14 of us. So super expensive and nice. We then flew to cleveland airport. And again i sat next to elders so not much talking on the airplane but i had a card on me ( thanks Parker ) and i wrote a message on it and gave it to a set of sisters that were talking to a man on the plane. Well the first night in cleveland we had dinner and interviews and then went to bed. Like an hour early. The bed was super nice. Kind rude to start with a nice bed. We then took the tour to kirtland. And I talked to Carl A anderson. and he remembers papa. and says hi to him and president Beus in the ward. It was a cool experience. In the cleveland mission we start our mission. in the school of prophets and we end it there too. I then got my first mission companion. His name is Elder Larsen. He's from mapleton Utah. and i still don't know how long he's been out. But he's pretty cool and after we drove for 2 hours we arrived in Uhrichsville Ohio. It's a dump. Im gonna be honest its a bunch of white people who don't work. My area is called the New Philladelphie south. We are at the bottom of the right hand side of the mission. Our apartment is probably one of the nicest buildings there. AND I LOVE EVERY SECOND HERE. It's crazy. I literally walked into a baptism so not even a week i have a baptism under my belts. Her name is Kaitlin. And pretty much her friend was baptised like 7 months ago. And her friend sydiny just invited her. And it was pretty awesome to get a baptism already. Oh another bad thing about this place the roads are terrible, no one brushes there teeth. and everyone talks. so much. They never stop talking. it's so hard to stop them and actually talk about the gospel. oh and were out of miles. so ive biked so much already and its freezing here. It's so cold. And i know all of this kinda sounds depressing, and it kinda is. But the ward of only like 40 or 50 people are great. Theyre happy they help so much. theyre all humble they all work hard. And its great to work with them. I'm pretty sure none of the work here would progress at all. But the lord is blessing this ward so much.

So we have twoish investigators already. Andrew he's 12 and in a part member family and he has so many questions. and he has to convince his mom if he wants to be baptised.

second one we just met yesterday is sam. and sam seems pretty interested. He liked the Idea of joseph smith so. it should be easy after that right? 

But after all of this i still love and learn more from the gosple and its crazy how much i learn. Itrs pretty hard to study in the morning but what i got this morning was that god has been the same will be the same and he will never change. If he has loved ypu before a trial he will love you after. in the name of jesus christ amen

Elder Beus.

Friday, November 18, 2016

I'm Still Alive...

So next week is weird P day is on thursday. But i still have time to email on monday so dont worry. My companion is chill and i cant say much right i say more monday love ya.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Only 17, 520 hours, give or take...

Well hello again everybody

this week has been awesome just like the last one. The spirit here is truly amazing and defies all description. Get it like the first visit which you have to memorize. Luckily i got. and also you have to memorize your missionary purpose but with zions camp i was the first one to have it memorized. But going back to the spirit here. Lately i have been getting memories of my past that i didnt write in my journal kinda feels like im getting a second chance and its awesome. Another cool thing is we get to do things called TRC's here and that means we get to teach real people, not sure if some are baptised or not. And its great any ways. Me and my companion had both of our TRC's say yes to baptism. It was great. Theres one problem here. The temple isnt as cool as the ogden one. But of course the spirit is still the same in both of them. Which is awesome to think that all the temples have the same type of purpose and spirit in them. Its pretty sweet. Or like how one of my companions says its sweat ( he makes it sound like sweat not sure why.) 

some cool people showed up this week first was sister sister oaks baker forgot her first name. She gave a great devotional through music. Her and her family are all musicians and she just played awesome songs and then would talk but to be honest i got more through the songs then i did the actually talking. second person was the primary president sister Jones. She kind made me feel like i was in a primary class with 1,500 missionaries. But the key thing i got in her talk was that no weapon created against me can prosper. Meaning that what ever is thrown at me i can handle it.

well everyone i leave for detroit at like 7 in the morning but i have to wake up at 3:30 then from detroit to cleveland. Im so excited to leave next tuesday its going to be awesome. 

One of the main focus this week and really all the time is christ. And i know by learning myself and loving what i learne so i can teach it is that jesus was real. and he really died for us. Always remember that. especially during the easy times. Its easy during the hard times but its the easy parts that it is hard to see his attonment in your life,

I love you all and i hope you stay safe and please pet molly for me. I miss you. but Im so glad im here. Dont miss  me to much its only 17,520 hours. give or take.

