Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Its beginning to look a lot like ...WINTER..

It's beginning to look a lot like Winter out here. I don't like it. I'm too cold.

Well, we've had a fun experience these last days. We have dropped everyone that we were teaching. So we have been finding a lot. Our recent convert is also moving somewhere in California, and luckily things are looking up. 

Saturday, we handed out over 130 cards this day.... that's all I remember for that week.

Sunday, we had a lot of fun, We pull into the church parking lot and none of it was touched.... So our High Priest group leader started doing dough nuts in the parking lot... and ward council turned into shoveling the walks before people came to church. After that we did some finding and turns out when your shoes have no traction you start to slide a lot and it's entertaining.  So Elder Brown and I went skiing kinda. We got out of a members home and Elder Brown wanted to see how far he could go down a hill.  A couple just walked out of their nearby house, so he starts running and goes for the slide. He performed great, too great and ran into the truck. The lady started busting out in laughter. 

Monday, we had exchanges with the Bowling Green Elders. I went with Elder Brown, and Elder Brown went with Elder Morgan. Yup, we have 2 Elder Browns in the mission, in the same zone, and in the same district. So it was pretty fun. We had a great time together. He is the district leader so I had to do some training so that was fun. And, of course, we got some hot chocolate after. It's really cold. It was 19 this morning and it's warmed up to a blistering 21. I might put on some shorts. 

Tuesday we had MLC, but district leaders were invited. We were hoping for smart phones a bit, but no technology yet.  Which is a blessing and a hindrance. But Elder Brown from Texas had a great quote to give us he said" A wise man once told me, if you ain't willing to put the handkerchief in, you ain't gettin' the squirrel out, your gonna keepin' done what you keepin' done " we aqree still pondering on the meaning of it. But basically the meeting was a lot on how to train district leaders. Turns out I've doing just great.  I had a couple things I needed to repent of, but that's ok.

Other than that, it's snowing as we speak and as it snows people get colder and go home so knocking doors is a  lot more efficient now. My study on humility is starting to kick in now. I've been trying to learn from every situation and I've learned a lot. Oh and I saw Elder Barnson at the MLC.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Hi Elder Bubba!
How are you son?  Feeling 100% yet?  I have sent two more boxes today for your Christmas.  Go ahead and open the box.  There are perishables in it but don't unwrap the gifts until Christmas.  I also included a little something for Elder Brown. I liked the picture of the trucks together.  Kind of fun.  How is your assignment coming?  I see lots of pictures of you in meetings.  You should try a different tie.  I know I sent you out with more than just the yellow one.  A darker tie for winter is nice.  The lighter ones for spring and summer. Just a suggestion.  Any particular investigators that we can include in our prayers?
James took his last final yesterday.  He feels pretty good about things.  Seth is taking his final as I type. If he passes, he is finished for the semester, if not he has to go back Thursday.  We had a miracle with Seth.  He had ordered new tools as the old ones are failing. He mixed up the South and West of our address when he ordered them and they should have already shipped.  They cost over $400.00.  We started praying as soon as he realized it.  He called this morning and found that they have been backed up with shipping so the tools hadn't shipped yet.  It is a miracle for us.  Seth is still working tons too so the "bumps in the road" are rather stressful.  He will work 10+ hours every day this week.  I hope he can go to dinner and caroling at Beus' on Sunday. Jame is also going to try to come  up.  
I've had a miracle too.  When I tried to pay for our tickets to Barcelona, I couldn't get the airline, Iberia, website to work so I called in.  The agent's language was good but it was definitely not her native tongue.  I thought we had it correct and I paid for them with no Travel Insurance.  I had to wait until the next day for my confirmation to be emailed to me.  It didn't come so I called and they had my email wrong so they sent it again.  Still wrong.  Finally, they sent it to Uncle Paul (he made the original confirmation) and Paul forwarded it to me.  Everything was correct but my name.  It was under Leslie Petersen.  I can't get on an international flight with the boarding pass listing one name and the passport listing another.  I then started trying to talk to a manager to get it corrected.  They were not going to help me and if I cancelled one ticket, all three were voided because I paid for them together.  I prayed for help.  I felt comforted that everything was going to work out.  Then I started calling.  I must have called 9 or 10 times and sent a copy of my marriage certificate before I was able to get the manager to correct it.  They were so mad at first because of the error and then because of the delay.  Slowly their hearts softened. It was truly a miracle.  
I've been doing Christmas stuff.  I got everything for the boxes.  🎅 I've ordered a bunch of items through Amazon. I try to purchase locally but they just don't have what I need.  I've purchased a 3D wooden map of Lake Powell for Papa, dish towels for Grammy, Mormons in the Piazza for Grandpa, and a Minky blanket for Grandma.  I will put your name on these. Remember those mint truffles Bishop Foley had in his office?  I'm giving those to neighbors.  I'm giving cheese balls to Visiting and Home Teachers.  That's about it for today.
Write to Spence.  He is having a homesick time.  Pray for Miguel.  He just got put in as Branch President. 
I'm missing you this holiday season.  I'm so proud of you.  You are right where you should be.
Love you tons!

