Kirkland Temple

Kirkland Temple

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Well everyone. This week was awesome just cause we went to the zoo after I sent my last email.

So Wednesday. We went to the zoo. Lots of animals. Most were inside though so that wasn't fun. One of the elders. Elder Texas Brown was so excited to see flamingos... and they were shipped out of town for the season. He was very upset 'til he saw the hippo then he was ok. So if you are traveling through Toledo, I recommend the zoo

Thursday, we did our good old service as always. We're starting to really impress the workers there. We're their most reliable source of service. We're so close to getting some of them to be interested. They start asking questions. After that, we had another exchange the Toledo 2nd elders. Elder Burton and Elder Parrah. I went with elder Parrah. I actually came out with Elder Parrah. He's from the Dominican Republic, super funny kid. We talked all day about the culture. And what not. Then I cooked all 4 of us dinner. Thank you mama for teaching me the basics!!! We then finished the night knocking some doors. Now that it's light outside again and some hot chocolate.

Friday, we finished the exchange. And sent them on their way. We then finished the day knocking on doors and adding records to the phone. Kinda boring day. 'Til the nighttime came. We then had 6 elders in an apartment. We cooked some breakfast the night before to prepare us for the next morning. And " we went to bed" there was a car alarm going off all night, some of us slept others didn't.

Saturday. Next morning, if you can call it that, we got up at 4am to get ready to hit the road at 6am. To drive all the way to Cleveland for an all mission meeting. Where we had the chance to be instructed by Elder Christofferson of the Quorum of the 12 and Elder Nelson of the 70 from the missionary department. It as super awesome!!! You can't really see me In the photo. I had a big Polynesian in my way. We then drove home. By the way, Elder Klunker was the smallest at 5'10" then it was me... yeah nice and cramped in a truck. Drove back and we took a quick nap to get on our feet and off to work. Knocked doors. Then we had a lesson with the Brockways again. Daytona is in fire, Michael meh. We taught about obedience and prayer and scripture study, how it is very important to do it daily. Then you guessed it... records.

Sunday was even crazier... because not only did we see Elder Christofferson for some reason he went to our ward for sacrament meeting... yeah super awesome! We had so many people show up. All of the people we were hoping for showed up. And I got to bless the sacrament which went great. The entire sacrament meeting was great 'til after... So Elder Christofferson left and we had our regular classes but we were combined with another ward so they taught the gospel principles class... And it was on the law of chastity. More like everyone's opinion. Our investigators actually left the class... yeah not good luckily we taught them the same night and fixed everything. 

Monday. Good old District meeting. After we did knocking and some Facebook finding. Not sure how to do that quite yet. But I'll figure it out. We're trying to figure out all the bugs before every One else does. We then did some finding and off to dinner. The Brockways actually fed us, super sweet. Except funny thing is we planned on teaching the word of wisdom. It was  rough one but we are working on it. Slowly but surely.

Yesterday, Tuesday was probably the first normal day I've had in a long was boring sadly. Yeah not much happened.

Today same old p day was usual. Shopping and washing and cleaning. And emailing. Except now it's a lot easier.

Well hope everyone else has a great week with it ups and downs. This one surely has been one of those weeks for me. Love you all!!

