Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Never so tired and happy.

Hello Family and Friends. 

I have never been so tired in my life, so much biking and heat this week. So every night was a well deserved rest.

Thursday, started out like any other day. We did a Bible referral, we dropped it off, she wasn't interested in the Book of Mormon, but we continued on. We then got a phone call that someone at the University Hospital wanted a blessing. So, of course, we dropped everything else to go help. We show up and talk a bit and give him a blessing then he asked us a favor. He had just been driving a semi all the way here to Cleveland and he wanted us to grab a bag from his truck and bring it to him. So we looked it up and it wasn't too far away and he said the bag wasn't too big. ( He didn't know we were on bikes...) so we showed up, grabbed everything he asked for. We looked at what he wanted us to carry. It was a full sized duffel bag completely full.... so I put it on my back and we went forward about 2 or 3 miles. My shoulders still ache just from the of lifting that heavy thing. When we came to him all sweaty and tired, he asked us how traffic was cause it took us so long. Then we told him we were on bikes. He said he wouldn't have asked if he knew we were on bikes. So it was a pretty fun day.

Friday, we had district meeting in the morning and it was Elder Barnson's Birthday so we had lots and lots of cake.. I'm still kinda sick of cake. We had a great time then we had a lesson with Ashley. She's still kinda struggling to come to church. After that, we had an awesome meal with some members then biked to the church for a meeting with a Less Active member and Bishop. The Meeting was super spiritual. After wards, I turned to Elder Barnson and I told him to remember that meeting. Then we had more cake with Brother Gupta. We did a lot of traditional India stuff and we lifted Elder Barnson on our shoulders and fed him cake. It was weird but I will always remember it.

Saturday, all I really remember was we did a lot of biking this day. We helped a member move a freezer, and install an A/C unit. We got food from her so we had to take it home. Then we got more food from another member, then we got fed dinner that night, then we showed up to a Less Actives house and he made some fried fish, which was to die for. Then we bikes super fast and hard home to be home on time.

Sunday was pretty normal. Lots of church. Then lots of biking afterwards.

Monday, Again lots of biking. We were so close to finishing all of our referrals so we went hard, and we didn't contact everyone of them, but at least we had a contact attempt for everyone and I'm proud to say it's still like that.

Tuesday, we had an opened day finally. It was weird to have one. so we tried some tracking then we got a phone call for a hospital visit, then another referral, but hey, we are still down to 0 uncontacted referrals. 

So lots and lots of biking. and it's my last day being 18 on a mission. I'm still the youngest in the district, But I wont have the opportunity to say I'm still only 18. 19 is still young but 18 sounds more impressive. I am glad that I am spending my 19 year old life doing this. I'm glad of all the experiences I have received already. I'm excited to see what else happens.

me biking, Elder Barnson on our shoulders, and he was fed something pretty terrible.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Happy Birthday to Us!


Happy Birthday to Us!
How are you Birthday boy?!  I'm hanging in there. What are you doing to celebrate?  I have a box coming your way.  Hint: Buy milk.  I am going to lunch with the Beus Sisters at a burger place in Clinton called Tony's Burgers.  I'll let you know how it is.  Also, Seth is taking Jame and I out to dinner Monday night at Taggarts in Weber Canyon.  I told him I need to get out of the traffic.  No looking at the sun on Monday for us.  It will be an eclipse.  I don't think it will affect you much.  
The work you are doing is wonderful!  Three baptisms!  Woohoo!  How is Elder Barnson doing?  It sounds like you have been super busy.  I'm so glad no one was hurt in the car accident.  ARGH!  How long will the driving Elder have to not drive?  I'm so glad you remembered what you need to do.  I think the Spirit plays a big role in that in times of stress.
We are doing alot of unpacking, DIing, Recycling, and trying to figure out what to keep and what to discard.  It is coming but slowly.  Molly is doing great here.  Only two accidents in ten days.  It is great!  The house is mostly tile in the common areas and carpeted in the bedrooms.  Bedroom doors stay shut so very few accidents.  I have ordered some office furniture so the office is a mess but when the furniture comes, we will be able to straighten it out.
I went to visit Grammy and Papa today.  Grammy is out driving again and the house seemed to be running well.  It is clean and there is food in the fridge.  Neither one had time for a chat so they are keeping busy too.  
I've been to church twice now.  It was good lessons and nice sacrament meetings.  The Relief Society lesson brought a new idea to me.  It is that priesthood blessings offer temporary relief but priesthood ordinances offer forever blessings.  
Sweetheart, hope you have a wonderful day!  Please remember that we love you. We miss you. We are very proud of you!  Keep of Keeping on.
Hurrah for Israel!

