Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Freezing Rain

Well, it has been a super crazy week, mostly cause of Sunday

Last Wednesday, we had a fun zone activity. We played some volleyball then we did some Norwegian Kick ball. Lots of fun, except I am not in shape at all.

Thursday, I lost my wallet.... so we rearranged the entire apartment to find it. So now our apartment looks completely different. We then finished the night with the Bowling Green Elders in our area, had a bunch of fun except everyone was like: you better watch out tomorrow we'll be getting like 8 to 12' of snow. So we were like; sweet, it'll be like Utah.

Friday, it was like Utah.... so much snow... We had some fun we spent most of the morning just shoveling people out, snow ball fights, and just having fun with some Elders in the snow and a truck so It was just a great day. We sent the Elders back to their area and got back to work. We were knocking doors like usual and we ran into Josh. Josh was studying the Bible when we knocked on the door, and invited us in. We chatted and he accepted a Book of Mormon but said I'm really busy all the time. You guys can try by again some time and try to catch me so we'll see today actually.

Saturday, we've been using Saturdays to find less actives and it's been going great. We got a hold of a bunch and just introduced ourselves or figured out they moved. 

Then Sunday.... we woke up in the morning and got ready. Church was going to be great, like always. We had meetings set up until 4 pm and it was just going to be great...... then we got a phone call. The entire Toledo Stake was shut down. Ohio has this cool phenomena where it rains but it freezes. I remember complaining about this last year.... So we just hunkered down a bit and treated the day as a regular day, and got to work. It was rough and weird.

Monday was a better day. We went to work, got some good stuff done, didn't find anyone to teach but we talked to a guy on campus and it was just great to talk to someone our age. It was also really warm... 26 degrees.  I don't know. It just felt good. People weren't angry and it just worked out to be a good day. 

Tuesday, It was zone conference and there was a pretty sunrise on the way , basically it was a blessed day, Loved it all! It was a repeat from last Mission Leadership Council but it was great. We focused on foundation, to have a strong foundation when we use technology and to build a foundation on the Book of Mormon for us and our investigators. It was pretty great. We then went home and went knocking. 

Today is Valentines day but for a missionary it's a Wednesday, so we'll be getting to work. But love you all and hope you have a great week.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Top Zone/Top Indexer

Hi Elder Beus!
Happy Valentines Day!  Did you get your box?  What did you think of the "awful" corn pops?  Did you notice the frosting on those cookies.  It's raspberry.  I loved it!  Any plans for Valentines for the missionaries?
How are things?  Still snowy up your way?  We are still warm, 40-50's.  Tulips and daffodils are now up 4-6".  It's really early for that stuff.  We need a several more hard freezes or the mosquitos will drive us crazy.  
How is the Toledo zone?  How is Elder Klunker?  Are you getting along well?  How is President and Sister Brown? Are you teaching anyone?  Can we pray for anyone?  I always pray for you and Elder Klunker and the Toledo Zone.  
Seth had his date.  I'm not sure it went very well.  He said she is very pretty but doesn't seem interested in going out again.  It is a challenging dating scene. Seth has started to wear overalls to work.  He looks really thin in them but it makes him look like a farmer. ğŸ˜ He loves it and they keep him warm.
Jame is struggling with his Spanish class.  It is tough for him to think on his feet.  He has a new calling.  He is doing visits to prospective Elders in the ward.  They are trying to get a class full of them to try to get them all active and ordained as Elders.  Jame really enjoys the visits.  He made 5 visits Sunday.  That's a good visit schedule.  
I taught again Sunday.  The lesson was about our agency to learn.  It was a good lesson.  Everyone was involved.  I tried to remind them of the movie about Elder Groberg, The Other Side of Heaven.  None of them had even heard of it!  So deprived!  Hurrah for Israel!
I still haven't been to Bobwhite since the last letter.  Things are just peaceful as they are.  I do see Papa every Thursday at the temple.  Russells will be in to visit the first Sunday in March and so Ernie has planned a pancake dinner for everyone.  I'm in charge of bacon.  
Aunt Jane is planning a baby shower for Sam and Bonnie's baby.  They are due in March I believe.  so fun huh?
Still no word on Sara and Cody's Baby.  Still waiting.
I'm working on the temple work for some family names.  I need a male to finish the sealings because Papa wants to perform the sealings.  Seth doesn't want to...  ğŸ˜¡Maybe you can help me when you get home. I'm also indexing.  I'm one of the top indexers in the ward.  Woohoo!
Remember we love you!  We are so proud of you!!  Keep on truckin'! 