I'm doing good Mama, I feel close to 100 %. I basically baby sit a lot. We make phone calls , and texts and meetings. Lots of fun. We are having to restart on our investigators, so no one yet. Cross your fingers. One of my favorite scriptures lately has been, the last one on 1st Nephi. It just talks about the tender mercies of the Lord. I write Spence every week. I won't let him fall. I never did. And that is so cool to hear about Miguel!!! I'll shoot him an email if I have time. Thank you Mama for all you do!!!! love ya!! also I might be skyping around 1 your time 3 my time. Elder Brown needs to confirm with his mom and I'll let you know.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Sewing and Chevys

Well, it was transfer week so it was long and I forgot to bring my old planner so some days may be fuzzy... sorry

Let's see
WednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday, I can't remember... whoops I'm sure it was some tracting and raking leaves. And some weekly planning. Oh I remember one thing. So the sisters in our ward ripped some of their skirts, and surprisingly I was the only one that could sew, so I fixed it for them. That's all I can really think of. 

Sunday, we had Stake coordination with President Brown and the Stake President, (perks of a being a zone leader...) It went pretty well, except our entire zone's numbers dropped... We think it was the sudden burst of cold and the dark. But we've been trying to pump them up again. After we went to a dinner then we had to welcome some Elders from Bryan for an exchange on Monday, Elder Ewell and Elder Coppieters. ( sounds like Co. Peters. )

Monday Elder Coppieters and I went together. We had a nice long open day together. We got a lot done though so that was good. He was pretty new himself and Elder Ewell has been out for 2 transfers. So we had to talk a lot about some things. We set some goals and made some plans. It was good. Then they left about an hour drive from our apartment... Well they left some stuff...

Tuesday we wake up and we see a text" hey Elders I forgot my hygiene bag..." So we had an open night, it took us 3 hours to drive over to Bryan and drop it off but we saw the 2 Chevy Silverados together. It was a sight to see. 

Other than that, I can't think of anything else, lately I've been learning a lot about humility. My goal for this transfer was to be more like my Savior and it's been hitting me hard. But I can see the good and the light coming from it so no complaints from here. It's been helping me to be a better missionary so I will do it. I hope everyone has fun with the #Light the World, and hope everyone has a good week Love you all!!! 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Good Ward

