Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


So ever since it was transfer week, It's been long so I hope I get everything in so we'll see how this goes. 

Wednesday, drove out to Cleveland so 2 hour drive down. I drop off Elder Brown then find Elder Klunker, wasn't too hard. Then turns out Elder Barnson my trainee, is now a Zone Leader in Akron!!! So I said, Hi of course, then on our way, drive back to Toledo. And now that Elder Brown is gone, I can name the truck. ( He wouldn't let me) so I name her Lilly. I think its a great name. anyway she is super muddy now and covered in salt. We could almost make another Salt Lake with how much salt we have on Lilly. Then we got to work. We tried stopping by Larry a recent convert we have but to our amazement we run into Carla. Carla is from Ogden Utah... Hmmm I know where that is. She's a member, that did't know the church was out here, then we sat there talking about Ogden for a bit and the church super awesome on the first day. 

Elder Klunker is from Manti Utah, or close to it. He has 5 brothers and a Twin.. so thats kinda cool. Plays the guitar and Loves to work. His dad is a carpenter, and that how he met his wife. So he loves doing things with his hands. Which is Great, we needed it and I will tell you why...

 Thursday rolls around and we go do some service at a furniture restore company. Then some weekly planning and off to work. Also, Sister Stout got transferred into our district. We came out together. So she gave us a call about how they have too many Beds... turns out they actually had 2 sets of bunk beds for some reason. 

Friday comes and we get a call. The sisters ask us to replace our beds with their 2 bunk beds, so we thought why not we go on exchanges all the time and we have a truck, so we got permission really quick and got to work. We didn't finish building our beds till about 4 PM and when I mean Building I mean building.. We had to do some good old fashioned West Virginian engineering. We had to take some broken board out and replace them then use those broken boards to fix a frame. I'm quite impressed with what we accomplished, especially with the tools that we had. West of the night was spent trying to find some people to teach. And we got told to leave again by the cops, we were told to write the officers name down now. We kinda have a lawyer now and he's not to happy with the police. PS the bed broke a bit then we put more nails in it... 

Saturday, Good old, searching Saturdays, we were finally wide open. So we Stopped by a less active, Sister Escendell, and she let us right in and said she'd come to church.  Rest of the night we just went finding again. 

Sunday, Nothing too crazy happened, it was just long.

Monday, we had district meeting, and we had been studying as a mission a talk given by president Nelson, called begin with the End in mind. It was to mission presidents. Super cool. Pretty much make sure we have the temple in our view in our lives and in our missionary work. So we did a role play to imagine our investigators in white and our beloved district leader then goes behind a door to role play it. The sisters knock on the door and there's Elder Brown in a baptismal suit... we all lost it, but we got the picture quite clear. 

Tuesday, our water heater went out for some reason, so it was a very cold day... so it was no fun we didn't have much luck for this day as well. But we got fed by some members, and they showed us something amazing, it's called a bread maker... It stirs kneads and bakes the bread. It is the coolest piece of technology i have seen on my mission. ( 'til we get smart phones ) but it was so cool. 

Well all in all a very long week. Today was a tender mercy. I was getting a bit burned out but it's nice to just chill. Elder Klunker and I look like we'll do great things together.  I'm excited. I'm also very excited as President Erying always puts it "for the best days are yet to come". ( still don't know what that means but he said it twice now) 
Anyways love Ya'll. 
​Take it easy. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Frozen Chosen

Hi Elder Beus,
I've been watching the storms run over you.  The cold temperatures have been quite impressive.  I was thankful for your remark on how warm your apartment was.  Are you staying warm and safe?
I called Erin Friday and she said everyone was racing home early because of the incoming storm.  Erin and Mark are in Cleveland today.  Mark had to go to Cleveland to have a surgeon fix his shoulder, football injury.  The surgery went well now they get to try to keep him still for three weeks.  Tess was thinking of duct taping him to the recliner. 

Sorry for all the phone emails.  The product information was up high in the email and the address was down low and I missed it, thinking it was just the end of the letter with contact information. Hopefully, it is fixed and on its way on the 22nd.  
How is Elder Klunker?  Is he getting settled in?  How long has he been out?  Have you heard from Elder Brown yet?  How is he doing?  Is the Toledo Zone teaching more now that the holidays are over?  Tell me about your investigator/s.  If you think its appropriate, what are their names and we could pray for them? 

Hopefully, if I keep you informed, events won't be as difficult for you.  Grammy's cancer is advancing rapidly now and she has been given about six months or less.  Papa said the physician's assistant mostly spoke of palliative care {(of a medicine or medical care) relieving pain without dealing with the cause of the condition} and Hospice last Tuesday.   I spent some time with Kyle, Friday.  She said, "This death watch is so stressful, just look at my face."  Her MS gets worse with stress and the right side of her face was very red and swollen.  It is best you are where you are and doing what you are doing. Grammy is taking more medication and she is sleeping more and very peaceful.  Please don't worry. Listen to the Spirit on this.  He is bringing peace.