1 our new friend at the church, Zeus

(More photos whoops I pressed the wrong button. These might be smart phones but it's only smart when you know how to use it.)
2 mission meeting
3 In the truck
4 meeting selfie with Elder Brockbank
5 zoo stuff Elder Klunker and Elder Brown
6​ exchanges Elder Burton and Elder Parrah 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Hi Elder Beus!
How goes it?  I just got back from a Republican Caucus meeting and I saw Amy and Lewis Meyer.  Their daughter went through the Baccalaureate program at Ogden High.  I think her name is Sadie.  She got called to a Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Spanish Speaking. Amy was so glad that she had been to Ogden High and had had some diversity before she left.
How goes everything?  Your letters are getting longer, yeah!  I am a bit concerned about somethings.  They come in a bit jumbled so I've tried to figure out what you were trying to say before forwarding them or putting them on the blog.  You will need to read through the blog carefully so you know it is correct before we print.  Maybe, if you get a minute, proof read your letters so they are correct in content anyway.  It sounds like you are learning all kinds of new tricks on your phone.  What did you have to cleanup on your Facebook account?  Was there something inappropriate?  I thought you had done really well.  
How are you and Elder Klunker getting along?  Is the work still going forward?  That is many hours of driving.  I'm assuming that  you and Elder Klunker are trading off?  Not driving drowsy right?  That was fun to hear that you got to play the drum again.  Maybe, you can play at school when you get home.  
No temple this week so I cleaned the stove and oven.  I will have to think of something else for this week.  I would rather serve at the temple.😜 My lesson went well again in Sunday School.  We talked about Britney. One day she walked in the kitchen and asked me with her hands on her hips, "So what is the deal with this Book of Mormon?"  It fit into the lesson perfectly! So I put the same questions to the kids. They did really well thinking of responses.
Papa and David went to Saint George this week so I have been checking on Grammy in the evenings. Seth and Jame are almost done with school.  Yeah!  Pray for good tests for them.  Seth found an free unused dishwasher for his remodel of Bel Mar.  Strangely, its on my back porch.🤔 Bonnie is in the hospital, not feeling well.  She is a month early.  Please include her in your prayers also.  The baby seems fine.  
I have some packages coming for Easter.  Only open the ones that are marked with "OPEN" before Easter.  🐇🐣🐏
I'm pooped sweetheart.  Please remember that I love  you and I so proud of you!

PS  I don't know if you saw this picture.  I thought I would include it.

ELI: Yeah I remember Sister Meyer a bit. Grace Meyer was in my calc class. And Mary was in my seminary so I knew both of them. That's funny that she thinks that's diversity.

I'm doing great mama. Texting on the phone is pretty challenging. That auto correct gets me every time and makes it sound jumbled. I'm glad I got a mama filter thank you!

My Facebook was fine. I've just been unfollowing a couple friends and groups and pages to make it missionary appropriate. 

Elder Klunker and I are doing just fine. I struggle with him a bit. He has adhd so he can't concentrate sometimes. Especially during driving which is discomforting sometimes but we've talked about it. I just have to give a ton of reminders and teach him how to drive and back up a truck. Other than that we get along just fine.

I drove all the way because I was one of the smaller guys in the truck... yeah we were packed. Also because I'm used to driving to Cleveland and driving in the morning.

I think drumming is just a funny old talent I used to have. I'm not to good at it anymore.

Sounds like a lot of fun. Again get back to me about the suit. Hope you have a good week mama love you!!

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Hi Elder Beus,
Big week for you!  So sorry for the mess up last week.  I can't keep track of what day it is.  That was a bummer sickness.  
I saw you on Facebook!  I'm so excited!  Sim just had a baby girl.  I don't know if you can reach out to people on Facebook but I've always loved Sim and her heart is very tender now.  Her baby looks alot like her.  Cute, short...  
This week has been busy but nothing to really tell you about. 
Sam and Bonnie had their baby shower Saturday.  They still don't know if it is a boy or girl.  Jane and Athena hosted it at Jane's house.  It was very nice.  It is hard to buy for them because we didn't know the gender and they leave for Barcelona, Spain to go to school in July.  We are very excited for the baby though.
I forgot to tell you that Sara and Cody had their baby, Marvin Christensen on February 28. He looks alot like Cody.  I've attached a picture.  
I had a great lesson Sunday.  It was on using comparisons to help people understand new gospel principles.  They wanted us to particularly focus on the atonement.  They had two great videos 1) Elder Holland on the two brothers that go rock climbing in southern Utah and 2) Elder Packard on the debtor who wanted mercy on his loan and his friend who paid his debt but required him to repay but on terms he could, if he worked hard, meet. (Video: “The Mediator” “Where Justice, Love, and Mercy Meet”) It was really good and the kids really paid attention.  
I have been taking meals up to Grammy and Papa.  Seth often doesn't like what I make for dinner anymore so I freeze single servings in containers or soup in pint jars.  I don't know how to help them but maybe this will be alright.  Grammy seems much the same to me but Papa says she has lost alot of weight, is sleeping more, and can't think things through.  
James was able to get Easter Saturday off to come watch conference and go to the Beus Family Picnic and then off to Priesthood with the boys.  We will watch Conference Sunday and then have dinner at Grammy's on Sunday evening.  We are in charge of "Death by Potatoes".  
I glad to see things are working with your Smartphone. Are you having a hard time with the switch from iPhones to Smartphones?  We were never Smartphone people either.  How are the investigators coming?  How is Elder Klunker?  The Toledo Zone?  How long do they keep you in a Zone Leader position in your mission?  Just curious.  I would guess that President Brown wouldn't keep you there if you weren't doing  good job. 
Do you have any Easter requests for your next box? Terri said that Bridger had requested a picture of the two of you together.  I can't find one (which is odd). Do you know of one?
Anyway,  I love you tons!  I'm missing you but I know you are in the right place doing the right thing.