ELI: Well, except for the awesome letter I opened this morning Valentines feels like a regular day. No big changes. So I did get the box, the popcorn was good. It just stuck to my teeth. The frosting was pretty cool. Like I said Valentines is just a regular day. Things are good, still dark and cold though. We had a rough patch this week, our church canceled... it was because of freezing rain, so that has thrown me in a loop. Toledo is still doing the best in the mission, and we are finally helping with it though, we found someone to teach but he hasn't gotten back to us yet.... Elder Klunker and I are great. I have gotten really good at being transparent. It helps when people see who you really are. President and Sister Brown are doing great. Still no teaching. Lots of potentials though. That's good to hear about the date. He just needs to keep on finding more. It's like doors, the more doors we knock the more people we find.  That's great to hear about James as well. Tell him to keep it up! Home teaching and visits is how people stay active. The people visiting and those being visited. Those poor Kids. They need to culture themselves. Good job indexing mama! That's something I want to get into when I😁 get home. But thanks mom for everything you do!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Good week.

Well Everybody this week was a good week. I honestly think my mission is slowly getting faster and faster and now I can't keep up. It's just a blur like when you stared out of a car on the freeway. 

Thursday, We went to our service place. It is a furniture restore place. Kinda fun.Then we went to our University finally. We haven't had time for a while so we went and turns out there is a Catholic group called Crew that was doing what we were trying to do. We haven't had a problems with them I just felt like someone is trying to take over our turf. I didn't like it. But it's ok. We had exchanges after that with the Bryan Elders; Elder Ewell from California, and Elder Coppieters. I went with Elder Ewell, and had a blast he uses Primary songs to think of new approaches, super cool. 

Friday finished our exchanges, and got to work again. We got in contact with a less active. Super cool. He works on trains and he's working on his big machinery certificate and he's just fun to talk to about construction stuff. 

Saturday, we did more less active/DNC stuff, we actually catch a bunch of them and they're all nice and say no one has come by for years, which is kinda shameful a bit, because a lost sheep is just important as getting a new one to me. 

Sunday, Wasn't a very different Sunday then most.

Monday, off to District meeting, Then the rest of the day was just knocking doors, and a tender mercy. One of the sisters in the ward dropped off 2 pizzas to us, so we have been eating pizza for a while. We then shoveled some snow for a bit as well.

Tuesday, We did some more service and we picked up our pottery that we did last P day. Together as a district, we painted some pottery stuff. It was actually pretty fun. We then did some finding and we showed up to a members home and guess what they fed us?... Pizza!!! yay! I had way too much cheese in one day, it was not good.  After we were trying to think of something to do and Elder Klunkers GPS actually gave us a suggestion to go to a less active we have been trying. We talked to her and she was nice and wanted us to come back and teach her husband and her kids and she wants to go to church as well. It just showed me that God does work through technology, kinda of a slap to the face to my previous feelings of that technology doesn't work with spiritual things, but I've got a testimony now, so I want to use it. 
It was a good week. I loved it it's just making me more excited for tech, I know that it is inspired. And the working is moving forward at a faster rate then before. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Strange Winter

Hi Elder Bubba!
How goes it?  How is Elder Klunker?  What is going on in the Toledo Zone?  I guess you have received notice that your phone has shipped.  When will you get it?  I think the company that the church had contracted with, Insight, had no idea what was coming their way.  The orders just overwhelmed them.  I'll bet you and Klunker got a laugh over the Do Not Contact who guessed you were from Utah.  Funny...😆
Things are pretty routine here now.  The weather is very warm, 50s.  My tulips are coming up, it's February.  Makes for nice walks with Molly.  Payroll last Wednesday. Tax filings. Taught on Sunday.  Told a bit about when Brittney asked me, "so what's the big deal about this Book of Mormon thing."  
Papa's Christmas present from us and Russells finally arrived.  I ordered it the first part of November.  Seth and I took it up last night.  It is a 3D map of Lake Powell cut into wood and hand painted with the depths of the channels.  He really liked it.  He is looking to sell his share of the houseboat and has several people interested.  It is a bit of the end of a era for him and he's a bit sad but he was really excited about the gift and he "knows exactly where he wants to hang it".  We talked with Grammy a bit also. She is still figuring everything out on the house and the remodeling.  Last night she was talking about matching wallpaper and fabric for valances.  
Kevin Wellard's father in law passed away and Sister Hicken's mother is doing a bit better after surgery.  
James came up for Super Bowl.  It was a good game. The brothers didn't much like the snacks I choose (because they wouldn't give me any suggestions) so they are going to make sure to tell me the ones they want for next year. You can too.  
Jame is studying hard on his Spanish class.  Seth is burning the candle at both ends with his class and work.  He has a blind date tomorrow night.  They met on Mutual.  We will have to see how that goes.
Anyway, Love you so much!  I'm so proud of you.  