I'm pretty boring.  I have to look on my calendar to tell you what I've been doing.  Visiting teaching, home teacher came, temple clothing counter, teaching the 17 year olds, visiting Grandma and Grandpa. They are doing great.  I've also been learning how to make doggie treats.  I made some with parsley and mint and they are supposed to freshen doggie breath.  I'm too chicken to test it. 😝  The recipe made over 200 so I gave out some to my dog owning neighbors.  

Jame and Seff are back to school and work.  Morph2o is finished with stage 1 on this new Aguamiser and is ready for stage 2 which will put the product into production, maybe 100 units to start.  It's looking good.  Weber Basin Water is putting meters on all the residential customers in Weber County.  They put one on our house just before Thanksgiving and Bobwhite last winter.  They are promising no hike in cost but I'm not sure I trust that.

It was exciting to see the new President announced.  He will be great.  I was a bit surprised he changed counselors but I think with the times we are going through, it is best to have one of the best legal minds of our time as a counselor. 

I'm certain you are a great missionary but I'm glad you are doing well as you learn more about your relationship with your Heavenly Father and what He wants for you.

I love you!  I'm terribly proud of you!  Carry on!


So funny thing about our apartment the water heater went out one day, and i was frozen all day. Just not a warm day. but i'm nice and warm now. Other than that I'm doing great. I was about to say I haven't seen anything yet, but i'll keep my eye out now. Elder Klunker is awsome, love him already. he has 5 brothers... He's from Manti or close to manti Utah. He has been out for about a year, he's just one transfer behind me. Havn't heard from Elder Brown, so I guess he is doing good. Toledo is on fire right now. Everyone is finding a lot more. We still don't have any Investigators.... We have potentials but not quite teaching. 

Tell Grammy I love her. I know I probably wont be able to see her again at least in this life. but hey the knowlege of the plan of salvation is strong in my mind constantly. Just like President Nelson said begin with the End in mind ( temple ) 

Thank you mama for everthing. once the smart phone is up and running emails will be 100X easier. But till then Love ya mama!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New investigators, new companion, new PHONES

It's the End of great transfer Elder Brown and I worked Hard

Thursday was quite the experience. I promise I didn't do anything on purpose to scare my mother. But we were knocking on doors, it was about 7pm, pretty dark, and cold. When we see blue flashing lights start storming into the area we were in... About 3 cop cars come crashing in and they take out their flash lights and look like they are looking for someone.... Us.... So they found us. Looks like we have a nickname in the city already, cause they call us the prayer people. They say come on guys its to dark outside just go home.... Turns out we scared a young gal so bad that she called the police on us. I know I'm tall and all but I don't think I'm that scary. Needless to say, we were done for the night and got hot chocolate for the rest of the evening.  Super fun. And it's just the beginning.

Friday, we spent most of the day knocking doors again nothing to exciting.  Except something is up with our online portal.

Saturday, good old knocking doors. We had to finish some weekly planning and we were getting bummed. It's no fun when you don't have much to plan for. But we started counting blessings. and we noticed that they weren't 1 by 1 more like 2 by 2. We have been surrounded by hard working missionaries in our zone and we were just happy they felt love from us, and they were doing good. All of the recent converts were going to church faithfully and attending the temple too. So we were grateful, after that we got a referral. We had a couple minutes so we knocked some doors before, and we got  a new investigator then off to the referral then another, we were rejoicing in a God of miracles. It was great to see.

Sunday rolls around. We had a Stake coordination with the Stake President and President Brown. So we asked about the change on the Online Portal. We are getting smart Phones!!! This is going to be awesome. But earlier this day Elder Brown was given a call by President, his Grandpa passed away, SO Church was definitely a great Tender mercy to go to. Elder Brown then got a call later tonight saying that he was being transferred to Akron to be a District Leader. He's going to do great!!

Monday snowed a bunch. We had some fun in the snow and today just a bunch of cleaning up and packing before Elder Brown goes, New companion is going to be Elder Klunker. I have no idea who he is... 

This has been a great week, to see the hand of the Lord in my life. I know He is there, He takes care of His boys. 