ELI:That's alright mama, it was a crazy week anyways so we were running every where trying to figure everything out. So I can't really reach out to people from home over face book unless inter permission. I always think of Grammy I hope she's ok. She comments on everything I post. Probably cause I'm the first face book missionary. It's different i can tell you that. Same gospel different tool with a ton more distractions. 

Oh mama you know me and technology in teaching everybody already on how to use them and the tricks that you can use. I'm doing just fine with it.

Honestly for the box i would love protein or fiber one bars. There really nice to fill you up especially if you don't have time for lunch. Which lately is an option.

The only photos of Bridger and I are probably from Disney. Other than that I have no idea.

Elder Klunker like almond joys. So you could add that to the package too.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Well everyone I think it's been a week. I can't tell it's been going by way too fast.

Wednesday: So just like I explained last time I got my smartphone the day before but on Wednesday after we emailed, my companion and I stayed at the church and we just clean up our Facebook pages for the rest of our preparation day. We're just trying to get used to all the social media stuff. It's been way too long. After our preparation day, we had a lesson with a less active member name Rick. It went very well. He opened up to us and we had a nice conversation about Joseph Smith and he said that he was interested in going to Kirtland so hopefully we can go before the mission change.

Thursday: In the morning, we did our service at the Habitat for Humanity. I think I explained what we did there. We mostly of just move furniture. The poor sisters have been tearing off tape from the warehouse floor. I know exactly how they feel. I've done the exact same thing but up the BDO. Following our service, we had a meeting. Zone training meeting where President Brown talked about the commitment power and about how we need to be committing people. He had my companion and I do a role play. We had a teach the law of tithing to one of the senior sisters. During the role play, I felt prompted to share how much Heavenly Father loved her. And I guess the way that I did it was I said something along the lines of being an authorized servant I can express that He does love you. It was really good at transfer for us. Afterwards, we had exchanges in the Bowling Green area. I went with Elder Brown from Texas again. We basically stop by some people at night. We did stop by one lady that I connected with very well. It was a single mom raising two sons and I just connected with her more than I guess Elder Brown could. That was really sweet. By the way Elder Brown loves Monster so much that he made an American flag out of it.

Friday: In the morning of our exchanges, we went and did some more service. After the service, they actually fed us lunch so that was really nice. Elder Brown and Ivan had to update some records so we went to the library and did that then we had to finish our exchange with a testimony meeting and then we got on our way home. The rest of the evening, we knocked some doors had some dinner and then we went and talked Michael and Daytona. They have been doing very well lately. We gave a lesson that was really good it was on the plan of salvation. The rest the night we went to the church and ran into Bishop to show him how to use the new progress record really fancy. We then updated some of the paper records to the electronic record and we do that most nights now.

Saturday:Saturday is pretty awesome we had a baptism. It was for Brother Justice, he was baptizing his daughter, Muh ria. Yes, it's felt that way. It's different, we were asked to set up the baptism so we just stayed for the rest of the event as well. He asked us to be in the confirmation circle. After the baptism, we did our weekly planning with their new smartphone. Doing pretty well, I think. We then contacted a Bible referral, Justin. He's interesting. We then taught a quick restoration and picked him up as a new investigator and were chatting with him over Facebook trying to help him understand Jesus Christ more he's gone through an interesting lifestyle. After we finish our weekly planning, had dinner and put some records on the area book app

 Sunday:  Sunday was a regular Sunday. We went to church. We talked at ward council about the new smartphone. Just showing them how to look at our new progress record. We then had a Stake Correlation meeting. The stake hasn't been doing very well but we've been doing better than the rest of the mission. It's an odd spot for some reason. Afterwards, we talked to President Hamilton. He gave a discussion on member missionary work. We just talked about how we can help train members here to get out of their bubbles to go give community service and to invite people to activities to not push religion on them but to do just show them happiness. We'll see how this will go. 

