Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Sick for Thanksgiving

Well this week has been pretty interesting. 

Thursday was your good old weekly planing like normal. We also had to prepare our discussion for zone conference as well. 

Friday, we had an exchange, and oh boy did Elder Marzden and I work hard. 

Saturday, for some reason almost every Saturday on my mission has been what I call a searching Saturday, so we went a finding most of the day.

Sunday was pretty open as well we didn't have much luck.

Monday, the dreaded zone conference, Elder Brown and I were asked to share a discussion on preparing members to go out teaching. To actually sit them down, lesson plan with them the night before, so that it's a true lesson with a member. Where they are teaching points of the doctrine as well. We asked the sister training leaders to do a role play for us and we taught them briefly, and if everyone does what the Sister Training leaders did, we will be just fine. And then I started feeling a little sick...

Tuesday we did some service in the morning and I felt great a little weak, but just fine. I took a nap during the day just to rest up.

Wednesday, We canceled the whole day... I was super sick. I still feel sick. And for some reason this strain of cold will make you pass out if you don't eat enough so my poor companion so we'll see how today goes.

Sorry it's kinda short  the library wasn't open so we had to keep it very short today.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving and Passing out?!

Happy Holiday Sweetheart!
Where are you headed today? How many dinners do you have scheduled😜?  I see the weather is a bit cooler there still.  We are still quite warm.  Can't imagine that will last too much longer.  Do you have any investigators you would like us to pray for?  Things sound like they are coming along well for you and Elder Brown.  What is his mother's name?  I have  Facebook friend request from a Loraine Pace Brown so I'm just wondering if that is the connection. I'm pretty careful about who I accept.
I finished the green bean casserole, half way through the butternut squash casserole, and have the dressings made for the green salad.  Dinner is at 1:00 tomorrow at the farm.  Grammy did invite us up for later in the day.  I'm tired though, I confess.  We will have to see. Jame was going to stay until Sunday and now he is going home Saturday.  I have everything for our own dinner here at the house so we can have leftovers.  I guess I'll need to make the dinner Friday. We still haven't got the bulbs in the ground and we need to do the lights.  It's tough to get everything to fit.  
Seth is wiped out, ten hour days working as fast as he can go.  The Autoliv building at the BDO will be finished in six weeks, no matter what. That means long hard days for Seth and the crew.
Jame is determined to pass these two classes and they take quite a lot of time so he is stressed too. I was hoping to get a box to you this week but I couldn't get one item in until Friday and it is too early for your prescription to be refilled SO I'm hoping to get your package out by Saturday. 
Go have a great time!  Just let me know you are well!
Love you tons!

ELI: Well no one in our ward could host us so the Stake President is. But I'm sicker than a dog. I got a cold, and turns out this virus, makes your heart rate slow down, and I passed out. SO that was fun. We don't get fed very often here but that's ok, I'm used to it. That's not his mamas name so I don't know who she is. Sorry it's short we're busy today, also a reminder i'll be emailing tuesday next week. I promise i'm fine, my companion has been forcing me to lay down a lot. And I hate it. I'll write more next week love ya!

(We don't usually email back and forth but when Eli said he was sick, I was concerned so we exchanged a few more lines.)

Mama: Have you seen a doctor? Drink!
Eli: I talked to Elder Lewis, he's our medical coordinator, and yes mom I have been drinking plenty. It's never been clearer.
Mama: Ok. Please eat and rest. I’m sorry sweetie. Hope you feel better soon. 
Eli: I will!!
Mama: Love you. 🤗

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Cooler, less insulation..

Well lets see here. It got cold. Really really cold. And I'm not as insulated as I used to be. I'm not sure how I wore shorts all the time. 

Thursday, was a great day. We had interviews, and I walk in expecting the normal formal interview... But we pray and he kicks back more then usual and we casually talk this time. We went longer then normal. I think President is starting to like me, or he just likes talking to zone leaders a lot. So needless to say we were late getting back to work. So it was a great day.

Friday, we had exchanges I went with Elder Pierce. He's from Las Vegas and has a strong testimony. He just isn't too good at talking to people. And my problem still is I talk too much. So it was fun to be quiet again. We did a  lot of finding together but we had a good time. He wants to be a mechanical engineer as well so we had fun talking.  

Saturday, It was 30 degrees in the morning, so we went and raked people's leaves. We made a lot of people's day brighter. It was pretty great. Then the rest of the day was different than what I wrote down so I don't remember. Everything is just a big blob of mission in my head so it's hard to keep track. I need to apologize to those who mixed me up with my brothers because if life is like this, I can see why people mix up names. I now have empathy.