Eli: I'm doing great, had a bit of a lactose scare. We had lots and lots of Pizza in one day, so that wasn't fun. But I'm back to working condition now.  Elder Klunker is doing good, I guess. He's been going strong with me. And he says he loves it so I would say good. Toledo is still leading in the mission.... yeah it's great, we just have some hard working Elders and Sisters here. We have a zone activity today which should be fun! I will get the phone on march 6th, so I might be emailing off of it then, we'll see, It's crazy to think it's coming up already. Could you take a photo of the Lake Powell thing? Good job Sepie. Well, not much is happening here. I'll let you know in the general, I might want a book called "you are  your own gym".  It's an approved work out book that our mission has, I'll get a photo of it to you if can't find it. 

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Lots of Hard Work...

Well Everybody,
 This was a great week. Lots of hard work. 

Thursday, we started this day off great, had some Service and then we had a weird zone conference meeting thing. The meeting was about planning and setting goals and making plans. It was great. I learned a lot. Mostly just that I need to change my vision. Most of my mission has been just to finish my mission, So I thought, well that's not very Christ like now is it. So I made a new Vision and I made some goals I want to accomplish and I still need to work on the plans but I'll get there. Eventually. We then went on exchanges to the Boling Green West Area, I went with Elder Brown from Prosper, Texas.. He is  a really funny guy. We went to a trailer park and it's been ages since I've seen one. But it was fun, Lots and Lots of cats... 

Friday, Finished our exchange up real nice then went on our way and basically knocked doors for the rest of the day.

Saturday, We had more service!!! This one was actually fun, we helped a program called Feed My Starving Children, really organized, Lots of fun. basically we filled packs of rice and soy and vitamins and flavoring together. We were next to some members but we had some guys by us that were pretty cool to talk to. Had a nice good conversation about church and what not. Super awesome. It was funny though. Just the way Elder Klunker and I presented ourselves, hand shake and saying our name. They thought we were like 28 or 29 but turns out they were older than us... After the Service we got the chance to go to the temple with Brother Bigelow and sorry I don't have photos. We went to the Detroit temple. Super fun!!! There was a young gal there that was nervous to go up. And she said it's because I'm really new, and I said that's ok Brother Bigelow ( as he was stepping in ) is a recent convert too. He is doing it for his dad, which gave her the courage to do it right after him. 

Sunday, we had church and off to knocking doors. We had a fun night though. We got invited to a Bible study... It was ok the guys were really cool with us coming. They didn't expect us to show but we did. They were really impressed that we were using the original KJV of the Bible. All of them had the translated ones, and none of them could pronounce the names and it was just funny cause were both sitting there thinking if only you knew how much stuff we did. 

Monday, knocking doors again, and district meeting. Had some fun there. Nothing too cool.

Tuesday, again more knocking doors. We have been doing great with diligence, but just not quite teaching. But no low spirits here. We have been able to talk to a lot of less actives though. Some nicer then others. We also ran into a guy that got excommunicated. He open the door and just goes, "oh great, 2 mormons! Where are you two from? And before I could start talking, he says "Let me Guess Utah!" and we proudly said yup! Then he kindly declined us coming in and what not. 