I'm very very tired, but i am doing just great, Lots and Lots of biking. We are going to go and work just like any other day. There's really no reason to stop. Elder Barnson is doing wonderful. He is stll working just as hard as i am and i'm sure he's just as tired. I love you too mama, and i hope you have a wonderful Birthday as well. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hello Family and Friends

This week was a crash...

Thursday: started out pretty normal. We got rained on pretty good this day. We have had perfect weather so far with Elder Barnson then it just dumped on us. We did get fed twice though so it was a pretty awesome day. 

Friday: We had to go and teach one of our newish investigators. His name is Demble. He is from Africa as well and he is very happy to hear the gospel from us. He is trying with all of his might to get Sundays off. It's a bit of a challenge for him but he is super happy to do it. We were seeing him but he got busy then we started teaching him again though so that was nice.  We had to see him at 8 am... and he is a pretty good bike ride away. And it was raining so we were soaked most of the day. Lucky our bishop was super nice and fed us while his family is out of town. We discussed a lot of the missionary work here in Cleveland. Then we went out teaching with a very recent return missionary. Pretty much, we had 3 missionaries and we got  a lot of good work done. 

Saturday: was baptism #3. The baptism couldn't have gone smoother... for me... usually while the people who are wet and are changing, the missionaries share the restoration. So Elder Talbot, Dubon and Elder Barnson were going to do that. But Elder Talbot and Elder Dubon's investigator didn't show. So Elder Barnson shared it all by himself. I was so proud of him. He did wonderful. The only thing I forgot to do was unplug the font while I in was there.... So I went to bend over to unplug it and splash.... There goes my entire contents of my pocket.... Super embarrassing, Right into the water. Luckily the mission office has extra hand books and what not. After the baptism, we went out with Bishop to go teach a less active. hen we saw Brother and Sister Washington they are doing wonderful. They just talk A lot... So Saturday was an awesome day.

Sunday.... There's nothing that goes wrong on Sundays right?... Wrong, we showed up to Assa's house to get him to church. And he doesn't answer. And his window is just a bit too far for me to reach. So we start patiently waiting. he woke up and we missed the bus. Luckly he lives super close to some members who were late as well. The reason why they were late is because they had the bread... So everything started just on time when we got there. Then after church we went over to a sisters home. She feeds us some weird stuff but she usually lets us take it home. We didn't have that option this day. It was some weird fish and rice stuff. so we scooped it down our throats and we went on our way.

Monday: we started out seeing Demble again. He's doing wonderful. We then had to go to a trainer trainee meeting. So we were going to meet some Elders next to the Highway to save them some money. ( This morning we jokingly wrote back ups " just in case...") we put our bikes on the bike rack we turn into the intersection. We were in it already ready and the light had just barely changed.. and The Elder who was driving ran right into the truck. All four of us are totally fine. Right after the crash, everyone kinda freaked out. But I remembered everything my mom told me. Put in park. Put emergency lights on parking brake and get out. So that's what I had to tell the driver to do. It was just awesome to see the power of the Holy Ghost take over. I wasn't stressed at all. Even with everything that has happened this week. The other man in the truck, however, was not as happy. As soon as he got out he grabbed his smokes. And started puffing away. It just shows why the Gift is so important. 

Tuesday: was wide opened... so we went finding. We did 6 referlas in 1 day. We must have biked at least 20 miles that day. I'm still feeling tired from it... This day was actually normal.. surprisingly. 