Monday:  We had district meeting in the morning. It was fun. Afterwards, we helped a lady move some furniture quickly. After we did that, we went to the church to have daily contact with our investigators over Facebook then got in a conversation with Justin about Genesis. We just had to explain some things he had questions on. After, we knocked some doors, had some dinner then we had a lesson with Michael and Daytona again. We went over the gospel Jesus Christ with them. Daytona was really funny. She sounds like she's willing to drag Michael to the celestial Kingdom if she has to. And then, you guessed it more records. 

Tuesday: This actually a pretty regular day. It started out the morning with knocking doors had some lunch some companionship study and we met with Brother Smithers. He took us to Taco Bell. We had a second lunch with him then we went and knock some doors and had some dinner. I made some creamy chicken Buffalo flavored stuff. It was good. Elder Klunker liked it. After dinner, we went and updated some records at the church. It's been really fun. I'm getting pretty used to the technology now.

It's amazing how much our Heavenly Father loves us and I know that as we turn to him and his gospel we could truly feel that love. I have seen that this week. I hope everyone remembers how blessed we are to have this on the earth once more I hope everyone has a great week.

Love you all.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

so very human..My days are runningintoeachother...

Me Dear Elder Beus,
Please forgive me yet again.  I messed up my days and missed having your email to you timely. 😢😢 Hopefully, you can at least read it with your new phone.  How are you feeling?  I hope better.  Maybe you just need some time on a beach when you get home.  Warm, dry, nothing to do for a few days.  I think that is what I need, although, I have a strange schedule now.  I mostly just work and sleep.  I keep hoping to feel better soon.  I did get off that sleepy cough syrup after only three days.  I hate that stuff but it does work.  Seth is still gone to work.  I saw him for ten minutes yesterday.  Its pretty lonely here.  Mostly just me and Molly.  Letting her out, letting her in. Letting her out, letting her in.  Feeding her squash or broccoli.  Those are her new favorites.  
How is the Zone doing?  Still no news?  How are those new phones?!  Woohoo!!!  It took so long to get them out to you, I was beginning to think it was a fraud.  I saw the Instagram post with you and Elder Klunker towards the back.  So excited for you.  I also saw your new Facebook page.  Nice.  I really like the pictures.
Papa has had that condo at Bear Lake since the early 1970's and with the renovation he plans to keep it in the family for a long time. We hadn't gone up there because it was hard to get into and it was very run down.  Last time I went I was certain someone had left a dirty diaper in the sofa.  I checked, no dirty diaper just the sofa.  😕  It is nice up there though.  
Erin and Mark came in for the weekend.  I didn't go up.  Grammy has no immune system function and if she gets what I have had, it may kill her.  I don't want that on my conscience.  I guess they had a big group and had lots of fun.  It was hard to sit home by myself.  Life is rather lonely these days.  Erin and Mark came by the house on their way home.  They like it.  It was nice to have them but Erin was bushed having put on two dinners in two days for the family.
Grammy and Papa had doctor's appointment today.  Papa's went well.  He had  Dr. Allen remove a chunk off the side of his face but there is no cancer.  Grammy's didn't go as well.  Dr. Gray told her he could give her some oral chemo to slow things down and she said no and they agreed that he wouldn't say anything else about it again.  Papa is sad.  
Seth is still looking into buying 840 Bel Mar.  We should work a bit more on that on Saturday.
Please forgive.
I love you dearly.  I'm just so human.
Love you tons!


 Well everyone, if you haven't been able to notice but we have Facebook now. I am actually typing this email over my smartphone. This is really exciting and I see a lot of potential coming from this. I know that the Lord is hastening His work.

 Thursday: We had exchanges with the Brian South elders. I went with Elder Moe. He is from Saratoga Springs, Utah. We had a ton of fun together. It was doing a weird slush snow rain mixture. so when we were knocking on doors. A gentleman opened the door and said wow you chose a great day to do this.

Friday: we finished the exchanges. Elder Moe and I went to the ghetto part of our area. afterwards we went to the University of Toledo to try talking to some of the college students there. Elder Moe has only been out for 6 months and had a great idea of just handing the ones with headphones a card. And surprisingly, it worked. I love these new missionaries. They have such a wonderful way of thinking of new ideas.

Saturday:  Saturday we had a talent show in the evening and Elder Klunker and Sister Stout played a piece. And they made me play a little snare solo. Sadly, I dropped one of my drum sticks in the performance. It was funny anyways my companion had to be my stand since there wasn't a drum stand for it. It sounded like we had a lot of fun.