Well we have a lot coming up, technology and everything else, I'm really excited. No news on the new mission yet I probably wont get that for a while. But it'll be good. Hope everyone has a great week! Love ya!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Hi Elder Bubba!
How are things? I have paid off your Visa so whatever you need, go ahead and get.  The mission change is still creating quite a still especially on the COM Facebook page.  Have you received any information on how they will divide up the missionaries?  I guess the June 27, 2018 transfer will be a big one.  President and Sister Brown will be saying their goodbyes. Russells have said that their mission mother is mourning the loss of the Dayton East Stake which is going to Pittsburgh.  She said its kind of like choosing a child to give up.😢  Your mission would have had a new president anyway.  I asked Ernie how long they would wait before making the new assignments.  She said early July.  I said surely they won't wait that long and she said yes they would.  (If you came to Columbus, Erin wondered if she could hug you because she was your aunt.  Then Zach wondered if he could hug you because he was your cousin.  Erin said you can already hug him because you are already a boy and then the conversation got weird as only Zach can provide.  ğŸ˜†  I talked with Brother Belnap about it.  They have a saying in their family "HBG", hard but good.  I like that saying.  It fits. Maybe you will find yourself in an area where you can teach more.
How did the contacting of the Do Not Contact list go?😬 Your phone still hasn't shipped but the charge is now pending on my credit card.  That's a step in the right direction.  
You probably knew I got a very funny text Saturday.  It said, "Working at a mobile pack unit making meals for starving children around the world." Pictures attached. Klunker's mom, "So net and all! I love that Elder Klunker.  Your mom , " Yeah Elder Beus and Elder Klunker!!, Great job boyskis!, Pictures for the Blog..😉
Not much to tell about.  Brothers are back in school and working.  No dating.  Seth is working industrial in North Salt Lake so hardhat and harness all the time.  He was working 77' up yesterday.  Makes for long days because of the drive and he still has school.
Sister Hicken was at her mom's last temple day.  Her mom is really ill with a hernia that has pushed her stomach up against her heart and lungs.  Kevin Wellard has been missing work helping his father in law as he is aging as well.  Both would just like to return "home" to their Heavenly Father and their spouses.  It is hard. Papa and Grammy are still working on getting the house painted.
I had the young women baptize two of our ancestors and I did the initiatories for them Thursday. Now I can get the endowments done.  When do you go to the temple next?  Maybe we can find family name for you.
Renald Lore gave his farewell and should be just about gone. 
Which ward does Sister Maples live in? 
I'm pooped sweetie.
I love you and I'm so proud of you!  Carry on.

ELI:Well I am doing great Mama. Thank you for paying it off. I really appreciate it. So the new mission will actually be a pretty easy shift. We get transferred and whatever mission area or Stake we are in our assignment just goes there. So super simple. Just switches right over. Only just a few problems transfers don't line up so I might come home earlier or later. and Preparation days will be different. I'm not sure I just don't have a lot of info.  And yes Ernie can hug me. and yes Zach can there's actually no rule on it. And by that time anyways I'd almost be home, I don't think I'd be sent their way. I'd only have 4 transfers there. The do no contacts were nice actually none of them yelled we got a couple to invite us back actually. Thanks for sending the photos! well love ya Mom!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Anticipating another mission call...

Well, It has been the weirdest year so far, I'm excited to see what else changes.

Thursday, we had Exchanges at our Assistants' place to get Elder Klunker trained in being a Zone leader. Basically, we drive for 2 hours there, have a lot of fun, then drive back... It's over 200 miles, needless to say we are going over our limits, we asked the assistants to give us some of theirs, ( they have unlimited ) But what was fun was. They had their smart phones.... So cool. We were looking at them and we just felt like the worst missionaries ever, but hey,, we were following rules still. 

Friday we finished the exchange and drive back.... Yeah, long drive. Then we were asked to join in a mission wide phone call in the morning. 

Saturday, Oh boy, Saturday was fun. We got news that our mission is getting dissolved. I'll send the photos so you can see it. But I could be in the Columbus mission with the Russells, we'll see... also our Bishop gave us a list of Do not contacts!!! to go contact. He has the missionaries do a yearly check up... So we were the lucky ones. But everyone we talked to were actually really nice. So it was a nerve racking day.

Sunday, Church was good we then went teaching after words, ( we don't go finding anymore we go teaching ) No luck.

Monday, we had District meeting, nothing too funny this week but we did get a lot done after.

Tuesday, we had our mission leadership council. All day we watched videos and talked about smart phones. Oh boy I'm so excited. Also I talked to a couple sisters that are from the West Haven area, I talked to Sister Maples who lives in our Ward, Sister Hickenlooper went to Plain City Elementary... And Sister Stafford went to Far West Elementary. So that was fun to talk about it. 

Heres the photo for the new missions. I'm still blown by it,