Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Toledo Bound.

Well this has been the best week of the mission so far. So much has happened.  It'll be hard to explain all of it.  So if there are imperfections, it is the imperfection of my writing skills and not of the awesomeness of this week. 

Wednesday, (Start of awesome) we got a referral for Stephen, we showed up and he lived in a mansion that had been split apart for apartments.  It was super awesome. He invited us inside through this huge door. We taught him the restoration and he was super excited. It sounds like he has taken some heavy drugs in his past and it has fried him a bit.  Sadly, happens a lot but he was excited.

 Thursday, we got invited over for lunch to a part member family and it went awesome. The food was super good. My favorite mac and cheese and Burgers. We then go to a super scarry apartment complex, which I'm pretty sure passes all of the building codes by a particle. Really sketchy. We came home and we got comfortable, then Elder Barnson had the thought of grabbing the phone just in case.... President called... Elder Barnson is training!!!!! which is so awesome. 

Friday, we had a zone conference, and they made us get flu shots, so that wasn't quite so awesome but hey the church doesn't want us sick. That night we had an awesome lesson with the Washingtons. We raced home /cause it was late and dark and East Cleveland.

Saturday, We taught Stephan again, and we set a date with him. It was amazing. What's really nice is that the sisters that sent us the referral call him all the time to see how he is doing. So we have been getting some good things done here. This put us up to 6 people on date... 

Sunday was just the best ever.  We had 6 investigators to church...Yeah Stephan came to church and we had Dembele as well... (we didn't know we were spelling his name wrong this whole time.) Then we thought that the zone leaders would be switched around a bit and that Elder Barnson would be called to be district leader now too. But then President said he wants to talk to me... So I'm going to be a Zone Leader in the Toledo Zone, and my companion is Elder Brown. So should be awesome. We get a truck... Yeah, I am so happy.

Monday we went on exchanges with our zone leaders so that was fun. We did some hard work together.  We also went and taught that Part member family again, and the family was there this time and it was awesome. So now Elder Barnson is so set.  We then went to a FHE for the YSA because a recent convert was there and an investigator. It was pretty cool cause I interviewed the recent convert.  We went to the Kirtland Sites for FHE, and the sisters that gave the tour were in my district, and one of them is going home, so I got to see her last tour. It was so awesome. 

Good things are going on and Elder Barnson is going to be a perfect trainer I just know. I hope that every one else has awesome weeks. But Toledo here I come..

Monday, October 16, 2017

Let's try again.

Hey Elder Beus,
I messed up the transfer date so I'll try again...I guess the big item is transfers.  


*Are you going to be transferred?  If yes, please give details include pictures, companion information, and address.  It's getting time for another box so I really need an address. 

*Are you training again?

*Leadership, again? 

*What do you need/want?  

*Did you get the Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar? 

I'm glad you are safe.  Keep listening to the Spirit.  Stay in tune.
So Grandma's party was well attended and lots of fun.  She is doing great.
She asked me for a ride to Lexi's shower on Friday so I was there to pick her up and found Sharra and Kellen there.  They had ridden the train up.  (Kellen kept telling everyone, "choo, choo".)  The shower was at Jorgensen's.  It was very nice and also well attended. We left a bit after 8:00 and found out that Sharra and Kellen needed to catch the 9:15 at Roy station. Yikes!  I drove as fast as Grandma talks!  We drove into the lot at 9:08 and Sharra ran!  She had her hands full with Kellen's car seat so he just toddled right behind her.  They made it with time to spare.  Adrenaline rush!  Next train, 11:45.
Thursday guess who came to the temple? Spence and Lorinda.  I also got off at the same time as they were leaving!  It was so good to talk with them!  I miss them.
Seth caught a cold Friday and was feeling crummy.  He did assemble the four stools for the counter and put 10 crates down the "rabbit hole". (The "rabbit hole" is the crawl space.  The opening is in the master closet in the floor.  I need to remove the hanging items and then lift the hatch. Then you climb down through the floor and onto a ladder.  It is about four feet tall with a cement floor. Not our favorite place.)  So the house is coming together.  Jame came up Sunday and we got rid of three more boxes.  Yeah!
Sunday morning, 9:00 am, Spence's Farewell.  It was great to see everyone.  Seth came and we sat on our row.  Ellie Heiner was the youth speaker, and  Paul Duncan the high counselor speaker.  Spence did a great job.  He was assigned to speak on service.  He spoke about you for about half of his talk.  He was so grateful for the service you gave to him and for always thinking about how to serve your quorum members.  He talked about you always getting him out of jambs when his bike had problems but mostly for being his friend. He also talked about Ethan showing him how to fix his bike and taking him home on his moped almost running out of gas.  It was nice.  He is excited but nervous.  I did give hime your message and he has promised he will write.  He also said, one year down, two to go and then you are back together.  I went over to the Grandpa Goff's for the luncheon afterwards. (I brought veggies and dip.)  Belnaps leave for Ghana for three years starting next summer.  I miss them already and have an invitation to go stay with them.  
Make sure you let me know where you are ASAP.  Remember that we love you and miss you.  Keep on moving forward.
Love you tons!