Sunday: Sunday was the same as every other Sunday except for this fast Sunday it was a very hard day because I was feeling underneath the weather. Following dinner, we tried stopping by some headquarter referrals. We then had to do our calling summary reports that night. It was a very very long day.

Monday:  We had our district meeting out in Bowling Green Ohio. Elder Mowrer,  from Bakersfield California, was really really into Apple back at home. so with us getting the smartphones on Tuesday he was voicing his opinion. It was very funny to listen to him. The rest of the evening was very funny. We had a lesson with the Rockaways at 6 o'clock when we showed up they weren't there. So we contacted them. They said that they would be there in 30 minutes so we reschedule for 7:30. When 7:30 came, they weren't there again for some reason the hood of their car flew off. Taking off one of their mirrors and giving them quite a scare. So we asked them to find us on Facebook because we were getting or smartphones the next day.

Tuesday: This was a very very long day... we had to wake up at 5:30 then started driving out for Cleveland when we arrived President Brown handed us our smart phones and got to work. For the next 10 or so hours, we received training on how to use all the applications on the smartphone. My eyes were hurting so bad from adjusting to a smartphone screen and onto a projector screen near the end of the day. President Brown had us clean up our Facebook to start using them to contact some people. No one really had any luck but I am starting to see a lot of people accept my friend request now. We started leaving Cleveland around 5 p.m. We had some dinner around 6 p.m. We then arrived back in Bowling Green around 8 p.m. Turns out the Toledo South zone leaders did not have a vehicle to get them back home so we had to drive another hour to their apartment. Once we arrived it was about 8:45, we then had another hour and a half drive back home so we promptly called our Assistants to let them know that we are arriving home late. When Elder Klunker  and I arrived at home, we were so tired, we went straight to bed. But it was very hard to with the new tools have. All I can see from here is just a potential and how much we can actually do with these smartphones I'm really excited to see what happens in the next couple of months

 Well, I hope everyone has a great week love you all!!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Well Everyone,

 I don't recognize this zone anymore and, of course, I forgot my old planner......

So I will try my best to say what has happened this week.

Wow, I honestly can't think of last week. It has kinda been a blur.

Wednesday, this was fun. So everyone was driving everywhere going to their new areas and Elder Klunker and I were getting to work, but then we get a phone call... An Elder forgot his bike, in Findley. And he is in a biking area, so we dropped everything and drove till we got sick of driving and got his bike. We dropped it off then grabbed some lunch at Costco, it's been like 2 years since I've stepped into a Costco. It was fun. We also had a lesson with a less active named Rick.  I think I talked about him before. But we got to talk to his wife this time and it was good. She wasn't really paying attention but she was there. 

Thursday was pretty normal, we did the usual service in the morning and weekly planning I don't remember much from Thursday. Oh wait, so I forgot to mention but last Sunday, we had a  couple walk up to us. They had just moved into the area and they wanted to take the lessons. Michael was already a member and Daytona, his wife, wasn't a member so we started teaching them and it was a sweet lesson. Daytona was super amazing to talk to. She wanted to know if she was going to Hell or not so we just let her know that she was loved and a daughter of God and she's not even close to require that. Super cool!

Friday wasn't special 'cause I don't remember...

Same with Saturday sorry!

Sunday was great though! Not only did Michael and Daytona come to church but Rick came as well! It was amazing. It was such a good day. We also had a lesson at the Marks and lately I have been doing something fun, especially when there are kids. We sing a children's hymn then we teach a lesson. It's been really fun. 

Monday was our first District meeting, with the new district, There's an elder in this area that is from Bakersfield, California.... Yeah, Seth served near by.. So I asked about Santa Maria BBQ, and his face lit up! So we sat there for a moment just reflecting on how good it is. Thanks Sepi! 

Tuesday, BTW it's been like 50 every day since Monday, But we had a weird day Tuesday. I woke up a bit sick, but we shoved it off and went to work. We had a member meal at a Chinese Buffet... and I get even more sick. Lots of salt there. So we tried going forward 'til the point I'm actually not feeling good so I took a quick nap and it helped luckily 'cause we had another lesson with The Broakways, and they had both read a lot from the last lesson it was sweet!. 

Then today has been normal as always. But it's only 6 more days 'til smart phones but whose counting, not like I'm super excited to finally have a phone that can take better photos, so I can take more easier. Anyways, hope you have a good week!