Hi Sweetheart,
How are you feeling this week?  I put your name in the temple.  The Light the World is really fun.  They have put in vending machines around downtown Salt Lake that allow you to donate something to someone else, everything from socks to a goat.  Before I forget, you should get a package from Amazon this week.  It is for Christmas but open it alone on Christmas and think about what fun you could have with it.
I got a text from Uncle Shawn.  They have found tickets to go to Barcelona and then on to the Piedmont for $430 round trip in June.  Grandma and Grandpa want to go, so fourteen of us purchased tickets.  My heart is breaking because I wanted you to be able to come too.  Grandma is concerned she is too old to go now.  Everyone promised they would take care of her.  Shawn didn't dare wait any longer.  I'm just praying that we will be able to take you later. Please seek the comforter with this.  Please forgive us. I'm so sad but I don't know if there will be a possibility later.  I'm so sorry sweetheart.   Remember the great time we had in NYC together.  We will work hard to try again.
So this week, I finished my visiting teaching. I got an extra treat out to one of my visiting teaching gals who had a birthday on Friday.  (You remember those little tarts from Kneaders.) Russells were in town to bless Era. Friday night, we went out to dinner with the Russells, Stanton kids and Grammy at Sonora.  Then we took a walk over to Farr's and got ice cream.  So yummy.  
Saturday, I picked up some flowers at Jimmy's and then headed to the Red Iguana in SLC for Jess/Era's shower.  It turned out very nice and I won a gift certificate to Red Robin.  That afternoon, I made a breakfast casserole for Sunday morning and Seth and I went and picked up a tree.  
Sunday morning we picked up Jame and went to the brunch and then on to sacrament meeting. Micah gave a nice blessing.  Seth was invited to stand in the circle.   We took Chels up to David's on the way home.  When we got home, we collapsed.  Seth has worked 10 hour days and a half day on Saturday.  I was running to keep up on all the events and trying to help. 
Monday we were back at the grind again. My neighbor, Lena Christensen, called to see if I was alright because I wasn't at church Sunday.  I told her I was good and later that day I dropped off a load of homemade bread, still warm.  I really appreciate that she cares about me.
I have had two nice visits tonight from the Beehives and Activity day girls.  I've been caroled, received cookies and a tree ornament.  Very thoughtful.  
It's Christmas and my boy is far from home and feeling under the weather.  It makes a Mama a bit melancholy. Please take care of yourself and get better.  Let me know about your Christmas calling schedule.  Can we still Facetime?  That worked great.  Remember we love you!

I feel great!!! I promise not to look 'til Christmas, Please take plenty and plenty of photos!!!! Good job to the ward. Sounds like they are taking good care of you. I've been looking at the directory. There's a sister named Sister Maples who lives in the stake that's here in Cleveland as well. Also I went to school with Grace Myers so I know some people in the stake. With you moving, it makes being home sick a lot easier. I see it as a blessing. Other than that I'll tell you more about my week in the general.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


It's been a very exciting short week.

Thursday. Thanksgiving!!! We went to our Stake President's home and we had a lot of fun. After we ate, we all gathered around a piano and started singing Christmas music. It reminded me of when the cousins would come over and sing with Papa and you could just sit and listen. We did that for a while until I got a little woozy. I didn't want to pass out at the President's home so we sat down for a bit. Then we went home, we updated some records and I went to bed early hoping to get back to work the next day....

Friday.. I slept most of the day... I got up and couldn't even do my morning workout so my comp forced me back to bed.... 

Saturday, We got back to work, we did all of our weekly planning finally. Then we sat down and I fell asleep, I wanted to sleep for about an hour then we'd get to work. I slept for about 3 hours so we had dinner then took it easy the rest of the night, super fun.... I've had a very humbling week BTW

Sunday, went to church and I truly partook of the sacrament this week. It was very necessary this week. We got roped into singing in the choir last second so that was fun. For some reason when you have a companion that can sing, everyone just assumes that you can too. So that was fun. I couldn't reach most of the notes due to the cold but it was fun. We then got back to work. It was good to go knock some doors. We then had our leadership calls to see who our new district leaders were. It was pretty cool. Remember Elder Talbot, well, he's Assistant now so that was cool to see. 

Monday, had district meeting. We then contacted at the University. We used the new Light the World initiative and it went ok. I'm getting pretty good at spotting out a fake number. It's mostly the girls that do it. It's kinda rude, But we keep on trying. Then we got the transfer calls. Everyone in our Zone got mixed up. Elder Brown and I are the only ones that stayed the same, so this is going to be fun. We'll have to see how our Zone does now. We were leading in the mission so far so we'll see if we can keep it up.

My companion has truley helped me a lot, by not helping me. It reassured me that, hey, I can do this, I can take care of myself. I can live on my own when the time comes. I knew he would have stepped in if I asked. I'm just stubborn. Well, we'll see how this week goes. Love you all. Go checkout the new video called Light the world if you haven't already, I'm excited to light the world this Christmas season.
Elder Beus