Eli: I am getting transferred. My new companion's name is Elder Brown.  All I know about him so far is that he came out one transfer before me... oh and we'll be Zone leaders... I haven't transferred yet so I can't answer all the questions 'til next week... Elder Barnson is training though so I guess I did pretty good. My face is looking and feeling a lot better. I'm gonna miss Spence so much. It'll be hard but I'll last. You told Spence he doesn't have to move back to Ghana if he doesn't want to. He can live with us. It's gonna be rough without him. Oh and I heard Tyler Boydstun is going on a mission to Independence, Missouri.  Can you find out where Logan and Parker Larson and Mckay are going?  I can't think of anyone else. but can you find out where the're going so I can write it down or something. I'm forgetting them all. Life's great. It's starting to get cold so that should be fun. I feel a lot more prepared for winter this year though... should be fun. Hope you have a blessed week mom and love ya!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

drunk people, schizophrenics, and gun shots, Oh my...

Well, everybody, it truthfully is spooky during the Halloween season here in Cleveland.

drunk people, schizophrenia, and gun shots Oh my.. We've had a really good week.

So to catch you up from last week cause we went to the temple, we got a bunch of referrals. We got them done now. General Conference was super awesome.  We only had to kick 1 hobo out of the church.  He came in asking for money for food, so I said I have an apple in my bag I'll give to you, and he said "I don't like apples". So I explained that we don't hand out money.  We supply food so people don't spend it on drugs or anything bad. So he promptly left... not that cool. Yeah that's about it for last week

But on Thursday we had an opportunity that most missionaries don't have. There's a lady named Andrea Bisconti. She left the church a long time ago, we don't know why. We don't know when. All we know is she wants to come back and bishop said to teach her so we'll do what we do best and go and preach His gospel. She's wonderful. Then we saw Assa that night. He's being funny. He got a new job and he doesn't work too late. We still can't get him up for church in the morning... It's been a while but he said he wants to feed us some African food so this'll be interesting.

Friday, we went and taught Ashley. She is on fire lately. She's studying and she's praying and asking questions. It's been great. 

Saturday, we ran everywhere. We were behind on weekly planning and we had to catch up on 12 week. And just running and running and running. 

Sunday was Nice. We got a new YSA Branch mission Leader. His name is Chase. I don't remeber if I told you about him. He's from Ogden and he was on the drum line and he took lessons from Louise as well. So we connected on impact. So this'll be fun getting started here pretty soon. We also had 3 nonmembers come to church. A member invited a friend for the Family ward, he was pretty cool too, so we'll see. Then an investigator from another ward came for YSA. Then a a foreign exchange student from Brazil who's staying at a members house came over to YSA as well just to see how it is, so it was super fun.

Monday, we saw Ashley again so that was sweet. Then referrals. Then we had to buy Elder Barnson some new bike brakes. It was Metal on Metal. Not a good sound. But now they are quiet. Rest of the night we went out with a member to do some referrals, Cause when a member comes out stuff happens... and it did we met a guy named Ronnie, he is super awesome. He is a family man which is a blessing for this culture. He was super nice invited us in. We talked for a brief minute. He invited us back to talk some more. Members make miracles.