* ask seth if he could copy his cheat sheet of scripture references. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A little more time

Well I have more time then expected so I will tell you more. Here in the MTC we get the opprituinity to have two devotionals every week one on sunday and one or tuesday. The guy who spoke on sunday didnt really touch me that much. But the guy or i should say apostle. The apostle elder Nealson came to our tuesday devotional. Oh Man was it awesome. As soon as he walked in you could feel his spirit and love. And of course we stood up to let him in and it just blew my mind. Something that really stood out to me was that as elders we are epistles of christ. Not a Text or a tweet but an epistle. And we must have christ with us always. Also if any future missionaries need more of a push to go I have a great reason to. Theres a film that can only be watched at the MTC its called the Character Of Christ by Elder Bednar and it just changed my world. Completely flipped my world upside down and then shook it around fixed it then shook it up even harder. It made me think so much about the Attribute of christ. and i dont want to spill the beans but its sweet. Ok now i realluy have to go only an hour of writing time. So Love you all. I'd love to get emails from anyone.

*There this cool keyboard thing that is used for practicing typing that one of my companions have and im going to try to get the name and a picture to you but that way i can send longer messages. but just keep your eye out its had like 3000 in the name he found it on ebay. Thanks mom love ya.

Captains Log

well Dear family and friends i have lasted till the dreaded first Sunday it was pretty rough. But i've already learned so much. Just for your information my P day is on wednesdays for now. I shouldnt be here for to long. So my district is awesome, and my companion is pretty sweet. His name is Elder Page. And he is just awesome super smart. The rest in my district is Elder Truto, And elder Kirby. Elder Jones and Elder Richman. Sister garvin sister Lundquist. Sister davis and Sister Stout. Elder richman is my favorite he always says that he loves Jesus. Every time. oh uh cool thing im district leader. Cool huh. Didnt expect it but it happened. oh and their are no hangers in the MTC BTW. So folded shirts was pretty fun. I've already seen 3 people i know Parker of course that was pretty sweet. Elijah Booth i went to highschool with him. And a sister named rachel who helps here. She dated Juice back in the day.You shoulda seen the reaction when she connected that i was seths little brother.but its great here i see miricales everywhere, but its pretty rough. I feel like ive been here for at least 2 years. I just want to say thanks to james for getting the hangers to me. They have helped a lot. I would say i miss you and i do but i really do feel at home here ive got a family everywhere and the spirit. Oh Boy the spirit is awesome. If you want to write me that would be awesome. Ill reply over email though. I love the lord and I love this gospel Stay strong for me and don"t be to sad Its only 2 minutes and 54 seconds in gods time ( me and elder page had some fun math stuff ) But i Love you all, Stay converted to the church. sorry i Cant write much i gotta do laundry gotta look good. Love ya

* i need a hoodie for P day stuff. The ogden high one would be sweet just put it in the box for my mission though.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hangers, ARGH!

Hi Elder Bubba!
I'm so glad you're alive. I'm feeling so sad to send you off sick. We're all praying for your health to return quickly!  
I texted Aunt Terrie. She said Parker may be able to deliver some but he may be restricted. I've texted Jame too. He could buy some cheap ones and deliver them. The hangers I bought you are about 4 1/2 pounds making you close on airline weight. So it may be better to just give this set to someone else and get your hangers in the box. 
So glad to hear about who you're with. Tell Elder Page hello.  
Missing you. 
Love you tons!


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I'm Alive...

Well l saw Parker Beus on the first day. Um i guess theres no hangers here so can you send them ASAP. Please. I really need them. Um im super shocked and like everything is weird. Its super confusing. And it kinda sucks being sick. My compaion is super cool. His name is elder Page. From new mexico. Hes going to LA though. I have 2 sister and 2 more elders going to cleveland with me its great. Please send the hangers gotta go. Love ya guys.

He's off


Um I'll try talking about my companions.
Elder Larsen, From Mapleton Utah. He was a Punk before his mission and loves cars. He has 3 sisters. and a mom and dad. He was a master technician. He was my trainer. He was out for about 15 or so months when we started.

Elder Rivera is from El Salvador but his family currently lives in Guatemala. He has 2 sisters. and a mom and dad. He is a 3rd generation member. His mom's parents where the first members in Guatemala and his Dad's parents were the first in El Salvador. He loves soccer and wants to be a translator at the embassy  

Elder Page is from somewhere in New Mexico. I don't remember. I didn't know much about him.