Someone to Teach, Phones, Business

ELI: Sorry mama, I'm doing good though. And we finally have some one to teach!!! 
Just a heads up my card is pretty full right now. I maxed out. I bought some new winter stuff. The leather gloves weren't working well enough anymore. 
Also, our mission has been approved to use smart phones we'll be getting them soon, so sure if they will contact you about it but you actually have to purchase it and then ship it to the mission office, or just purchase it off of online. Anyways it doesn't start now I just thought I'd give you a heads up. It'll be Samsungs, and I take it home after the mission so I'm not sure if I want to go cheap and just sell it when I leave. I've been pondering on it a lot. We'll see. But just a heads up. 
Oh and I got the package thank you very much!!! 
Also the advice has been helping a lot to... Thanks mom. I feel like I am refining to be a great missionary now. Thank you mama so much for what you do. I listened to a great talk I don't remember what it was called I'll find out, but it Had a funny Poem about the a daughter thanking her mom for being the meanest mom, For taking care of us and making us eat healthy. Giving us guidelines and rules, and then at the end she was expressing about how she was going to try to be the meanest mom to her children. I just thought it was something funny. I'll have to find it for you. But anyways thank you Mom love ya!

MAMA:  ARGH!  TRANSFER DAY!  I'm so sorry.  I should have written yesterday.  
I'm so glad you have someone to teach!!  I have been fasting and praying for you and the Toledo Zone.  
I cleared your Visa just now.
I will wait to hear about the phone. I have kept your phone number active the whole time just not on any phone.  Could I just get you an iPhone and you could bring it home and change the number? Does it have to be a Samsung?
I love you and so does Heavenly Father.  We want you to be happy.  I'm afraid at times I was way too lenient but after everything is said and done, I hope you will always know that I love you deeply.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Holiday Fun

It's gonna be hard to catch you all the ya up to today so I thought I'd just do the highlight days..

22nd We had Exchanges with the Toledo 2nd Elders, they came up here. We had some good old fun. Elder Pierce and I went together, he brought the good old Greenie fire in him. It gave me a little bit of hope for this Old missionary. 

24th Sacrament was so much fun that day. It was just full of singing and just good old fun. Lucky for us, it was snowing. President Brown didn't tell us anything on what to do so we assumed he wanted us working. So we tried knocking some doors, no one answered Elder Brown and I discussed a bit and realized everyone probably thinks we are JWs so we grabbed the shovels and if we saw some one shoveling, we helped them and asked if they knew if any old neighbors who could use some help. So much fun! We were covered head to toe in snow and my hair was frozen solid. Super fun!!!

25th Christmas day, Luckily president didn't make us go proselyte this day.  We cleaned a lot and called home. It was  a lot of fun but we ran out of stuff to do so we went to Bowling green and went caroling as a district. It was a great Christmas, Thank you all who sent cards and packages thank you so much!!!

26th We had a white elephant, And one of the sisters gave a secret present.. we were very concerned, they hid it in their van, so we go out to the van and lo and behold it was an old rocking chair... so we have a rocking chair in the apartment now.

27th it started getting really cold...

29th we had exchanges in Bowling Green, Elder Morgan is from Gilbert, AZ. We had a blast together. It was very chilly though. Very Very cold. talking -7 now. 

31st we had a New Years party at 8pm so we could do our call in reports, We had lots of fun. Played some Progressive Rummy. I was thinking of Grammy the entire time. It was so much fun!!! We then go home do call ins until we had to go to bedThen . 12:00 there was so much gun fire and fire works around us that we both woke up. It was insane. we then promptly went back to bed. 

Jan 2nd it was -11 with a 15-20MPH wind we broke records here... it was very cold. I'm still warming up.

All in all it was a very Christ-like Christmas and I feel like one of the ones filled the most with the light of Christ. It was a fantastic sight to see!! I but love you all very much. Stay warm where ever you are. 

PS Brother Insch has a son in law who did a film for the church that all missionaries have to watch so pretty much a celebrity in our eyes. 

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Humility Quest

Hi Elder Eli,
It was so good to talk with you!  You look good!  I like your sweater.  Can I send you some new ties?  I would like to share a small tidbit about humility and the Spirit.  I used to be afraid to ask what I needed to repent of because I thought the Spirit would throw me in the ditch and the depression would bury me.  It hasn't been like that.  Generally, the Spirit gives me a slight impression that I need to change something and then after a few days or weeks He reminds me.  I do what He tells me the next time it arises and I'm comforted and become more confident that I can do the things that are asked of me.  One thing I needed to repent of required me to do some things I was really weak in doing.  I prayed for help in my weakness so I could do as the Spirit guided and I was helped.  I finished and was comforted.  I knew I had done what was asked.  There are other times that I feel guilty about things I have done in the past and have already repented of doing.  I get absolutely dumped.  I am so depressed I can hardly function even though I have already taken care of those things. Son, that is of the adversary.  Repentance has some sorrow but as we move forward the Spirit lifts us.  Once you have repented of something the Spirit confirms it and "the Lord remembers it no more".  The Lord wants us to be happy, joyful not running around in sackcloth and ashes.  We are no good to His purposes if we are mournful.  He needs us joyful so we came be an example and help others.  I appreciate your efforts into humility son but be careful.  The Lord has a work for you to do in Toledo, be joyful in His service.  PS  That work may not translate into teaching investigators.  It may look somewhat different than anticipated.  We never know because its His plan not ours.
Regarding Rachel, I'm sorry you are hurting sweetheart.  Focus on the work.  The Lord will heal you.
You are kind of going through a tough straight.  We are praying for you.  Take care of the minutes and the Lord will take care of the hours, days, etc.  He loves you.