Tuesday, was super interesting. We started out talking to Brother Kelley, an old member of the ward. We asked him how he found the church. It turns out he saw a tv ad for a free bible and called in, so the oldest member of the ward was a media referral. Rest of the day, we did some referrals, and at night we had a member come out. This time it was different... we met a guy named Jason Mormon! Yup, his last name was Mormon. Spelled the exact same way. He was a bit drunk and we had a very strange conversation with him. Including but not limited to him saying we were angels. and we had wings.... I said my name was Elder Beus, then Elder Barnson repeated his... he said y'all both Elder so we tried explaining that it's our title... he then turns to me and said what's your real name. I said Eli, it was weird to say it.... he then goes on and on about how I lied. He then told me to take off my name tag... I wasn't going to do it. Lucky he was drunk and I was bigger so he didn't push the matter anymore. I'm sure he didn't even remember it this morning. He even walked us to the members car because he was scared for us. it was a weird experience.. but that is Ohio for yeah. 

We also took some photos on a high building.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Busy boring

Hi Elder Beus,

We didn't get much from you last week so I'm hoping that you catch us up this week.  I guess the big item is transfers.  


*Are you going to be transferred?  If yes, please give details include pictures, companion information, and address.  It's getting time for another box so I really need an address. 

*Are you training again?

*Leadership, again? 

*What do you need/want?  

*Did you get the Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar? 

* Waist and length. I have no idea how to solve your pant problem without some measurements. Colors. We will need to start out with one pair to see how they fit.  (Make sure the rise is correct.) 

*Has the weight loss slowed a bit? 😕
*How is your teaching pool coming?  Ashley, Demble, Washingtons, Assa?
*How will the people from the Congo on the west side of Cleveland be taught?

We have been boringly busy.  Jame and Seth are working hard and studying lots.  They are getting into more challenging classes.  Seth is teaching quite a bit as ward mission leader.  I think they may end up with three baptisms shortly. I taught my 17 year olds this week.  It was good.  The lesson was on encouraging others to keep their values.  My mind kept going back to "little Luis".  I felt like when he was around us I just needed to encourage him to do well in school, band, home and as a Catholic.  Now he is a member.  Nice young man. Happy for him.
Alice's funeral was nice.  Grammy spoke and did a nice job but she was exhausted.  She has been resting for days now.  
I took some of the dehydrated items out for the pigs.  I guess old stinky is good.  Grandpa had a great crop of pumpkins this year.  I ran into DaNette, Kira and her kiddos.  I told Grandpa I wanted a warty one and Will looked up at me and said "Warty?  What's warty?"  Wrinkly nose and all. We got a laugh out of that.  
Seth and I worked on the yard Saturday.  There are bushy trees all along the back fence and we trimmed those back.  I also washed windows.  I will need to get something stronger for some as the sprinklers hit them.  Seth then took me to The Habit.  We got a Santa Maria Style burger, delicious!  We will try it when you get back.  
Jame and I did the dentist today.  No cavities! Yeah!  We grabbed Seth and went to Jeremiah's after.
It's Grandma's birthday Wednesday. Braden's wife, Lexi, is having a baby shower on Friday.  Spence's Farewell is Sunday.  Can you believe it!?!
Like I said, "busy boring".
I love you sweetheart!  Keep on keeping on...

Eli: Transfers are next week, and I haven't heard anything yet, so preparation day will be Tuesday.  I'll try sending all the details. you might have to remind me next week as well. I love those caramel apple suckers, also I don't need pants they'll last. I need garments... I don't remember what they were or what sizes. But I could use 2 pairs of them. and I'm a 36 waist and a 30 height. but honestly I have plenty of pants and I can buy them if I need some. The weight has settled. I'm sitting between 200 and 210. I like this area I don't have to work to hard to loose weight. But it's the same for gaining. Teaching pool is great I'll type it in the weekly. We are working on the west side people. The problem is Assa will have to teach. Tell Spencer I'll see him 2 years, and how I love him. Also tell him to write me or so help me I'll knock him down a couple inches.  I love you too mama. Hope you have a great week. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Temple Trip, short on time

A lot happened this week, I'm still alive. General Conference was cool... we just went to the temple so not a lot of time. I'll see if I have more time.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Pizza, Smoker, Seth