Sunday, we had a good sabbath. Afterwards, we went finding. We had 2 meals so we were nice and full when we got home. 

Monday, the only thing we had planned was district meeting. Then good old finding but we had some good luck with us. We talked to a bunch of people and I noticed something. Elder Brown is about 6 inches shorter and people keep on trying to talk to me when we go to a door. So we came to the conclusion that people like to talk to taller people. Go figure...

Yesterday, we did a lot service again. Reminds me of last summer working at the BDO except they have a machine to pick op the leaves. It makes people a lot happier to have their leaves raked by a Mormon than have a Mormon knock on the door. So we'll continue raking. So we go service tracting. It's been helping our mood and helps us find people.

All in all a good week. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

Warming in the truck.

Hi Elder Bubba,
How are things?  My letter is a bit late.  I found an old curio cabinet and I've been working to clean it up and put all my little  things into it and I lost track of time. I'm preparing a Thanksgiving box, any requests.  Is there a way to ship without making you go to the post office for it? How is the finding going?  Anyone in your teaching pool? How is Elder Brown?  It looks like your weather is getting colder.  Tell me about the missionaries your serve with. What is your housing like?  What do you think of President and Sister Brown?
Well, this morning, I'm heading to an appointment with my cousin.  Her husband died about a year ago and she was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  Hard times.
Grammy is doing about the same.  I've only been up once.  She is still saying some pretty harsh things to me even though I'm not around.  I'm not sure about that.
I've got my assignments for Thanksgiving: Green Beans, Squash casserole and green salad.
I'm still working on invites for the shower and I've got to get some help for the decorations, muted colors and Mexican venue.  I don't know how to put that together.
Aunt Vickie is doing a project for the Temple Square missionaries so I'm helping a bit with that.
Most of my Sunday School kids turned 18 last week so they are probably going to Gospel Doctrine now. 
I still haven't worked my way through all the boxes...  Argh!
I'm running late.
Love you tons!
Missing you in the holidays.

PS Send that Christmas list.

ELI: I'm doing great mama. I'm not insulated as I used to be so I am very cold but I'm warming up really nicely in the truck. Just to let you know I will be emailing Thanksgiving and it'll probably be short. I can't think of anything mama. There's really not a way to ship without the inconvenience it's ok don't worry about it. Finding is getting better. we still have a small teaching pool. It hasn't gone up or down. Elder Brown is good. He likes chocolate milk syrup. You could send some if you want. There's a lot of missionaries mama. It would be pretty hard to tell you all about them. Our housing is great. We don't have a washer and dryer but we have the nicest kitchen and 2 bedroom and a nice clean bathroom. It's great. I love Sister and President Brown. You truly get to know them when you're  a zone leader. I feel like I talk to him all the time now. He is a great man and she is a very funny person to talk to. Mama I think Grammy is getting to a point in health and age were you shouldn't be offended. I love you too mama. I honestly can't think of anything else i need. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Big Zone - Recommend Kirtland

Well, it was a good week. Crazy week but good

Thursday, started out with your good old weekly planning. Me throwing stuff at Elder brown because I would rather go knock doors than sit and plan, although, it is nice and warm inside. We also did some service at a DI kinda place, not as functional as DI but they are pretty good. 

Friday, we had exchanges I went with Elder Davis for the day. We did some contacting at the local university. That was pretty fun. Turns out Elder Davis loves talking about cars so we got along just great. We did a lot of finding with no success. He is the district leader so we talked about what the zone leaders could do to help. Then we sent them on their way home... an hour drive away... yeah big zone.

Saturday, All I really remember is nothing went as planned but we got stuff done. AND we found a potential. ( Who didn't answer when we tried later that week )

Sunday, got some extra sleep that was super nice and we did a lot of finding again. Not a big teaching pool right now. 

Monday, we went to Kirtland!!! We had a member drive us with a recent convert Brother Bigelow. We had a really good car ride, lots of good stories, well actually a bit too many stories, we missed our exit... we were almost to Pennsylvania. Whoops, but we had a good time. We got home ordered a pizza and went to bed. It was a good day. I love Kirtland!!! Highly suggest it.

Tuesday, all I remember this day was finding, I know it was yesterday, but days mesh together. 