I'm so proud of Elder Barnson for this week. He kept up all the way. I only lost him once the whole week. But let me testify about how the Holy Ghost is very important, and how the Word of Wisdom actually is  wonderful commandment we have been given. You truly can do all the Lord asks when you follow it. And I say that in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Hi Elder Son!
I saw your picture on the Instagram page with the baptism!  I figured that must be Assa.  You are doing great work!!  How are things going with Elder Barnson?  He looks like a great young man.  I guess Elder Wotring went home?  Elder Barnson will get the "regular mission" experience soon enough for now it sounds like you are giving him quite an extraordinary experience.  It sounds like he is really doing well though.  You can be proud of him.  You will need to get recipes of your favorite meals so we can try them when you get home.  Tell me who you are teaching now.  How are the referrals going?
It has been an exhausting couple weeks for us.  We are in the new house. There are still lots of boxes but we are working through them.  I will send some pictures when we get the office set up.  It has been a real emotional roller coaster for me.  Your brothers have been very supportive.  I'm praying for good things for us all out here.  We are about five minutes from the farm.  I had been packing boxes for weeks.  I had set up a U-Haul rental for last Saturday and had contacted Andy Blodgett about some help with the move.  Aunt Nance texted me and asked if I needed some help. I'm so glad I said yes!  No one from the ward came until I texted Andy and Spence.  Then they both showed up but Nance, Jana, Blake, and Jory came.  We really dug in about 8:30 and were driving out by 9:30.  (Spence went home because he was taking out his endowments Saturday. So cool!)  The family followed us out and Vicki, Ray, Jacob, and Amy met us at the house.  We were unloaded by 11:00 and had the truck returned before noon!.  I'm so grateful for the help!  
I went to the new ward.  I even bore my testimony.  It is a very quiet ward.  Testimony meeting was very slow and very few people comment in classes.  It was kind of different for me.  I got our records transferred so we are now members of the Fair Grove Ward, Kanesville Stake.  It is the same Stake we were in when we lived in West Haven before.  There are even a few people in the ward who were in our old ward. Merrill Child is in the ward next to this ward.  
James came up and stayed Sunday night and we worked together Monday.  He took a load to the DI.  We still have quite a ways to go though.  Most of the house is nicely set up.  I haven't been feeling great.  I think working very hard and not eating or sleeping enough. I'm so sorry about missing last week.  I did go to get my annual physical today, I passed but they would like to see me lower my cholesterol a few points and slowly lose some weight.  I'm down ten pounds from last year.  
I went and visited Grammy and Papa for a few minutes today.  They are doing pretty good.  They are working together to get things done.
The new Guardians of the Galaxy came out today.  It was pretty good.  We will put it on your movies to watch list.    
Seth and I went shopping for office furniture tonight.  They just didn't have what we wanted.  I'm going to order online tomorrow.  
Give me some ideas of your favorite treats.  It sounds like your tastes have changed a bit since leaving. (mostly salty less sweet).  
Sweetheart, I'm just tickled with the hard work and great time you are having.  Keep on going!
We love you.  We miss you and pray for great things for you!
Love you tons!
Hurrah for Israel!

To Mama:
Me and Elder Barnson are doing wonderful. He is a great missionary. Elder Wotring is home now. We have had the most missionary experience I've ever had on my mission so far. So he is diving right in. We are mostly teaching the recent converts. We are also teaching another African named Demble ( I think I talked about him before ) but he has started picking up the pace and he really wants to be baptized. Referrals are doing great. Poor Elder Barnson has a hard time keeping up with me but we are getting a lot done.... The reason I say more salty then sweet is I feel less guilty when I eat salty stuff... I went and bought some really good pants but they are too long so I am having them tailored. Also, my bike ate some of my pants but they were too long too so I got those one tailored as well. I think I'm doing fine on clothes. I'm doing better on money this month. Elder Wotring liked going out to eat a lot more. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Training, super busy

Hello Family and Friends.

We've hard so much fun this week. Oh boy has it been crazy

Wednesday started out with me Driving Elder Wotring to Kirtland. We sat a round for an extra hour then planned and Then I picked up my brand New Elder. Elder Barnson. Guess who is older.... he is. I'm still the youngest in the district. After that I took him to a Steak and Shake to get him a burger. Then we went to work. I dove straight in with him, we went to the hospital. Then we did a referral then we had a member meal then a lesson with Assa then we biked like crazy home. So the poor fellow didn't even get a chance to know what a normal day is.

Thursday was spent biking everywhere again. We did a couple referrals did some weekly planning and some 12 week. We then picked up some really good food from the Church from  Sister Sip. She cooks really good southern style food. So super Yummy. Then i showed him where the library was and how many referrals we have. I'm pretty sure i blew his mind. 

Friday was an awesome day. ( by the way we have had perfect weather since he has been here) We went and talked to Eric and Michelle and made sure everything was ready for the baptism the next day. Then we had a lesson with Ashley We then went back to The VA hospital did some referals And then i cooked him some Good old Chinese food. Again thank you mom for teaching me how to cook food. It made His day.

Saturday Was the day. We went really early we cleaned out the font and filled it and cleaned the space set up chairs and made a display for people if they wanted a book of mormon. or a bible And then President called us.... He was coming..... The poor Elder was so nervous. We had practiced so much the night before to share the restoration and now he was sweating bullets. I was just nervous about making sure everything went great. So the baptism went as planned. Carl Anderson gave a wonder talk on baptism and the Holly Ghost, The ordinance was given by Elder Talbot. And it went pretty smoothly. Then Elder Barnson and I got up to share the restoration while they changed. And he was a champ. I have never been so proud. It was amazing. All of the members and president complimented him. and he wanted to say it was cause of me. But he did so awesome. It was a very touching experience.