​Hi Sunshine!
How are you feeling?  Were you able to get out for a dinner on Thanksgiving?  How was everything? When is the next transfer day?  I've got my weeks off again.  Will you be in Toledo for Christmas?  Any new Christmas gift ideas? How are the investigators in Toledo coming?  Any more?  Progressing? 
I cooked and baked Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday last week.  We went to Beus' for dinner.  We only had about thirty this year.  Seth was complaining because he had to sit at the singles table.  The funny part was that if he raised his elbow, he would have hit two people at the young marrieds table.  We did go to Bobwhite afterwards.  It went fine.  It was just a bit odd.  Grammy immediately went to her room.  I talked with everyone.  Ashley came to visit. She and Teresa are getting divorced.   She is still hilarious though!  Papa is very sad.  Grammy has decided to not take any more chemo.  She says it makes her sick.  The doctor said it was because of the last rounds of the other chemo and this new chemo won't make her sick.  They have tailored the medication just for her particular cancer and they lowered the dose.  She still doesn't want it.  She is feeling better but the doctor said that won't last for long and then the cancer will come back with a vengeance.  They will have a hard time controlling her pain.  Heavy load.  
We went to Pie and Piñata.  We had a smaller group.  Hadley brought her boyfriend.  Seth said he is a nice guy.  We did the gifts for the Temple Square missionaries again.  Many hands make light work.  
Friday we went to the Nutcracker.  Landon and the girls came this time.  It was fun.  The brothers even liked it but I did need to sit between them.  I was so tired.  I made a Thanksgiving dinner for us at home Friday.  I'm getting to be too much like Papa and when I'm tired I droop a bit.  I assigned James to remind me to stand up straight.
Saturday we hung lights.  I made turkey noodle soup and we all hung lights.  I was feeling a bit intimidated by the fancy lights the neighbors have done professionally and I can't see our lights if they are on the front of the house so we lit three trees up front and hung my 30 year old "trailer park" lights around back where we can see them.  Too funny!  We had a great time.
Sunday was tithing settlement.  Bishop Watson is a very kind man.  He served his mission in Toledo.  He is excited to hear all about your experiences.  
Monday was a Monday.  Good news, Paul Heiner fixed the motorcycle and we got it sold fo r $1,100.00!  Bad news, my car failed the safety inspection, $1,500.00. And they mess up on Seth's bill from August and he owes $1,500.00.  Argh!  We will get it.  Seth just paid an additional $1,000.00 off on his truck.  He was able to stop the payment.  
Oh I had a great experience doing some family history.  I have been going through Papa's mother's family group sheets and found that one family hadn't been added so I checked on their ordinances; everything is complete but the sealings.  I will get those completed.  
Anyway, I hope all is well for you.  I love you and pray for you always.

Hi Mama!!! I got the package today thank you so much! We went to a dinner at the Stake Presidents, we had a lot of fun. We did a lot of singing and I had to sit down cause my companion said I looked light headed. A lot of our conversations have been Elder Beus you need to rest. Elder Brown, I feel Fine. No Elder, You  look pale. Ok fine I'll take a nap. Transfers are this week I'm staying and Elder Brown. Our entire zone switched up though. We've lost most of our investigators. We have one but it's a sensitive case. We'll see if I can bring it up one day. That's sad to hear about Ashley. How is she taking it? Is Landon still married? I can't remember. Does the doctor know how long Grammy will last? Sounds like a lot has been going on lately. Everyone looks great. I love you lots mama. It's been a fun week. It's hard to keep a Beus down. But I did it. Still not 100% but I'll get there.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Sick for Thanksgiving

Well this week has been pretty interesting. 

Thursday was your good old weekly planing like normal. We also had to prepare our discussion for zone conference as well. 

Friday, we had an exchange, and oh boy did Elder Marzden and I work hard. 

Saturday, for some reason almost every Saturday on my mission has been what I call a searching Saturday, so we went a finding most of the day.

Sunday was pretty open as well we didn't have much luck.

Monday, the dreaded zone conference, Elder Brown and I were asked to share a discussion on preparing members to go out teaching. To actually sit them down, lesson plan with them the night before, so that it's a true lesson with a member. Where they are teaching points of the doctrine as well. We asked the sister training leaders to do a role play for us and we taught them briefly, and if everyone does what the Sister Training leaders did, we will be just fine. And then I started feeling a little sick...

Tuesday we did some service in the morning and I felt great a little weak, but just fine. I took a nap during the day just to rest up.

Wednesday, We canceled the whole day... I was super sick. I still feel sick. And for some reason this strain of cold will make you pass out if you don't eat enough so my poor companion so we'll see how today goes.

Sorry it's kinda short  the library wasn't open so we had to keep it very short today.