We had a good crazy week, and hopefully next week will be better!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Renald's Call

Hi Elder Bubba,
I saw a picture of you on Instagram.  Son, you need to put on some weight.  You are looking way too thin.  You do look happy though.  Well done you.  Did you get your box?  I shoved a bottle of habanero sauce in.  Did it make it?  The post office wouldn't leave it at your apartment so you will need to retrieve it.  Sorry.  It's the post office, not anything I did.  Remember to take pictures this time include Elder Brown, your truck,  your place, your District and Zone too Tell me about your teaching pool. I hope you are remembering all the names too so you can add them to the Blog/book later. 
Renald got his mission call.  I went up to the house Saturday to watch him open it.  He is going to the Virginia Chesapeake mission, reporting February 7.   
Things are slowing down a bit at the house.  We are getting things finished up.  I still have some sorting but then we are on to just hanging pictures.  Seth hung a pull up bar in the garage along with his Eagle flag, the "Mama's Boys" poster and now he's looking for a spot for the OHS Tiger poster.  I've been organizing my sewing/craft cupboard.  I can actually find things now.  It feels great!  It has been so long since we had access to our own things.  We still need to get the leaves raked up.  It rained last Saturday so no leaves.
I'm still working on invites for a baby shower for Jess and Micah's baby, Era.  Just when I think I'm done, they add a few more names.  I'm so glad we are doing email invitations.  
I haven't seen Grammy for a couple weeks.  I keep getting feeling like I'm coming down with the flu and then I take Emergen C and I feel a bit better but I don't really want to give that to her.
School is beating the brothers pretty hard.  They both spend lots of time studying and doing homework.  Jame is down to like three and a half more semesters and Seth two and a half years.  Jame is talking about going summer just to get it finished. He is also talking about going to the archivist masters program at BYU.  We'll see.  What are you thinking of?  Not to distract you but I will need to help if you are to get things together for when you get home.  
Anyway, keep keeping on.  We are so proud of you!
Love you tons,

Eli: I don't want to gain weight. I feel healthy. I am very happy. Couldn't be happier and tired so it's perfect. I got the box. Thank you very much. It's a pretty hot one. Nothing has been hot enough for me lately. I don't know why. I forgot to take photos of the truck, but I got one of Elder Brown. I don't have a district one yet or zone but soon. Names will be hard I'll try my best. Our teaching pool is pretty slim here mostly recent converts, and trying to find more. Toledo University just seems like a depressed school so we have been trying to brighten it up a bit. Tell Renald to send me an email on his lds account so i can keep up. I just bought me a box of Emergen c as well actually, and thank you for the medicine again. I think it's helping a lot. ​​​​That's good to hear about Seth and James. I'm still thinking mechanical engineerin. I'll probably just start at good old Weber State and go from there. I have truly grown to love to use my hands to help others and hopefully I can get some scholarships now too since you moved.  Well mama I truly love you and appreciate all you did for me. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Well family and friends, We have been working hard, and driving longer....

All we do here is drive everywhere, welcome to the 2nd biggest zone, where everyone exceeds there mile limit... Yeah i fell bad about it, But we did have to drive to Cleveland and Kirkland, so it' not our fault completely. I'm sure i could've biked it but president wouldn't allow it. 

Thursday, I hate and love Thursdays, I call it administration days. I just feel like a secretary the whole day. We make plans and set goals. I 'd rather just go work. But that's me, at least it's warm inside. We then after completing all that went contacting at UT and talked to a good chunk of people. It was pretty good, Then we stopped by a LA and they really wanted us there. We talked to them and had them watch a video, that really picked up their day. Then we traveled for 2 hours to the assistants area.

Friday, The assistants area is the hardest area to proselyte in. It is the richest and has been worked in every angle because it's the assistants area. But we still had fun, then we drove for 2 more hours to get home. 

Saturday, All I really remember is we found a great place to knock doors. It was near the university so it was a bunch of students which allowed us to talk a little more then usual.

Sunday was church and it was a blessed day. It was the primary program. I loved it. I mostly watched the little boy that yelled at the top of his lungs. Absolutely loved it. Then we happened to stop by a former that was really excited for us to com., I'll tell more next week if it goes over good.

Monday, we had district meeting. Then we went a finding. It's been awhile since I've done this much finding. It's kinda fun. Elder Brown and I have some good conversations in between.

Then the dreaded 31st where missionaries have no idea what to do. Oh wait, we have a meeting all day. We went back to Cleveland again, for a 10 hour long meeting then drove home so there goes the whole day. It was MLC wqe (sic?) learned a lot actually. It was pretty  good.

We mostly have finding to do, we are teaching a bit but I'm running out of time to tell you. 
Love you all, have a great week!!!