We made it through Christmas.  Talking with you was the highlight.  Grammy had said that she only wanted to do the Nativity so I had bought and prepared all the meals only to have her change her mind.  So we have a lot of leftovers or whatever you call prepared food that is in the fridge and has never been served.  Sugar cookies, cranberry cake, clam chowder, bread bowls, prime rib, green bean casserole, oh my....  Grammy was exhausted but bound and determined to do everything that usually gets done.  It was just fine just a bit tense because I only brought a few things for each meal. 
We also made a killing on chocolates this year.  We must have 5 lbs. of chocolates left and I dropped two lbs. off to Grandma's.   
Papa is looking rather worn.  Grammy has spent quite a lot remodeling the house since we left.  Denny just closed the boat store and told Papa that there was no money in it.  This is a huge loss for Papa.  Denny also wants to be bought out of the Bear Lake Condo along with the Halversons.  The condo will need to be upgraded so it can continue to be rented out.  
Grandpa and Grandma are doing well.  They had a good turn out to Brunch.
Seth took us out to see the new Star Wars movie and to Windy's for our Christmas presents.  It was fun.  (We will need to catch you up on all the movies.) Now we just need to start taking things back down.  
Love you so much Eli!  Hang in there son!

ELI: I would love some new ties, I don't think I will ever say no to ties, unless I run out of room which I haven't so I'd love them! Sounds like Christmas was just as full as mine, I'm still eating all of the candy and sweets that we have!!! I've gained about 10 pounds but I've lost 3 already, I went back on my diet. Is grammy trying to get out of the house yet? It's still really big for her. Well I'm running low on medicine and I can't cash the check here so I might just send it home and have you cash it and put it in my account if you can. I've been thinking a lot about the auto cad thing I like that path it seems really good for me so we'll see when we get home, please try not to spoil too much of Star Wars before I get home. Other than that we are doing great!

I won't spoil Star Wars for you!  
I will send your medicine out asap.  
I'm happy to deposit your check.  
Grammy will not be leaving the house.  They have spent thousands to repaint and put in new flooring. She has invited company to come stay with them this month.
I think the auto cad sounds great for you.  Seth really struggles with the cold and the attitudes at his job. We will pray for great opportunities for when you return.  Autoliv would pay for your schooling. Take good care of yourself!
💕 U 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Well this week was pretty blank. 

We have been doing a lot of finding and we've had little to no luck yet...

Wednesday, We had a fun Zone activity together. We just did some basketball and a lovely flock of birds happened to drop by over all of the washed vehicles. Yeah, not nice

Thursday, We went off to help our recent convert, Brother Bigelow with his family history. We found about 6 names for him, it was honestly a lot of fun. Then good old knocking doors. Getting yelled at, getting thanked for what we do and God bless but no one ready to receive us yet. Also Poor Elder Brown, ever since he sings so well, he gets signed up a lot so we went and practiced with the member really quick for him to get ready fro Sunday

Friday, we had a zone conference, It went really smooth. It was mostly Christmas themed and lots of singing. And of course, Elder Brown sang and it was awesome. We made Gethsemanea duet and we had an Elder and a sister that took music theory in high school so not only was the piano different but the Elder made his own tenor part to go with it. The sister also rewroteAway in a Manger, President Brown's face was priceless when she started playing. But he liked it. It luckily went very smooth. President complimented us for it. 

Saturday, morning started out with finding and then after lunch then up to dinner then we had a Christmas party, it was really fun! Lot's of people there. and Of course, Santa came so much fun! Then we did finding after... 

Sunday, Elder Brown sang he did great! Then sadly the rest of the day was finding... we've been working hard. 

Monday we had a district Meeting, then off to finding...

Tuesday, you guessed it finding... We haven't really stopped yet. 'Til today. 

Let me tell you about my testimony of finding. It happens but we reap what we sow so I'm gonna sow so many seeds that this area will take 4 elders to harvest. Probably not, but I'll try anyways

I've been loving the Light the World thing and it has helped lighten my Christmas so much. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas Love ya!!!!