Sunday: he thought this day was going to be easier... Not... We had to pick up Assa again and bring him to church. and it went pretty smoothly. We got him there on time. and we got him home right after, And Eric and Michelle asked me to confirm them. And I will always remember that day. Every lesson pointed towards happiness and temples, to going forward after baptism. It was beautiful. I don't even remember what the rest of the night was like. 

Monday was his first District meeting ( I wonder if this is what parents feel like always being happy with firsts ) We had a pretty normal day. We did a referral ( yeah I know, we have a lot of referrals) We then helped move a couch to Brother and Sister Washington. They love being called that now, Then we had some interesting food. Sweet potato enchiladas. Just sweet potato beans salsa and tortillas and sauce on top, Super good. super filling too. 

Tuesday was his first Exchange, I'm not sure what he did. But Elder Talbot and I had a blast. for some reason when ever I am with Elder Talbot, we bike the hardest. We just seem to be late to everything it was pretty fun

As you can see we have been super super busy. And I love it. I wish this feeling of working hard doesn't stop.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Baptisms and Training

Hello Family and friends.

So I forgot my planner again, we were planning on going to down town Cleveland to take some photos so I didn't take it. But I can tell you what's coming up.

Michelle and Eric Washington are being baptized by Elder Talbot on the 29th, Whoop! And I will be confirming them on that Sunday. So super sweet. 

Assa is Still doing awesome. He is still on date for the 5th and that's be awesome too.

But Elder Wotring is getting transferred. And I am Getting a Brand new Greenie from the MTC. So this will be some fun transfers. The poor Elder is going to the best area ever, and he's getting 2 back to back baptisms. He's going to feel so different in another area. But I will love him to death. It's going to be super fun. I love this Gospel. and I know as we use it and live it, breath it. Have us become part of the Gospel, we are happy. and Life is pretty good. Not easy just good. and there is always good and better days in the OCM. Wish me luck with the new guy.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Farewells, Homecomings, Surgery, Moving

Hi Elder Bubba,
How goes it?  Good remembering!  So are you getting transferred?  Make sure you include your new address if you do get transferred.  Ship your things to Bobwhite.  We are scheduling to move August 5.  (I will notify the mission office.) So there is time.  Any ideas on Birthday gifts yet?  
What is the latest on the investigators?  How are things going with your companion?I'm excited to hear how Assa is doing.  I need to remember to pray for Ashley so she can get to church.
Lots of mission sacrament meetings.  McKay is leaving to Japan this week.  Austin got home and reported from South Korea.  They both spoke and did great.  I believe Riley and Sarah Heiner report next week and Sara Larsen the following week.  
Seth and Papa got through the week at Lake Powell. They had over 30 people so it was interesting. The group also ignored my suggested menus and brought in a chef.  Seth and Nicholas about died, two nights without meat.  They had arugula every night. Took Papa forever to get home for all the pit stops! Too much fiber.
Grammy's surgery went well.  She is actually feeling much better.  She is eating better. She is moving around more although slowly.  She will need to keep the drains in her chest in until she sees the doctor again on the 31st.  Getting stronger everyday.
Moving news: We feel good about the date of August 5. Seth is going to hook up the dryer so no plumber. Jame and Seth are both off today so we are going to go find the kitchen items today.  Yeah!  I found a table, chairs, and china hutch and they will be delivered on August 3rd. I need to go find a desk and maybe an armoire to store my sewing stuff.  The wifi is on and strong. Hahaha. Its coming...  Scary but good.  The Spirit is comforting all along the way.  So no holiday for us today just need to find our kitchen.  
I'm praying for you always.  I love you and I'm proud of you.  Be cool as in not overheated.😜
Love you tons!
Hurrah for Israel!

To Mama:
I'm doing more than great, I'm getting more and more assignments now. I am training now so this will be a fun couple of transfers. I'm going to stay here so don't worry. You don't have to spend to much for my birthday. The new rim was pretty expensive. Eric and Michelle are getting baptized this week. and Assa the following. so everything is awesome here. Me and Elder Wotring are doing fine. he's going home so he doesn't really care. I didn't know Mckay got a call!!!! that's awesome if you see him tell hime good luck. and if you can get me his email that would be awesome too.