Hi Elder Bubba,
How are you son?  You are looking kinda skinny in those last pictures.  But happy so, it's good.  How are things going with Elder Barnson?  Are you two getting tired of each other yet?  The weather has been crazy here too.  One day hot as blazes, the next wet and chilly.  I think this area is more humid than the last but no where near Ohio.  Tell me when your baptismal dates are.  I'm glad Ashley came back.  It is so hard for those folks coming into the country.  It is a land of opportunity but you need the skill/education set.  Were you able to make arrangements to teach the people from Congo?
Lots of service. Wow!  You will come home knowing how to do many new things!  
I hope you were able to see conference.  It was wonderful!  We watched them all.  I loved Elder Rasband's on having the Lord's hand in our lives.  I know the Lord has guided me.  This house had much guidance.  I'm not sure what to do now though.  Mostly, I'm still getting everything in order.  I've made good progress this week.  I'm hoping to clear out the front hall boxes this week.  We need to work in the yard a bit before the snows flies so that is probably next.  Then I need to work on food storage.  We have plenty for a few months but we will be hurting after that.  I have quite a bit from before but it is now 15 years old. So it may be a great time to replace.  I've already replace the powdered milk.  It has like a 2 year shelf life and it is nasty after that.  Uncle Brian said to bring it out to the pigs.  I guess they like old stinky stuff.  I did get 14 1/2 quarts of homemade spaghetti sauce made.  It is delicious. Seth ate it twice today!  I also made a pizza on the smoker.  It was wonderful!  Can't wait to make one for you.
Great Aunt Alice Alice passed away on Saturday.  The family feels like it was a doctor's mistake that caused her death.  Her husband Pat, is really struggling.  Her family has always struggled.  Her oldest son is in a mental hospital.  I will go to the funeral on Thursday.   Grammy is doing her makeup and speaking.  I hope she is strong enough for that.  
James came up for Conference.  He is doing well, working hard at his history and Spanish class.  Seth got 100% on his test tonight!  Molly is still healing.  I finally got through to Dr. Allen today.  He called in a couple new prescriptions for you. I will pick them up tomorrow and get them off to you.  I'm weary.  Spending most of my days working here at home.  It's hard because I'm alone almost all day every day.  I'm hoping that like Elder Rasband said that the Lord has his hand in our lives and there will be more for me.  I am getting things done though.  You would be proud!
I'm proud of you.  I love you and miss you.  Fresh courage take.  The heat will leave and hopefully the cold will be slow in coming!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hot Again.

Well. It has been so hot here. It was in the 70's. It was beautiful, but then out of nowhere, it was in the high 80's all week. We have been working a lot too, of course so we took a bit more breaks during the day. I am very thankful to whoever invests in AC.

Quick update on teaching pool: Demble is doing well, he has committed to pay tithing after he is baptized, we just can't get him to church. Ever since he works under the table it's not like he can find another job. Washingtons are doing just great, we finally set a date with them and that's all the investigators. Ashley is doing wonderful again, she just bought a Quad for institute She arranged her schedule to go as well. Assa got the new job and will go to church this week. He has been talking to some people on the west side of Cleveland who are from the Congo and he want's to teach them so I,'m not sure how we'll do it but we'll figure it out. 

Thursday, we ran everywhere. We were late to everything. We did get a chance to teach both of our African friends in one day. We taught Demble in downtown then we taught Assa,

Friday, we had to do the dreaded "Bundle". You might ask what the Bundle is, it includes everything where we have to sit inside and not be outside. 12 week training and companionship study and weekly planning. Elder Barnson usually has to remind me and almost drag me to do it. I love this work but the administrative stuff is no fun. I'd rather be biking somewhere. 

Saturday, we did service all day. Brother Johnson asked us if we could help paint a house really quick. So we thought, oh maybe 3 hours of hard work and we'll be done.... we started at 9:30 we ended at 6:30.... But that's not all sister Lui needed some help moving some stuff so why not.  We helped here. but I patted my pockets. I had my wallet. Elder Barnson on the other hand didn't, so we walked 3 miles home and we got home at 8:55 so we did service all day. It felt awesome and kinda terrible because we got burnt pretty bad. 

Sunday, remember that burn the day before yeah it was pretty uncomfortable. But it was ok. We had a good day at church. A lot of people showed up who hadn't for years. So super cool. We then went our with 2 members that night and we got a lot done. It was super sweet.

Monday was so hot, but we helped another lady paint thankfully it only took an hour. After that we got to work. We went and dropped off a couple books, and then stopped by some members that bishop had asked us to. We had help from a member to so that was nice. 

Tuesday, we biked so much for some reason we got lucky and it was even hotter. but we did it. e even got 3 members out that night and we worked hard. I can truly testify again of the power of the Word of wisdom. You will have strength beyond what you could do. 

We also went to the sign again fro Elder Barnson.